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Free Shipping on all orders! is now offering Free Standard Shipping on all orders (excluding NWT, Yukon and Nunavut). - Power up your laptop, car, or cell phone
Posted on: 10-05-2003  by: Mel
Car Starter      50% Off!!
The Coleman® Powermate emergency car starter lets you jump-start your vehicle any time, anywhere and you don`t need someone else to help you! Fully rechargeable. Also use it to power up an 12V device such as cellular phones, laptops and more.
$39.99 $19.99 CDN
Free Shipping! - Speakers
Posted on: 9-20-2003  by: Mel
Amplified Stereo Speakers      50% Off!
Features front access volume controls, stereo headphone jack. Speakers are magnetically shielded to protect against potential data loss or monitor discolouration.
$29.99 $14.99 CDN - Talking Photo Frame
Posted on: 9-11-2003  by: Mel
50% Off!     Talking Photo Frame
Record a 10-second message with a treasured photo for a loved one. Makes a great gift for any occasion! (Search for 63-1145 on their site)

$19.99 $9.99 CDN
Free Shipping! - Go Wireless Without Going Broke
Posted on: 9-05-2003  by: Mel
Mouse Enjoy the freedom of a cordless mouse and the precision of an optical eye all-in-one. Luxury at an affordable price!
Item no. 261-9681.
$59.99 $49.99 CDN

Mouse & Keyboard Free your desk from wires with this wireless keyboard and mouse desktop kit. Features dual-channel RD transmission.
Item no. 261-8683.
$99.99 $69.99 CDN

Both have Free Shipping! - Pencil Box With Built-In Calculator
Posted on: 8-27-2003  by: Mel
The perfect tool for back to school!
This cool pencil box has a four-function numerical keyboard calculator built right into the top cover!

$9.99 CDN with Free Shipping!
Search for 651-8207 from their site
Calc Pencil Box - Walk, jog, but don`t skip!
Posted on: 8-17-2003  by: Mel
Listen to CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or MP3-encoded discs! Has 120-second anti-shock memory for standard CDs and 480-second anti-shock memory for MP3 discs so you can listen to skip-free tunes! E-Bass enhancement system for enriching lows. Features 30-second auto power off to save battery life, headphone and line-out jacks, normal/repeat, one/all, intro/shuffle play modes, 6-digit LCD display, battery charging circuit. Slim 25.5mm design. 12-hour battery life on 2 AA alkaline batteries, sold separately. 3" CD compatible.
$129.99 $89.99 CDN
Look for Item #42-8930 on their site. - Touch-Screen Calculator/Data Organizer
Posted on: 8-16-2003  by: Mel
Calculator Have the coolest calculator in school!
This tiny touch-screen data bank attaches to your keychain, so it`s always with you.
Easy-access to a calculator
Holds up to 90 records–store important phone numbers and reminders.
4-digit password prevents unauthorized access to your stored information.
Touch Panel design for ease of use.

Only $9.99 CDN with free shipping!
Search for 65-793 on their site. - Safety 1st Eddie Bauer Fold-down Lightweight Stroller
Posted on: 7-23-2003  by: Mel
Stroller Lightweight aluminum body with stylish Euro-thin wheels
Easy one-hand fold allows parent to hold child with one hand and fold stroller with the other
2-position seat recline
Adjustable fabric canopy with window
2-position adjustable footrest for growing child
Dishwasher safe front snack/toy tray
Tray features a cup/juice box holder
Self-standing when folded
Locks engage automatically

$169.99 $79.00 CDN
Search for "Lightweight Stroller" from their site - Home Styles Entertainment Centre
Posted on: 7-21-2003  by: Mel
Entertainment Centre This 3-piece entertainment centre will keep everything in its place—and will look good doing it!

Unit will hold most TVs up to 32”
Includes 8 shelves, VCR/DVD/audio storage
Constructed of particle board
Colour: Cherry
Measures 185 x 50 x 175 cm H

$249.99 $149.00 CDN
Search for "Home Styles Entertainment Centre" from their site - Winnie the Pooh Bouncer | Over 30% Off!
Posted on: 7-20-2003  by: Mel
Pooh "Your little honey bear will bounce off to dreamland from the gentle vibration and soft music of this bouncer!"

