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Buy any Looney Tunes artwork and get a Bugs Bunny frame FREE. Make sure to add the Bugs Bunny frame to your shopping cart.
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Stock up and save! Buy the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Poster Set and get additional poster sets and individual posters for 20% off. Enter coupon code NIMBUS and click the Submit Coupon button to receive the special discount.

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Wicked Cool Stuff

Wicked Cool Stuff - Wicked Cool Stickers
Posted on: 11-16-2004  by: Mel
Party Girl Sticker Glitter Kitty Sticker Slacker Sticker
66% Off! 66% Off! 66% Off!
$2.95 $1 USD $2.95 $1 USD $2.95 $1 USD

Master Replicas - Darth Vader`s Lightsaber
Posted on: 11-13-2004  by: Mel
  • Official reproduction of Darth Vader’s lightsaber from Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Glowing, bright red blade ignites with realistic power-up and power-down light effects
  • Authentic lightsaber sound effects digitally recorded from the movie
  • Features four motion sensor controlled sound effects: power-up, idle hum, clash, and power-down
  • Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.
  • Sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt.
  • This special lightsaber comes with a custom-designed display stand
New Lower Price-$119 USD

Master Replicas - A Must-Have For Star Wars Fans!
Posted on: 11-08-2004  by: Mel
  • Official reproduction of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Enhanced glowing blue blade with realistic power-up and power-down light effects. The power-up and power-down light effects are produced by a string of 64 super-bright LEDs that ignite sequentially inside the blade.
  • Features five motion sensor controlled sound effects digitally recorded from the movie: power-up, idle hum, swing, clash, and power-down.
  • Blade has 3 built-in motion sensors for super sensitivity: 2 for detecting movement and 1 for detecting the impact of the blade.
  • Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.
  • Sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt.
  • Comes with a handsome stand for tabletop or wall display
New Lower Price-$119 USD

Wicked Cool Stuff - New!
Posted on: 11-07-2004  by: Mel
New to Cool Stuff
Shrek Lover? Bobblehead Maniac? Movie Fan? Can`t get enough of Monty Python? Star Trek? Justice League? Speed Racer? The Nightmare Before Christmas? WickedCoolStuff has it all!
Check out their fantastic collection of pop culture products!:
Bush Chronicles Poster Spongebob Pail Translucent Bags
25% Off! 28% Off! 75% Off!
$6.95 $5.20 USD $6.95 $4.95 USD $18.95 $4.75 USD

Wonderful Buys Canada - Use as a grill or a defroster!
Posted on: 11-06-2004  by: Mel
$19.99 CDN
"Just because summer is coming to an end doesn`t mean you have to give up enjoying delicious grilled food. Nathan`s Grill fits easily over two burners on your stove and you can set the burners for 2 different temperatures. Cook fish on one side and grill your vegetables on the other. Or you can flip the grill over and use it to prepare bacon, eggs and sausages and more! It drains the fat away so you know you`re getting a healthy, great tasting meal. " - Great Gift Idea
Posted on: 11-06-2004  by: Mel
"This gorgeous Batman pendulum battery operated wall clock features Gotham City with the Bat Symbol in the sky above as Batman lunges toward the Joker. A large Batman logo is in the center of the clock."Batman
$14.95 USD - The #1 Comedy Of All Time In Your Mailbox!
Posted on: 11-06-2004  by: Mel
Shrek 2 on DVD
Rent this DVD for free!*
No shipping charged!
"The lovably ugly green ogre returns with his green bride and furry, hooved friend in Shrek 2. Shrek and Princess Fiona are invited to Fiona`s former kingdom, Far Far Away, to have the marriage blessed by Fiona`s parents--which Shrek thinks is a bad, bad idea, and he`s proved right: The parents are horrified by their daughter`s transformation into an ogress, a fairy godmother wants her son Prince Charming to win Fiona, and a feline assassin is hired to get Shrek out of the way."
*You can rent Shrek 1 and Shrek 2 as part of a free 2-week trial! - Free Movie Rentals!
Posted on: 4-24-2004  by: Mel
Make May movie month!
     Two free weeks of rentals!
Get the hottest new release delivered to your door! With Movies for Me, there are no costs with the Free Trial period. Why drive all the way to the movie store only to find the movie you want is unavailable? Why break your piggy bank for returning a movie a few hours late? Never again! Become a part of this hot new craze which allows you to pick the movies you want and have them delivered to you. You keep the movie as long as you want, and when you return it, a new one will be sent. Free shipping, both ways!
So, what are you waiting for?!?!

