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Eye Color will ship your order via UPS for delivery in 4 to 7 business days at a cost of $10.95.
All prices are listed in USD.


Simple Shipping To Canada 
For a flat fee of $23 over shipping, handling and tax we`ll deliver to you via UPS.

Skin Store

Shipping is $9.95 USPS International to Canada.
You should receive your order within 7 business days.
Save 5% Off Your First OrderCode: SC0505 

Eye Color

Eye Color - Win Free Lenses!
Posted on: 1-29-2004  by: Mel is giving away free lenses! Four times a year, one lucky winner gets to choose from a three-month supply of FreshLook® color contact lenses, a pair of DuraSoft® or Natural Touch® color contacts, or a pair of special effect contacts!

Eye Color - For The True Football Fan
Posted on: 1-15-2004  by: Mel
Whether you`re heading to the stadium or just your favorite chair in front of the TV, you`re not truly geared up for the game until you suit up your eyes with NFL Crazy Lenses®! Available in all 32 NFL team designs. Customized team logo lens case included!
$79.97 USD

Eye Color - icase Lens Cases
Posted on: 12-02-2003  by: Mel
Lens Cases      33% Off!
"The worry-free convenience of a traditional contact lens case enters the realm of fashion and individual choice. Ergonomically designed and crafted of space age synthethetic polymer, contact lens cases by icaseTM provide a secure, leak-proof closure. Available in nine designs."
$8.95 $5.95 USD

Net Magazines - Campus Life
Posted on: 11-06-2003  by: Mel
Campus Life      50% Off!
Campus Life is published bimonthly and delivers good fun and solid Christian guidance to today`s teens. Your subscription includes three annual supplements. If you are ever not 100% satisfied with your order, you may cancel anytime within 120 days of placing your order and receive a full refund.
$35.55 $17.75 CDN

Net Magazines - Football Digest
Posted on: 10-28-2003  by: Mel
Football Digest      46% Off!
"Football Digest is written for fans interested in professional football. Regular features include: NFL rosters, schedules, player profiles, action photos, statistics, football Quick Quiz, crossword puzzles, articles on greats of the past and present."
$59.90 $32.00 CDN

Net Magazines - Child Magazine
Posted on: 10-25-2003  by: Mel
Child      26% Off!
"This magazine is designed for educated, dual-income parents with children pre-birth to 12 years old with a specific focus on first-time mothers. It contains practical parenting information featuring articles on child development, behavior, health, nutrition, education and parental development."
$35.00 $25.97
Use code FREECERT36 to save $5 on orders over $20.

Net Magazines - Hockey Lovers, Check this out!
Posted on: 10-12-2003  by: Mel
Hockey Digest icon 33% Off!
Coverage includes player profiles, action photos, hockey trivia, NHL statistics and schedules, and team rosters. News coverage is also given to NCAA hockey and the NHL draft. Special features include "The Game I`ll Never Forget", by hockey`s legends, "Spotlight on…", and "Inside Interview".
8 issues $47.92 $32.00

Net Magazines - Hockey Digest
Posted on: 9-30-2003  by: Mel
Hockey Digest icon      33% Off!
Coverage includes player profiles, action photos, hockey trivia, NHL statistics and schedules, and team rosters. News coverage is also given to NCAA hockey and the NHL draft. Special features include "The Game I`ll Never Forget", by hockey`s legends, "Spotlight on…", and "Inside Interview".
8 issues $47.92 $32.00

Net Magazines - Cycle World
Posted on: 9-20-2003  by: Mel
Cycle World      42% Off!
Packed with information on the latest technical developments in motorcycles and related equipment, Cycle World is targeted to the motorcycle enthusiast. Each issue includes reviews of new products and accessories.
If you are ever not 100% satisfied with your order, you may cancel anytime within 120 days of placing your order and receive a full refund!

$47.88 $26.97

Net Magazines - Decorative Artist`s Workbook Magazine
Posted on: 9-13-2003  by: Mel
Decorative Artist`s Workbook Magazine features illustrated articles and step-by-step instructions for tole and decorative artists. Each issue contains four to six projects an full-size patterns, and is America`s favorite magazine for decorative painters. If you are ever not 100% satisfied with your order, you may cancel anytime within 120 days of placing your order and receive a full refund!
6 issues $35.94 $30.10

Skin Store - Save 50% On Sun-Protecting Bathing Suits!
Posted on: 9-12-2003  by: Mel
Swimwear for children, created to protect them from the dangerous effects of the sun! Approximately 80% of lifetime sun exposure occurs before the age of 18. Bathing suits include two piece sets.
Available for ages 2 and under as well as 7 and 8-year olds.

$35.90 $17.95 USD

Use Code SC0505 to save 5% on your first order!