Soothing vibration and lullaby music with volume control
Soft padded toy bar
Toys include soft plush bee, ring rattle and two fun links
Soft, thick seat pad is machine washable
Adjustable strap for maximum safety
Steel frame is designed to bounce with the slightest movement
Suitable for newborns up to 11.3 kg
$79.99 $29.99 CDN
Search for "Character Bouncer" from their site - 5-Disc DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 Player
Posted on: 7-18-2003  by: Mel
DVD Do away with all those cumbersome audio and video components:
this 5-disc DVD player will also play your CDs, CD-R/CD-RWs and MP3s!
5-disc carousel with DVD-Video, CD/Video, CD/MP3 playback
Icon-based on-screen displays make set-up and fine adjustments a snap;
Other great features include 3-D virtual surround sound and picture zoom
ColourStream Component Video Outputs deliver stunningly colourful images
$199.00 $169.00 CDN
Search for "Toshiba" from their page to find this great deal. - Cool Cooler
Posted on: 7-17-2003  by: Mel
This "cool" cooler bag has a built-in AM/FM radio so you can listen to the radio while enjoying a picnic lunch! Features water-resistant speakers so take this cooler to the beach with you! Has an integrated headphone jack. Holds about 6 cans of pop. $49.99 $29.99 CDN
Search for Cooler Radio from their site
Cooler AM/FM - Beautiful Blue CD Player 60% Off!
Posted on: 7-17-2003  by: Mel
CD Player Built-in AM/FM radio with digital tuner
10 preset-station memory
45 second electronic anti-skip memory with LCD indicator
Bass boost control
Programmable memory
One/all track repeat, intro, random functions
Soft touch controls
LCD display
Lightweight stereo headphones included
One year warranty
$99.00 $69.00 $49.00 $39.00 CDN
Search for "Emerson" from their page to find this great deal. - SpinMagic Rotating Hair Brush
Posted on: 7-16-2003  by: Mel
Hair Brush
For perfectly styled and straightened hair—without the fuss!
Cuts styling time in half!
Special safety clutch prevents tangles
Comes with AC adapter
Effortlessly styles and straightens while building body and shine
Suitable for use on all types of hair—long, short, thick or thin!
$15 CDN
Search for "SpinMagic" from their page to find this great deal. - Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Maker
Posted on: 7-08-2003  by: Mel
Enjoy your favourite flavours in less-than 10 minutes.
Includes Berry Liscious and Chipload of Chocolate ice cream flavours Comes with 3 mix-ins: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and Nerds Also includes 4 Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream cups, ice cream scoop and recipe cards Easy-to-assemble

$25 $18.75 CDN
Ice Cream - Sharp Microwave Oven 30% Off!
Posted on: 7-07-2003  by: Mel
Comes with turntable and manual
2 year limited warranty
Great for small spaces
0.7 cubic feet
700-watts of power
Features 6 instant-start keys:
Popcorn Key
Express Defrost
Minute Plus
Child Lock
3 Stage Cooking
Kitchen Timer

$99.99 $80.00 $75.00 $69 CDN
Microwave - 8-Piece Mocha Java Set
Posted on: 6-25-2003  by: Mel
Beautiful hand-painted ceramic breakfast set.
Comes with four coffee mugs and four egg cups.
Only available online!

$40 $14 CDN      65% Off!!!
Coffee - Double-Sided Plastic CD Protectors
Posted on: 6-22-2003  by: Mel
CD Holders "Protect all your CD`s with this handy item! These plastic CD Protectors are a cost-efficient, space-saving and lightweight alternative to the standard hard plastic Jewel cases commonly seen in music stores. These items protect your digital CD`s while saving space and weight!"
Pack of 5:  $3.00  USD
Pack of 15: $7.50  USD
Pack of 50: $20.00 USD
Click MP3 Players on the left to find this product.
CD Holder - Great deals at HBC
Posted on: 6-18-2003  by: Mel
Pasta The Club Bike
5-Piece Hand-painted Pasta Set
$59.99 $29.00 CDN
"The Club" for cars and trucks
$56.99 $25.00 CDN
Royce Union Spinout Tri-Wheel
$129.99 $69.00 CDN - Mini 24-key music tutor keyboard
Posted on: 6-16-2003  by: Mel
keyboard Kids can learn to play music with this fun toy!
This miniature "teacher" helps them learn songs and chords.
It`s a fun way to learn to play!
$14.99 CDN
Search for Tutor Keyboard - Lilac Necklace and Earring Set
Posted on: 6-14-2003  by: Mel
earrings Beautiful Necklace/Earring gift set.
Buy it for someone special or for yourself!