Hot Topic - Serious Black And Green Asymmetrical Top
Posted on: 1-22-2004  by: Mel
"This black, long sleeved top features green stitch, green taping with grommet accents that outlines the asymmetrical neckline and black ribbon running through the grommets."
$29.00 USD

Hot Topic - Serious Black And Hot Pink Ribbon And Net Skirt
Posted on: 1-17-2004  by: Mel
"This black skirt features pink ribbon laced through black grommets on the front and back, three front pleats with a pink net lining, and a side zip closure."
$34.00 USD

Hot Topic - Pink Flame Slippers
Posted on: 1-15-2004  by: Mel
Pink Flame Slippers      53% Off!
"These black fuzzy slippers have pink and silver flames on the top and sides and slip resistant soles. A size large is a women`s size 8-9. All man made materials."
$14.99 $6.98 USD - The Perfect Gift!
Posted on: 12-09-2003  by: Mel
The Icebox combo features a 9-inch screen that displays the Internet, TV, DVDs, CDs, or even acts as a security monitor. If you have Internet access, you can hook it up to the Icebox unit and access it from your kitchen! The space-conscious Icebox takes up very little room and provides high-quality TV viewing. Watch your favorite DVD movies or listen to music CDs while you work and play. Connect the Icebox to an audio/video camera and it will act as your eyes to any room in the house. A kitchen-proof remote and keyboard is perfect for the family. It`s washable, grease-proof, and shock-proof.
$499.99 $169.99 USD - Special Coffee Table
Posted on: 12-01-2003  by: Mel
"This contemporary coffee table adds an African accent to your decorating scheme. Handmade by artisans in Ghana, this sese wood table`s shape suggests an hourglass in chocolate- and rust-finished wood. Carved faces decorate the base of the table, and geometric trim highlighted with white paint accents every surface. "
$74.99 $36.99 USD

Hot Topic - Great Hat
Posted on: 12-01-2003  by: Mel
Olive Plaid 8 Panel Driver      75% Off!
"This 8 panel driver has a snap front and is made of an olive, menswear, plaid fabric. S/M fits up to 57", M/L up to 58 1/2", L/XL up to 59 1/2". "
$18.00 $4.49 USD

The Shopping Channel - 12 Hand Painted Porcelain Doll Ornaments
Posted on: 12-01-2003  by: Mel
"Add a Victorian charm to your holiday decor with this set of 12 pretty porcelain doll ornaments. Exclusive to tSc, these assorted 3.5" dolls have hand painted eyes, eye lashes, eyelids and lips. They are also hand crafted from porcelain and are dressed in beautiful gowns made of satin, lace and velveteen. The arms and legs of these collectible dolls are posable and will make a stunning arrangement on a mantle, end table or on a Christmas tree."
$39.95 $19.90 CDN - Hutschenreuther 2001 Porcelain Christmas Bell
Posted on: 11-25-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Bell icon 92% Off!!!
With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$40.00 $2.99 USD

Hot Topic - Guitar Girl Journal
Posted on: 11-19-2003  by: Mel
This black spiral bound journal has Kirsten Ulve`s modern guitar girl on the cover. The pink and white pages have are lined and have cool pop art graphics. This journal is perfect for the eclectic girl!
$9.99 $4.98 USD - Hutschenreuther 2001 Porcelain Christmas Bell
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Bell icon      92% Off!!!
With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$40.00 $2.99 USD
icon - LCD Touch-panel Phone
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
icon With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$39.99 $24.90 USD - Juice Wizard
Posted on: 11-05-2003  by: Mel
Juice Wizard icon 75% Off!
Cool turquoise/lime green color motif
Family-sized 76-ounce pitcher with cup and ounce marks
Easy-pour spout
Comfortable handle base
Self-reversing reamer for maximum juice extraction
Automatic stirring stick to mix ingredients and ice cubes
Convenient one-button control
Dust cover for storage and strainer lid for serving
2-foot power cord
Recipe booklet with 12 refreshing drink ideas
$39.99 $9.99 USD - Black and Decker Steambuster
Posted on: 11-03-2003  by: Mel
icon "Now you can simply steam stains away with the Black and Decker Steambuster! This deep cleaner and vac works great on carpet and upholstery--making it the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. You can even vacuum up wet and dry messes, all with the ease of a handheld."
$125.00 $37.99 USD - Suit Sale
Posted on: 11-02-2003  by: Mel
Suits      EXTRA 10% Off!
Overstock`s selection of men and women`s suits are an additional 10% off!
As low as $33.50!      Save up to 80%!
Sale ends Monday! - TV/DVD/CD/Internet All In One!
With a washable keyboard!