Net Magazines - New-Get Great Magazines Delivered To Your Door
Posted on: 9-03-2003  by: Mel
New to Magazines
Net Magazines is a direct marketer of over 1400 magazine titles available for subscription to both personal residences and places of business. Their first web site came online in May 1998. Over the past years, they`ve refined their business, taking it to new levels of customer satisfaction, convenience and value for both the consumer and business. Net Magazines is poised as one of the leaders in online periodical sales for many years to come. With a risk-free guarantee, how can you go wrong?
Check out some of their great magazines that ship to Canada:
Self Magazine Tips & Tricks Fit Pregnancy
16% Off 45% Off 15% Off
For women interested in improving the quality of their lives Codes, passwords, secret moves and strategies for all the best video games How to exercise properly, eat right, and maintain good health during and after pregnancy
$35.88 $30.30 $59.88 $32.95 $23.94 $20.37

Skin Store - Take Care of Yourself!
Posted on: 8-31-2003  by: Mel
New to Store
SkinStore is committed to providing you with the highest quality educational information, products and service. When a customer buys from SkinStore, they receive not only products, but also the education and support they need to make their use of those products a success.

Use Code SC0505 to save 5% on your first order!

All prices are listed in USD.
Masada Relaxing Foot Bath
$30.00 $15 USD

Junonia - Save 50% or more on 14+ clothing!
Posted on: 8-14-2003  by: Mel

Juno`s Closet
-- save 50% or more on 14+ size fashions!
Leather Jacket
50% Off
Brocade Shell
50% Off - Dr. Scholls Women`s Shoes
Posted on: 8-09-2003  by: Mel
Dr. Scholls, the most trusted name in comfort. Smartly styled, these shoes provide lightweight, flexible comfort with breathable linings. Leather upper, skid-resistant sole. Two Easy Touch straps. Wide Width.

$39.00 CDN

Vegan Cats -

Obligate Carnivore:
Cats, Dogs, and What it Really Means to be Vegan

Posted on: 8-03-2003  by: Mel
Can cats be vegan? They can!
Discusses relative merits of meat vs. vegan diets from a number of perspectives (ethical, health, environmental, etc.), and gives practical advice for making a successful switch for your cats and dogs.

$10.00 USD with Free Shipping!
Can be found in the Product section under Specials

Eye Color - Crazy Contacts!
Posted on: 8-01-2003  by: Mel
With Crazy Lenses, you`ll see the world in a whole new way and the world will see a whole new you. These phenomenal special effect contact lenses are available in nine great designs, all of them available in prescription powers for vision correction, as well as plano for people without vision problems. So don`t just express yourself. Go crazy!!! - On Sale This Week For A Stress-Free Life
Posted on: 7-31-2003  by: Mel
Updated by: Mel on 6:33:23 pm
pillows The benefits of aromatherapy are brought to your sleeping chamber via a trio of pillows filled with all natural herbal blends. 100% hemp fiber covers are embroidered with messages of "bliss", "calm", and "joy".
$14.99 USD - Now on Sale at Silverts! Click on the in blue to the left, to take you directly to this page.
Posted on: 4-24-2003  by: Chris


  • Ladies Open Back Crossover Easy Touch Closure Dress. Polyester Interlock. Now on Sale at Silverts! $24.99 ( M L XL ) $27.99 ( XXL ) Item #20170,20171 - Open Front Bra for those who have challenges in mobility.
    Posted on: 4-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Remember, Silverts is a store for those with Special Needs. This item is surely useful for those with movement restrictions.

  • Open Front Bra with Hooks, VELCRO® & Large Pull-Tabs. Now on Sale at Silverts! Available at $14.99 CDN in these cup sizes: ( B34 B36 B42 B44 B46 C34 C36 C38 C40 C42 C44 C46 D36 D38 D40 D42 D44 D46 DD38 DD40 DD42 DD44 DD46 DD48 )Look for it under, `Specials". Order yours today! - Save $400 or 57%! Were $699.95, now $299.95 USD
    Posted on: 4-10-2003  by: Chris

  • Bubbling Water Column

  • It`s long been established that gazing at an aquarium can provide a calming you can enjoy the tranquility without the stress of having to take care of a tank! This aquatic work of art features a tall rectangular column lit from the bottom, to reveal a myriad of tiny bubbles and beautifully colored, ever-lasting tropical fish. A great conversation piece! Plexiglass column with 2 plastic fish and 10w halogen light, plugs into standard AC socket. Instructions included. 5` x 10". (On Alaska, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands please add $12.00 to regular shipping charges.) Find this deal under `Specials`. - Women`s Shop: Rose Garden Blouse
    Posted on: 4-01-2003  by: Chris
    This Beautiful Blouse has the versatility to top off many different looks. Button front with convertible collar. Soft polyester crepe is machine washable.