Search for "tincup" at their site to find this deal.
Only 3 sets left! $15.99 $8.00 CDN - Vtech Me Mo Mo 60% Off
Posted on: 6-10-2003  by: Mel

“I learned it from an alien!”
This guy wiggles, shakes, blinks, and talks, while teaching your child! This tutororing toy has 25 learning activities-6 language activities, 10 logic games, 7 math activities and 2 music activities.
Complete with an infrared keyboard and alarm clock.

60% Off! $79.99 $30 CDN
Alien - Play CDs through your car`s cassette player
Posted on: 6-08-2003  by: Mel
Car Adaptor Kit "Just stick the adaptor into your car`s lighter slot,
insert the adaptor wire into the output of your CD
or Mini Disc player jack, and play the audio tape."

Click Automotive on the left to find this product.
$8.75 USD - Great deals!
Posted on: 6-07-2003  by: Mel
Heavy duty phone with a light that flashes
when it rings. Perfect for in workshops.
This TV can play DVDs, CDs, and CD-R/RWs!
TruFlat™ screen reduces glare and reflection. Right Arrow
Workshop Phone Free Shipping On All Orders!! 20 Inch DVD/TV combo
$59.99 $49.99 CDN $649.99 CDN
This portable DVD/CD player can be mounted
on the back of most car, van, and SUV seats.
This radio-controlled stealth plane has a two-way controller with a range of 91 meters (300 feet). Right Arrow
Home Travel Theatre Air-Tech Stealth Plane
$699.99 $599.99 CDN Use the search feature to find these bargains. $129.99 $99.99 CDN - Swiss Army Recruit Watch 60% Off!
Posted on: 6-05-2003  by: Mel
Watch $109.99 CDN $39 CDN
Precision Swiss movement
Solid stainless steel back
Gun metal and black nylon bracelet w/leather trim
Water resistant to 166 feet
Comes gift boxed
3 year limited warranty
"Timeless style and unparalleled craftsmanship" - With this 9 function computer, you won`t need another!
Posted on: 5-27-2003  by: Chris

  • Regular Price: Cdn$49.98 (Save 41%) Sale Price: US$26.85 or Cdn$36.29

  • With 9 functions the Fisher Computer will show you whatever you need to know. With a waterproof body there is not reason to worry about rain or mud. Easy to use and compact, this computer is perfect for the commuters wanting to track their miles or the serious athlete training for the next big race. - This is a sharp looking hydration system for your next ride!
    Posted on: 5-10-2003  by: Chris

  • Camelbak Razor Hydration Pak

  • With sleek and stylish looks the Camelbak Razor is the perfect hydration pack for those who want to shave seconds off of their favourite epic loop. Also great for the recreational cyclist who doesn`t want a bulky pack on their back. Holds 70 ounces of water. A semi-ridid tube insulator also directs the hose where you want in for hassle free operation. Comes in Blue with Grey accents.
  • Regular Price: Cdn$124.98

  • (Save 42%)

  • Sale Price: US$50.03 or Cdn$71.99

  • - The only way to bike your dog! (Save 37%)
    Posted on: 5-06-2003  by: Chris

  • SPRINGER Dog Leash For Your Bike

  • This amazing bike attachment allows you to take your dog with you while you bike ride and not put yourself at risk when it comes to controlling your bike. The Springer allows you to keep both hands on the handlebars. The low mounted coil spring absorbs and reduces the dog`s sudden jerks and pulls, making it easier to keep your balance. It keeps your dog gently, but firmly in place at your side, protected from traffic, pedals and wheels. The Springer fits regular bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes with the normal triangular shaped frames. It mounts and dismounts in 2 seconds and uses no tools. A safety release frees the dog instantly should it run on the wrong side of a tree, a hydrant, a pole or similar. If your dog takes a sudden jolt to chase another dog or animal, the Springer acts as a third hand on the bike and holds the dog gently but firmly in check without interfering with your ride. The Springer reduces your dog`s tugs by up to 90%. Get your Springer attachment today to ensure that you have fun and better exercise for you and your dog.
  • Regular Price: Cdn$99.98