Posted on: 10-31-2003  by: Mel
The Icebox combo features a 9-inch screen that displays the Internet, TV, DVDs, CDs, or even acts as a security monitor. If you have Internet access, you can hook it up to the Icebox unit and access it from your kitchen! The space-conscious Icebox takes up very little room and provides high-quality TV viewing. Watch your favorite DVD movies or listen to music CDs while you work and play. Connect the Icebox to an audio/video camera and it will act as your eyes to any room in the house. A kitchen-proof remote and keyboard is perfect for the family. It`s washable, grease-proof, and shock-proof.
$499.99 $169.99 USD - Try eBay first
Posted on: 10-30-2003  by: Mel is a great way to find inexpensive toys for Christmas shopping!
Moose Yu-Gi-Oh     Sesame Street
Hello Kitty     Mickey Mouse     SpongeBob
Hint: Click "Browse items available to eBay Canada" to see items listed by American sellers that will ship to Canada.

Master Replicas - As seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Posted on: 10-29-2003  by: Mel
The limited edition lithographs are produced from original blueprint drawings for the authentic prop replicas produced by Master Replicas LLC under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. The drawings and dimensions are based on detailed examinations of the original filming props and other reference materials as made available from the Lucasfilm Ltd. Archive. Collectors can purchase each framed lithograph individually or select the Master Replicas Blueprint Collection - a set of all three framed lithographs with matching series numbers.
$29.00 USD - Glass Chess Set
Posted on: 10-25-2003  by: Mel
Glass Chess Set      53% Off!
"This beautiful chess set is created with the finest quality glass. Half of the pieces are acid-etched to create an elegant frosted finish, the other half are crystalline clear. The chessboard itself is solid glass, padded on the underside to protect your tabletop. It makes an attractive and practical display piece, and an ideal gift for anyone who loves the fascinating game of chess. The board measures 14 inches square." Available in clear, red, green, black, and blue.
$49.95 $22.99 USD - Jessica McClintock Dress
Posted on: 10-25-2003  by: Mel
Iridescent Taffeta Dress      67% Off!
"The gown of acetate taffeta shimmers with iridescent iris-aqua-blue colors and faceted glass beads at the bodice. Removable straps allow two different looks. The dress features princess seams and an A-line skirt and closes with a back zipper."
$143.00 $46.99 USD

Hot Topic - 50% Off!
Posted on: 10-23-2003  by: Mel
Black Cherry Tulle Dress      50% Off!
Wear this stretch, cotton twill, black dress with red cherries design! Black tulle peeks underneath. Black, adjustable straps with bows peek from the top.
$42.00 $20.98 USD - Scary Sound Effects
Posted on: 10-20-2003  by: Mel
Great for background sounds at a party, a haunted house, or on your porch while you hand out treats to visiting goblins!
Sell out Risk: VERY HIGH

$14.98 $9.59 USD

Cute PCS - Cool Cell Phone Holder
Posted on: 10-18-2003  by: Mel
Shoe-Shaped Flashing Holder      48% Off!
"Flashes when ever your phone receives signal. Everyone is sure to be amused by the shoe shape holder that can travel with you anywhere you go; no attachments necessary." Please see site for restrictions.
$26.95 $13.95 USD