  • $34.98 ( Sizes 10 12 14 16 18 20 )

  • $37.98 ( Sizes 38 40 42 44 )

  • - Comes in three different colours - Sale priced at only $17.97 Cdn.
    Posted on: 3-25-2003  by: Chris


  • Flattering Seersucker Shorts with comfortable multi-needle elasticized waist. Decorative tie-string. Two side seam pockets. Machine washable. Polyester-cotton. Now on Sale at Silvert`s! - 25% OFF,plus FREE SHIPPING SALE!
    Posted on: 3-24-2003  by: Chris

    SAVE 25%, plus FREE SHIPPING* on orders above $75!.End of March madness sale on all items. Hurry, Sale ends 3-31-03.*(Does not include heavy items,rush, or foreign orders). - Stress Less On-line Anxiety Program Price: $29.95USD
    Posted on: 3-18-2003  by: Chris

  • This is a Downloadable Item

  • A comprehensive four module, interactive, on-line program designed to teach you the fundamental cognitive behavioral techniques that will reduce and even eliminate your stress and anxiety. Created and hosted by Dr. Bob Farra, a practicing family psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders. Includes three deep relaxation programs for download (worth $42.00), anxiety quiz, tracking diary, and motivational e-mails with additional anxiety information. Take the program on-line at your leisure with additional sessions available as you need them to master the techniques. If you are experiencing the harmful effects of stress and anxiety,this program is a must. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! - Save 50%. Was $14.95 now $7.48 USD plus shipping etc.
    Posted on: 2-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Squeeze the stress away!

  • Squeeze ball from Thera-Squeeze™ conforms to your grasp to increase finger, hand, wrist and arm strength. Filled with biodegradable filler, the ball can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer for hot or cold therapy when needed. Great for stress relieving at work or home. Also effective for computer programmers, pianists, athletes and others who work with their hands. *All specials are not returnable. - Did you Know...
    Posted on: 2-20-2003  by: Chris

  • They can include a gift card FREE when you send an order to a loved one?

  • They can alter your new clothing for a small charge?

  • Silvert`s, a canadian company, has been serving the community since 1930 and is a trusted source of Elderly Care Clothing in many nursing facilities?

  • They carry a collection of women`s clothing designed for the special needs of scoliosis. These clothes are designed with extra gathering through the back of the garment to compensate for spinal curvature.
    ZIPPER FRONT DRESS From $49.98 - Do you have a problem with Incontinence? This store has it all for those with special needs.
    Posted on: 2-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Gabardine Open Seat Pants, from $36.98 Cdn. Item 23080, 23081

  • Page 3 in their incontinence section finds this Gabardine SilvertsWear Pants. They now have three adjustable dome closures at the waist for even easier seated dressing. Large flap at back provides discretion for incontinent or immobile women. Polyester Gabardine Machine-washable. They even have a large men`s section of clothing to choose from. - 30% OFF! Was $36.95...Now $25.86! Click on their `Specials`
    Posted on: 2-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Aroma Vera® Art Deco Lamp Diffuser

  • A unique way to disperse fragrant aromas to soothe and enhance the psyche, from Aroma Vera®. This elegant Art Deco design holds aromatic oils and water in the well at the top of the lamp, while the wick burns on oil and causes diffusion of the fragrance. A wonderful aid to relaxation while lounging or meditating in the bath or any quiet place. 7" tall. Oils not included. Five 1/2-oz. bottles of oils. (#R1093) $35.95 *All specials are non-returnable* - Save on Searsuckers.
    Posted on: 2-06-2003  by: Chris

  • Ladies Seersucker Pants Item #43911,43910

  • Ladies Seersucker Pants have full elastic waist for easy dressing. Light, comfy, and ready for summer! Now on Sale at Silverts in Canadian dollars.
    $19.99 ( S M L XL )
    $34.98 ( 38 40 ) - Bringing Dignity to Special Needs through their clothing and accessories.
    Posted on: 2-05-2003  by: Chris
    Silvert`s Clothing for the Elderly

    Silvert`s Clothing for the Elderly helps you care for your loved one. Their soft open back dresses, hospital gowns and incontinence wear slips on easily and looks beautiful. Caregivers love the ease and dignity that their clothing provides. They are the trusted name in many nursing facilities, and they can help you find what you need at an affordable price. Shop in Canadian Dollars! - Save 50% !
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris

  • Eyes Tea

  • 50% OFF!! Was $11.95...Now $5.97! Tub Tea Create a sensual atmosphere for bathing with oversized "tea bags" filled with herbs, flowers and citrus peels in a mind-soothing lavender base. Set of 3 bags. (#R2029) $15.95 Eyes Tea Unbleached bags are filled with elder flowers, chamomile and more. Simply soak in water and place on closed eyes for instant refreshment and revitalization. Set of 8 bags.(#R2030) $11.95 *All specials are non-returnable

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