  • Sale Price: US$43.78 or Cdn$62.99

  • - (Save 41%) With this 9 function computer, you won`t need another!
    Posted on: 5-05-2003  by: Chris

  • Sale Price: US$20.63 or Cdn$29.69 Regular Price: Cdn$49.98

  • With 9 functions the Fisher Computer will show you whatever you need to know. With a waterproof body there is not reason to worry about rain or mud. Easy to use and compact, this computer is perfect for the commuters wanting to track their miles or the serious athlete training for the next big race. - COCA-COLA® TIFFANY TELEPHONE
    Posted on: 5-04-2003  by: Chris

  • $79.99 Save $10.00

  • Antique-style stained glass desk phone features receiver and ringer high/low volume controls, on/off body lighting switch and flash/redial buttons. Phone lights up when handset is lifted and when it rings. - 50% OFF Tiffany Glass Table Lamps.
    Posted on: 4-30-2003  by: Chris

  • Make a statement! The stunning colours and styling of this Tiffany lamp will add instant sophistication to any room in your home.

  • 51 cm (20") handmade, floral-pattern Tiffany shade is crafted from 536 pieces of glass; Polyresin base; Handy pull-chain switch; Requires two 60 watt bulbs; Lamp measures 67 cm (26.22") H; Requires some assembly; 1 year warranty.
  • Regular Price: $329.99

  • OUTLET PRICE $165.00 * * Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery.

  • - Click `On Sale` - Flashing Tail Light (Save 41%)
    Posted on: 4-29-2003  by: Chris

  • CATEYE TL-LD 120II Rear Flashing Tail Light

  • The Cateye TL-LD120II-R brighter, convenient at a great price. Cat Eye`s safety light for the economy-minded rider just got brighter. The TL-LD120II-R now has three ultra-bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for even more visibility at night. New generation ultra-bright LED technology means fewer LEDs but more overall light. The new TL-LD 120II is 30% brighter than the previous version of LEDs. The seatpost-mount hardware and included clothing clip make this the ideal choice for your nighttime activities. Read further features at their website.
  • Regular Price: Cdn$19.98

  • Sale Price: US$7.89 or Cdn$11.69

  • - More Savings from Radio Shack!
    Posted on: 4-29-2003  by: Chris


  • Fold-up design for easy storage. Has silver accent panels on each ear-cup, in-line volume control, mono/stereo switch, 27mm speaker element, and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. 33-8421
  • Reg. 24.99

  • Sale $12.99 SAVE $12.00

  • - (Save 48%).New to Check out great specials at this great online CANADIAN Cycling and Fitness store.
    Posted on: 4-27-2003  by: Chris

  • CATEYE HL-500 II Micro Halogen Headlight - Regular-Clear

  • An unbeatable value with a high beam and low enery consumption bulb. The Cateye HL-500II Clear VIS 360 is the only headlight visible from all sides due to it`s clear casing. It conveniently mounts above or below handlebars with an anti-vibration quick mount that has a 10 degree pivot to allow you to better direct it`s light beam. The Cateye HL-500II has the longest battery life in the 1W halogen class. With it`s new multi-facet technology(Luminux) it shines up to 25% brighter than current Micro Halogen lights. It comes with a new tool free, anti-vibration universal handlebar mount bracket with a 10 degree pivot to better direct it`s light beam. The Cateye HL-500II has a run time of about 10 hours with 4AA batteries(not included).It is also available in black or silver(ALICATF-B1HL5-2). Black version is shown.
  • Regular Price: Cdn$39.98

  • Sale Price: US$13.97 or Cdn$20.69
    Posted on: 4-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Reg.$179.00 Sale $149