Master Replicas - Star Wars Collectible-Thermol Detonator
Posted on: 10-18-2003  by: Mel
"The Thermal Detonator, which first appeared in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, is a prop used by Princess Leia Organa--disguised as the bounty hunter who appeared before Jabba the Hutt to negotiate a better price for the captive Chewbacca. Constructed from die cast metal, the Thermal Detonator, measures approximately 2 ½ inches in diameter. A compact metal sphere with solidity and substance and a weathered finish for added realism. Complete with original sound effects digitally translated from the movie along with random flashing light patterns that emanate from the device when the trigger switch is pulled. Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd. Comes with a custom-designed display case, display plaque, and a Certificate of Authenticity."
Limited Edition     $199 USD
As First Built       $249 USD
Signature Edition $299 USD - Christmas Carols Software
Posted on: 10-18-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Carols      85% Off!!!
"Enjoy listening to and orchestrating Christmas favorites with this software program for Windows. Includes complete piano Songbook with lyric, Professionally arranged accompaniments. More than 70 fully interactive tutorials."
$79.95 $9.95 USD
Find this and other great deals in the "Liquidation Sale"! - Black and Decker Steambuster
Posted on: 10-14-2003  by: Mel
Handheld Deep Cleaner icon      69% Off!
"Now you can simply steam stains away with the Black and Decker Steambuster! This deep cleaner and vac works great on carpet and upholstery--making it the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. You can even vacuum up wet and dry messes, all with the ease of a handheld."
$125.00 $37.99 USD - Black & Decker Juice Wizard
Posted on: 10-10-2003  by: Mel
Juice Wizard icon 75% Off!
Cool turquoise/lime green color motif
Family-sized 76-ounce pitcher with cup and ounce marks
Easy-pour spout
Comfortable handle base
Self-reversing reamer for maximum juice extraction
Automatic stirring stick to mix ingredients and ice cubes
Convenient one-button control
Dust cover for storage and strainer lid for serving
2-foot power cord
Recipe booklet with 12 refreshing drink ideas
$39.99 $9.99 USD

Hot Topic - Black Lipstick
Posted on: 10-10-2003  by: Mel
"The finishing touch to your halloween costume or gothic look, this black lipstick is convenient and long lasting. .12 ounces."
$3.99 USD - Cordless Phone-Save $21
Posted on: 10-07-2003  by: Mel
When space is at a premium, a small phone helps reduce the clutter. Perfect for studio apartments and small desktops, the ATT 9320 is a slimline cordless phone that packs plenty of power into its small frame. Operating on the 900MHz band, it delivers clearer connections and a longer range than older 49MHz phones provided.
$39.99 $18.99 USD - Sell out Risk: HIGH
Posted on: 10-06-2003  by: Mel
22-piece Cutlery Set icon      81% Off!
"The Diamond Cut Ultra 21-piece cutlery set is sure to be a welcome gift for any occasion. And, wouldn`t you love to clean out all of your old, dull knives and start over with this attractive, convenient, and high-quality set! "
$105.00 $18.99 USD
icon - Scooby Doo
Posted on: 10-02-2003  by: Mel
Scooby-Doo Kids` Costume      15% Off!
This adorable costume featuring the canine crime solver Scooby-Doo is perfect for Halloween or dress-up time. It contains a jumpsuit and a Scooby-Doo headpiece. Available in sizes appropriate for toddlers to 7 year olds.
$34.95 $29.95 USD

Hot Topic - Care Bear Cousins Gentle Heart Lamb Cuddle Pillow
Posted on: 10-02-2003  by: Mel
Care Bear Cousins Pillow      35% Off!

This cuddle pillow is a Hot Topic exclusive! You can relax with Gentle Heart Lamb, one of the Care Bear Cousins. He measures about 30" tall and is made of 100% polyester. You can find it under "Clearance".