  • This powerful and accurate auto alarm system is perfect for those of you who require a reliable security system for your car! Jam packed with features and components, your car will be safe from potential theft. Alarm has many different features, and the keychain remote control is the perfect little device that will keep your car safe! Read all the features at their website. - Get the world`s smallest infrared radio-controlled car!
    Posted on: 4-16-2003  by: Chris


  • The world`s smallest infrared radio-controlled car. When you`re not racing, you can use it as a pen! Includes batteries. 601-8223
  • $14.99 Reg. $19.99 Save $5

  • - Save $65.00 Reg. 129.99 NOW $64.99!!!
    Posted on: 4-11-2003  by: Chris


  • Dynamic Neodymium element. Lifetime warranty. Ohms: 60, Frequency Response:16-22,000 Hz, 95dB Cord Length: 3m. 331-8111 - Reg. 29.99 Sale: $19.99 - Save $10.00
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris


  • Desktop motor-driven rotary light scatters coloured light around the room! Has in-line rotary power switch and reversible globe rotation. Extremely quiet operation. See 8 of their flyer. - DVD Player - Save $40
    Posted on: 4-03-2003  by: Chris


  • Compatible with DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 discs. Has S-Video output, component video output, coaxial digital output, fluorescent blue colour VFD display and ultra-slim chassis design. 161-1003
  • Reg. $169.99

  • Now $129.99

  • Henry` - TASCO 10X50 PLATINUM BINOCULAR Save $20.00
    Posted on: 3-31-2003  by: Chris

  • $79.99 CAD

  • Centre focus wheel. Rubberized housing. Includes case and strap. 25 year warranty. - Aero Bed™ (Queen)
    Posted on: 3-30-2003  by: Chris

  • The comfortable, adjustable, extra bed in a minute. It’s perfect for overnight guests, visiting family and friends, vacation homes, dorm rooms, or anywhere else you might need a quick and comfortable bed! Aero Bed™ (Queen) Was $199.99 Now $149.00

  • Some other current deals:
  • Teac DVD Home Theatre System Was $899.99 Now $499.00

  • Grundig eTraveller VII Digital Shortwave Radio Was $129.98 Now $79.00

  • Graco Alante Stroller Was $179.99 Now $99.00

  • Henry` - Save: $159.97 CAD. Your Price: $749.99CAD
    Posted on: 3-29-2003  by: Chris

  • CANON ELAN 7 W/EF28-90/COKIN/CR123

  • 35mm autofocus SLR camera. High speed 7-point Wide-Area AF. High speed 4 frame-per-second film advance, 1/4000 sec. top shutter speed . The quietest EOS ever with exclusive Canon Whisper Drive(tm). Advanced features include 11 shooting modes, 13 custom functions, 35-zone evaluative metering, E-TTL flash control, built-in dioptric adjustment and dedicated depth-of-field preview button. See more details at their website. - Digital Camera only $69.99!
    Posted on: 3-28-2003  by: Chris


  • Ultra cool, compact, and lightweight, the SiPix StyleCam Blink II is the go-everywhere digital camera. Wear the StyleCam II on the road, to parties, or when you are just having fun with friends. With the built-in 8MB memory, the Blink II stores up to 300 photos. Included is a tilt base that easily stands on your desktop or attaches to a notebook computer. Features: · It`s a digital camera, Streaming Snapshot™ camera and video conferencing camera all-in-one! · Creates up to 160 seconds of digital video with streaming snapshots · SiPix CamWizard provides one click downloads to view your pictures and video instantly · Includes cool neck strap to wear your StyleCam Blink II anywhere · Value-packed software provides user-friendly tools for photo and video editing · Create up to 160 seconds of digital video · Have a live video conversation with your friends over the Internet! - HOT ZONE SPECIALS NOW ON!
    Posted on: 3-27-2003  by: Chris


  • This self-setting* atomic clock radio adjusts the time automatically for daylight savings time. Features dual alarm, sleep timer, calendar and temperature display (Fahrenheit only) and large backlit LCD display. Wide snooze panel conceals the setting controls. Wake to the radio, buzzer or nature sounds. Has 5 nature sounds for calming relaxation. Includes AC adapter and 3 AAA batteries. *Atomic setting for all Canadian provinces except Newfoundland.
  • Reg. $79.99 Sale $39.99

  • - Reg. $24.99 Sale $12.49 Cdn. HOT ZONE SPECIAL
    Posted on: 3-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Controls up to 4 devices–TV, VCR/DVD, AUX, cable or satellite. Back lit device and power keys makes for easy use in dimly lit conditions. Has menu and guide keys for DVD and satellite. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (sold separately). Features: · Sleep timer allows the TV to shut off at a set time · Last-channel recall · +100 key · Power-on indicator. - 70% OFF Was $651.00 Now $195.00
    Posted on: 3-26-2003  by: Chris

  • Bush Furniture Heritage Pine Collection Desk and Hutch

  • Down home styling! The Heritage Pine collection has a soft, traditional appeal that works to give your decor a warm, inviting feel.
  • Albany pine finish

  • Features a pullout keyboard shelf and two file drawers that hold letter or legal sized files

  • Hutch has a number of open compartments that hold binders, supplies and books

  • 56.5" H x 53.25" W x 23.25" D (143.5 cm x 135.25 cm x 59.1 cm)

  • - Health `O Meter Strain-Guage Digital Scale
    Posted on: 3-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Was $79.99 now only $ 29.00 *

  • Consistent readings every time. You`ll never have to worry about the accuracy of your scale again with this bright and easy-to-read digital scale. * Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery. - Reg. $12.99 NOW $7.99 - Save $5
    Posted on: 3-20-2003  by: Chris


  • Clips on to your book and illuminates the reading area. With adjustable head. Low light spill-over into the surrounding area, so you won`t disturb others. 61-8926 - Deals Outlet - Sporting Goods ... this one almost half price.
    Posted on: 3-19-2003  by: Chris

    Look better in those favourite jeans! This unique non-impact, fat-burning aerobic machine gives your glutes and thighs a complete conditioning workout, while elevating your heart rate for overall fitness. Regular Price:$299.99 OUTLET PRICE $169.00 * see details at website. - MORE than 1/2 OFF!!! Only $49.00*
    Posted on: 3-17-2003  by: Chris

  • 152-Piece Tool Set

  • Find this opportunity to aid in your home repair jobs with this wonderful 152-piece tool set. Instant workshop! Multi-piece kit includes a variety of tools and accessories. For everything from fix-ups to bigger projects. Set includes 1/4" and 3/8" drives, 13 sockets (metric and SAE), spinner handle, universal joint, ratchet handle and extension bars, packed into a hard-shell carrying case. Available for online purchase only. *see website for details. - Deals outlet > Dining Accessories....Regular Price: $189.99 NOW $116.00*
    Posted on: 3-15-2003  by: Chris

  • Bistro Set

  • Reminiscent of a café along the Riviera. Enjoy your morning espresso on the terrace, seated at this charming European-style bistro set. *see website for details. - Graco Marquis SL Stroller - Regular Price: $229.99 NOW $ 150.00 *
    Posted on: 3-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Deals Outlet - Baby...

  • You want the best for your baby! This top-of-the-line stroller is designed with comfort in mind. A cushy seat pad and supportive head rests mean that your little one enjoys a comfy ride. Model 785550 Available for online purchase only. - Available for online purchase only.
    Posted on: 3-11-2003  by: Chris

  • Graco Easy Entry Swing

  • So many options! Keep your little one entertained or lull them to sleep with the soothing motion of this durable swing. Regular Price: $99.99 OUTLET PRICE $ 70.00* (* Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery) See website for features on this product under `Deals Outlet`. - 25% off
    Posted on: 3-10-2003  by: Chris

  • Oster 2-Slice Chrome Toaster

  • This attractive chrome toaster will add a retro-cool look to any kitchen. 2-slice capacity; Extra wide slots—bagels won’t get stuck! Self-centering bread guides; T-Past Logic technology; Food Select feature. $54.99 * - Save $100.00!!! Have this in time for when the snow melts.
    Posted on: 3-07-2003  by: Chris