$19.99 $12.98 USD

Master Replicas - Hurry! Less than 10% remaining!
Posted on: 10-01-2003  by: Mel
Jedi Training Remote      Last Call!
As first seen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.
Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd.
Constructed from over 160 durable PVC and ABS injection molded components, each replica is painted and assembled by hand.
This special Jedi Training Remote comes with a custom-designed display stand that allows this device to seem to be levitating, a silver-toned metal plaque and a Certificate of Authenticity.
The Jedi Training Remote is one of the most intriguing props in the Star Wars universe. With his success utilizing The Force in combat against the Training Remote, Luke took his "first step into a larger world."
$249 USD - Down Throw
Posted on: 9-30-2003  by: Mel
Covered in ultra-soft, suede-like brushed microfiber, this snug, toasty throw is lightweight and sized for cuddling at a generous 50 x 58 inches. And you can choose from four solid colors (sage, khaki, smoke blue, or burgundy), as well as two plaids (red or navy), backed in coordinating solid colors.
$49.99 $19.99 USD
iconicon - Cordless Cellular Headset
Posted on: 9-27-2003  by: Mel
Free your hands at home, the office, and most importantly, while driving with the ATT cordless/cellular headset. For use with standard cordless or cellular telephones that provide a jack for a 2.5-mm plug, this headset features a noise-canceling microphone which captures natural voice quality while eliminating echoes and filtering room noise. With adjustable size and left/right side operation, this headset is available in several colors.
$14.99 $8.99 USD - Desk Clock
Posted on: 9-26-2003  by: Mel
Picture this `Mini Camera` Desk Clock in your home or office. It`s made of brushed silver-tone metal and features a white face with roman numerals engraved on the `lens`. Buy one for a snap-happy friend.

$45.00 $12.49 USD - Save $60
Posted on: 9-23-2003  by: Mel
Step out in style with the men`s ribbed polo from SDI. This garment-dyed, 100-percent cotton shirt is comfortable and easy to care for. The wine rib-knit polo features a five-button front and a square collar--making it a perfect fit for any wardrobe. It is machine washable and pre-shrunk for convenience.
$72.00 $11.99 USD

Hot Topic - Clothes On Clearance
Posted on: 9-21-2003  by: Mel
50% Off 50% Off 52% Off
MT:2 Black Tribal
Side Tank
Misfits Ghost
Tank Top
Bob Marley String
Tank Top
$12.00 $5.98 USD $18.00 $8.98 USD $19.00 $8.98 USD

Hot Topic - Clearance
Posted on: 9-19-2003  by: Mel
50% Off 53% Off 50% Off
Strawberry Shortcake
Duffle Bag
"When I Was Dead!" Novel
Hoop Earring
3 Pack
$26.00 $12.98 USD $12.99 $5.98 USD $6.00 $2.98 USD

Cute PCS - Cool Cell Phone Straps
Posted on: 9-18-2003  by: Mel
Talking Pucca & Garu
Phone Strap

When the Pucca & Garu kiss, Pucca will say, "I love you"
$34.95 $17.95 USD
3 Lights Flashing Chain
with Liquid Balloon

Flashes when your phone receives a signal!
$19.99 $9.95 USD

Master Replicas - Star Trek Collectible-Limited to 500 worldwide
Posted on: 9-17-2003  by: Mel
There are few science fiction props as widely recognized as the Communicator from the Original Star Trek television series. The Master Replicas design team conducted an extensive study of several surviving Communicator props. They took hundreds of detailed measurements and photographs to ensure they would achieve accurate geometric and color reproduction of the prop. They also interviewed the original prop makers and other recognized experts in prop design in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the design, intended use, and functions of the original prop. The authentic sound effects featured in the Master Replicas Communicator prop replica were digitally recorded from those original tapes.
$399 USD - VHS at incredibly low prices!
Posted on: 9-14-2003  by: Mel

VHS Titles HUGELY discounted!
From exercise videos to children`s movies to recent comedies-the list goes on and on!
Over 50 titles available for under $2 USD each! (Starting at $.49!)

Click "DVD & VHS Videos" on the left side of their site to see the selection. - Quiz Show
Posted on: 9-13-2003  by: Mel
"An idealistic young lawyer (Rob Morrow) working for a Congressional subcommittee in the late 1950s discovers that TV quiz shows are being fixed. His investigation focusses on two contestants on the show "Twenty-One": Herbert Stempel (John Turturro), a brash working-class Jew from Queens, and Charles Van Doren (Ralph Fiennes), the patrician scion of one of America`s leading literary families. Based on a true story."
Just $10.95 CDN! - Luxurious down and feather-filled pillow
Posted on: 9-11-2003  by: Mel
Circle of Down Pillow      75% Off!
A cozy layer of soft, insulating down encircles the inner core of supportive feathers in this unique `Circle of Down` pillow. Its pillow-in-a-pillow construction cradles your head with the comfort of down, while a core of small feathers offers resilient and durable support. Both the down and feathers are hypo-allergenic, great even for allergy sufferers.
$120.00 $29.99 USD