  • This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores. LCD electronic readout indicates approximate depth of many coin-sized objects. Waterproof search coil, headphone jack and adjustable shaft with arm rest. Controls let you minimize response to items like pull tabs. See details on page 13 of online flyer. Sale ends Mar. 8.
    Reg. 299.99 NOW $199.99 - Summer is in the air. Loaded with great features, this barbeque will help make a successful chef out of just about anyone!
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

    “Hi-Top” lid casting design; 240 square inches of cooking surface; 200 sq. in. cantilever-style warming rack; Porcelain coated primary cooking surface; Stainless steel bar burner; Grill Fear ceramic briquette cooking medium; Features include: heat indicator, front condiment rack, dual heat control, and push button ignition. Colour: black. 2 year warranty. - Yes, they are still making Turntables!!!! And it`s even ON SALE at almost half price!
    Posted on: 2-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Found this on page 20 of their online flyer. If your old turntable is broke, now you can finally play those albums again! Optimus - Belt drive turntable with built-in pre-amp. 331/3 and 45 RPM. Moving magnet cartridge with diamond stylus. 42-2023
    Reg. 149.99 NOW $74.99 Save $75.00
    Sale price in effect to March 8, 2003. - This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores
    Posted on: 2-24-2003  by: Chris


  • Labtec LT-730 headphones feature comfortable, behind-the-head design, and deliver superior sound. Compatible with virtually all portable stereos, CD players and digital music devices. Has single entry 1.2m (4`) shielded cord for interference-free mobility. 331-2553
    Reg. 19.99 Sale: $9.99 Save $10.00 - Zero dollars ( $0 ) after all credits!!!!!!
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris


  • Stunning digital video and 100% Dolby Digital audio 5.1 capability for enhancing your home theatre system. Features High Definition TV (HDTV)-ready solution, S-Video output for a sharper image, Caller ID and Instant Pay-Per-View access and a new, robust 4-in-1 infrared remote control. Model 405 offer: $199.99 New Low Purchase Price - $140.00 total programming credits = $59.99 net price installed!* *Upon activation of the Ultimate Choice Plus programming package, a $140 programming credit will be applied to the customer`s account in $35 increments over a 4-month period. This credit is not transferable to other packages and has no cash value on deactivation. Prices exclude applicable taxes. Offer available to new residential customers only. 152-8167 See further details about Star Choice from their website. - Laura Secord Offer
    Posted on: 2-17-2003  by: Chris


  • Keep in touch with your Valentine on a brand new cordless or wireless phone and receive a gift certificate to purchase some delectable chocolates from Laura Secord. Only one certificate per person per purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See website for other different phones at different prices.
    $109.99 - This product comes with a rebate coupon for $50 Cdn.
    Posted on: 2-10-2003  by: Chris


  • Make copies without turning your PC on! It`s the all-in-one imaging centre for home or office. Save space and money with the Lexmark X85™, your all-inclusive source for printing, scanning and copying. 48-bit colour scanning picks up trillions of colours. The flatbed scanner is ideal for books, reports and more. Includes PC fax software. 251-2576
    $249.99 - Tax Time - Get your copy of Quick Tax - $39.99
    Posted on: 2-06-2003  by: Chris

  • Quick Tax - Standard

  • The easiest, most accurate way to prepare your tax return. Take advantage of new family-friendly features. Features/benefits: · Let EasyStep™ Interview guide you through your tax return · Get all the approved government forms · Save time, ensure accuracy, and never miss a detail · File online and get your refund faster · Get expert help by using full-motion videos and an enhanced tax centre · Save time and money with personalized tax tips · Plan your financial future with on-screen publications 261-3460 - This product comes with a rebate coupon for $50 Cdn.
    Posted on: 1-30-2003  by: Chris
    Professional-looking prints made easy! Why pay outrageous prices for professional photo prints when you could do it all yourself with this all-in-one print centre! Features 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution for superior picture quality. Prints 11ppm black, 6ppm colour and scans at 600 x 1200 dpi. 251-2575