Cute PCS - New-Cute Cell Phone Accessories
Posted on: 9-10-2003  by: Mel
New to cutePCS
cutePCS is an on-line cell phone accessories company providing customers easy access to best quality cell phone accessories at the most incredible prices including specialty items that are unique, cute and unordinary. With honesty & credibility, cutePCS will satisfy your needs with top quality, value and service.
Currently on Sale:
Give your cell phone a stylish new look and feel with a brand new cell phone hologram. Cell phone holograms come in all types of styles and themes. Cell phone holograms are available for most cell phones, are easy to install, and usually require very little time.
80 to choose from! $9.95 $3.99 USD

Master Replicas - New-Authentic Star Wars and Star Trek Replicas
Posted on: 9-09-2003  by: Mel
New to Replicas
Master Replicas is committed to producing only the highest-quality, officially licensed prop replicas, and to delivering a very high level of attentive, responsive customer service. They currently offer Star Trek and Star Wars replicas, including lightsabers, blueprints, signed communicators, phasers, and even a Jedi Training Remote. Soon, they will also offer replicas from Men In Black.
Current Special Offer:


Ends September 12!
(For complete details, click Instant Rewards on their site).
Shown: Official reproduction of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber
Glowing, bright green blade ignites
Power-up and power-down light effects
Sound effects digitally recorded from the movie
Four motion sensor controlled sound effects
Comes with a custom-designed display stand

$139.00 USD - Sell out Risk: Very High
Posted on: 9-09-2003  by: Mel
Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate amusement park? Well, here`s your chance to find out! RollerCoaster TycoonTM is the first build/management sim that`s as easy-to-use as it is powerful! Everyone, novice and expert alike will enjoy building the parks that dreams are made of. Complete with the most outrageous thrill rides imaginable!
40% Off!     $21.99 $12.99 USD - Tiny Camera at a Tiny Price
Posted on: 9-02-2003  by: Mel
$54.99 CDN
The Thane mini digital camera is one of the smallest, fully functioning digital cameras in the world. It is equipped with 16 MB of ROM making the possibilities and performance of your camera truly fantastic. Because the cost of the camera is a fraction of the price of a regular size digital camera it gives you the opportunity to exprience a digital camera without the large expense.

Wonderful Buys Canada - Challenging workouts that sculpt and tone your whole body
Posted on: 9-01-2003  by: Mel
Upper Body - 35 min.
Standing Legs - 42 min.
Tough Tape 2 - 45 min.
5-Day Abs - 35 min.
Choose from DVD or VHS
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
$63.99 $44.99 CDN
This set of two workouts will tone and strengthen you up with visible results in just 10 workouts. No gym or personal trainer required; all you need is motivation, dedication and consistency. - Save BIG on Kids` Clothing
Posted on: 8-29-2003  by: Mel is a great way to get inexpensive clothing for back to school!
Name brands, some lots of 20+ pieces, some available to "buy now".
Moose Boys` Clothing        Boys` Clothing Lots         Boys` Shoes
Girls` Clothing        Girls` Clothing Lots         Girls` Shoes
Hint: Click "Browse items available to eBay Canada" to see items listed by American sellers that will ship to Canada.

Hot Topic - New
Posted on: 8-28-2003  by: Mel
New to Topic
Hot Topic specializes in apparel, accessories, gifts, and music for teenagers. The merchandise reflects a variety of music related lifestyles, which include street wear, retro influenced lounge, punk, club, and gothic. Add to that the wide selection of unique gifts and unusual accessories and you have it: Hot Topic is like no other store on the web.
Check out some of their great items currently on sale:
Care Bear Plush Pillow SpongeBob Beach Towel `N Rage Red Hair Spray
$24.99 $10.00 USD $19.99 $4.99 USD $5.99 $1.49 USD
60% Off 75% Off 75% Off - Two Great Editions of One Great Movie!
Posted on: 8-28-2003  by: Mel*FpUE&bids=38611.307482&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.307483&type=2&subid=0
The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (DVD)*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0
Extended Edition; Widescreen;
4-Disc Set