  • $199.99

  • - Save $100 - For Home or Office
    Posted on: 1-29-2003  by: Chris

    The Tagar T4R171002 will take performance to new levels, at an affordable price. This PC is powered by the Intel® Pentium 4® processor–1.7GHz and features 128MB of PC2100 DDR RAM, 52x CD reader, 40GB hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, up to 32MB shared on-board video, and USB 2.0 with 40x the transfer speed of USB version 1.1. Preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, the Tagar T4R171002 is designed to provide a high level of performance while offering the compatibility and stability you need to run the programs you want. This PC is ideal for students who need the right equipment to make the grade. Intel, the Intel Inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corp. Celeron is a trademark of Intel Corp. 251-1342
    NOTE: This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores. - T.V. - Perfect size for the bedroom or den!
    Posted on: 1-28-2003  by: Chris
    PANASONIC CT20G7 20" (50.8CM) TV
    Features stereo sound, parental control, on/off timer and front and rear A/V inputs for ease and speed of connecting video games or camcorders. Artificial Intelligence sound maintains the volume levels you choose even through commercial breaks. Has two-line digital comb filter and 500 lines of resolution for clear, crisp images. Stereo headphone jack. Includes compact remote control. Features: · PanaBlack™ picture tube · MTS/SAP stereo decoder with dbx · 2 sets of A/V jacks (1 front/1 rear) · Includes compact remote control · Game guard system · Trilingual menu · Recall/rapid tune/sleep timer · Closed captioning on mute · Canadian V-Chip program lock-out · 2-Line digital comb filter 161-2007

  • Reg. 359.99 Sale price: $299.99

  • Save $60.00 - PC Gaming - Get the latest!
    Posted on: 1-27-2003  by: Chris
    Just try and hold on to the new WingMan RumblePad. This feature-rich controller packs a throttle, dual analog mini joysticks and realistic vibration into one awesome unit. You get a sliding throttle for precise speed control, two analog sticks for tull 360-degree rotation, plus vibration feedback to let you feel every turn, bump and dip in your games. Requires a PC with USB port. 261-9626 Hurry! - Find this deal on page 16 of their current wkly. flyer.
    $39.99 $Cdn. - For people on the Go!!!
    Posted on: 1-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Play it up on this boombox–you`ll never run out of listening options: tune in the radio, play CDs and your own custom made MP3/CDs too! Top loading CD mechanism provides easy access. The fold-down handle is great for portability and storage–just fold it up and you`re ready to go, fold it down and it`s out of your way. Includes a 14-key wireless remote control. Features: · AM/FM PLL digital tuner · Multi-function LCD display for CD and tuner operation · 4-inch full range stereo speakers · Stereo headphone jack for private listening · Built-in AM antenna and telescopic FM antenna · AC/DC dual power operation · All push button controls including volume · Blue on blue colour cabinet with metal grilles 141-9403
    Reg. 169.99
    $99.94 Save $70.05 - xbox accessories / the matrix
    Posted on: 1-25-2003  by: Chris

  • THE MATRIX - aka: Xodus

  • This chip will allow you to play all import games in US, JAP and PAL format on any XBOX system. The chip will be shipped unflashed (for legal reasons). Please flash with your own bios software.
  • NO WIRES absolutely nothing to solder

  • Flash Upgradeable (programmer included)

  • Installs in under 5 minutes

  • Works with ALL Xbox`s

  • Their Price:$59.00 US - Save $40 on this terrific sale item.
    Posted on: 1-25-2003  by: Chris


  • Features AM/FM tuning, 5 shortwave bands, world clock with 24 time zones, simultaneous display of world clock and home time. Includes earbuds and carrying pouch. 201-8105
    Reg. 79.99 Sale Price - $39.99 CDN$ - Made in Canada!
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Lanechanger car and truck mirrors are ideal for people who have difficulty turning their heads to check for vehicles in their blind spots and are used by all drivers concerned about making travel safer. Parents who wish to keep an eye on their children in the back seat, seniors, drivers who have chronic back and neck problems, drivers with impaired vision in one eye, fleet safety managers of large business who are concerned about reducing accidents and employee safety, rehab hospitals, driving schools, police departments, just to name some of the users of Lanechanger car and truck mirrors. - Great electronic deals.
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Stay in tune with EB2K`s new product releases! They always have new and innovative gadgets and will continue to bring you great products at low prices!

  • Soul III MP3 CD Player
  • Sale Price: CDN$ $69.00
    Warranty: 30 day money back & one year

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