$39.99 $24.49 USD
The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (DVD)*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0
Collector`s Box; Widescreen;
5-Disc Set With Bookends

$79.92 $54.99 USD
These Titles Are Not Yet Released! They will be available for shipment starting on 11/18/2003. In order to assure you their low price on this pre-order, they will charge your credit card when the order is placed. The items will be shipped on or after 11/18/2003. - Back To School With WB
Posted on: 8-25-2003  by: Mel
Exclusive 2003 Harry Potter Denim Hogwarts Backpack Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Lunchbox Tweety Backpack with School Supplies and Water Bottle
Harry Potter
Denim Hogwarts Backpack

Not sold in stores!

$24.95 $19.95 USD
Mystery Machine Lunchbox

Thermos and cup included.

$14.95 USD
Tweety Backpack
With water bottle, coin purse,
notepad, and two pencils

$16.95 USD

The Shopping Channel - Big Clearance Savings at The Shopping Channel!
Posted on: 8-14-2003  by: Mel
3 Piece Luggage Set
$76.99 $59.90 CDN
Brenda Dygraf Walker With 30 Minute Video
$149.99 $109.90 CDN
Zenith Micro HiFi Audio System
$179.98 $139.90 CDN - Singalong Cassette Karaoke Recorder-80% Off !
Posted on: 8-11-2003  by: Mel
Get the party pumping with the GPX Singalong Cassette Karaoke Recorder*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0. This party machine features a stereo cassette recorder and twin full-range stereo speakers. The set includes an omni-directional dynamic microphone, and pre-recorded karaoke audio tape.
$49.99 $9.99 USD*FpUE&bids=38611.32722&type=2&subid=0 - Huge Savings on Mice!
Posted on: 8-10-2003  by: Mel*FpUE&bids=38611.927456&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.924678&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.911204&type=2&subid=0
A4 Tech RF USB
Mini Wireless Mouse*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$59.00 $19.95 USD
Logitech Cordless Mouse
with Color Select*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$29.95 $12.99 USD
Logitech Marble
Two-button Optical Mouse*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$45.00 $14.99 USD - On Sale Now!
Posted on: 8-04-2003  by: Mel

Labtec USB WebCam

Was: $29.99
Now: $17.99

6-in-1 Card Reader

Was: $31.99
Now: $29.99

Wenger Watch

Was: $81.99
Now: $69.99
These great savings will only last until tomorrow night! - Pair of 3-drawer Lokta Jewelry Boxes (Nepal)
Posted on: 8-04-2003  by: Mel
Boxes Handcrafted in Nepal of Lokta paper, these jewelry boxes add a unique flair to any decor. Each one folds like a cube, and when opened reveals a three-drawer design, perfect for earrings, rings, pendants, or necklaces.
$83.00 $16.99 USD - Garden and BBQ sale!
Posted on: 7-30-2003  by: Mel

Great discounts including:
Hammock Frog Bath BBQ
Oversized Cotton
Rope Hammock

$143.00 $54.99 USD

Frog Birdbath

$112.50 $39.99 USD
BBQ Tool Set
with Carry Case

$99.99 $17.99 USD - Great Discounts at Overstock
Posted on: 7-22-2003  by: Mel
Vac Cam Diet
Wet Dry Auto Vaccuum
$29.99 $9.99 USD
Vivicam 2.1 MP Digital Camera
$399.00 $149.90 USD
The South Beach Diet
$24.95 $13.99 USD - Harry Potter-5 mini figures
Posted on: 7-21-2003  by: Mel
Harry Potter
Each figure features a specific scene from the book and comes with a story scope. Each piece also has an inter-locking base that fits with the other figurines in this enchanting collection to create a complete display. The Albus Dumbledore Scope Figurine features Professor Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Harry Potter Scope Figurine shows the young wizard flying on his Nimbus Two Thousand with the Golden Snitch grasped tightly in his hand. The Hermione Granger Scope Figurine features one of Harry`s best friends, the studious and loyal Hermione Granger. The Ron Weasley Scope Figurine features Ron Weasley, one of Harry`s schoolmates and best friends, with his pet rat, Scabbers. The Rubeus Hagrid Scope Figurine features the Hogwarts Keeper of Keys and Grounds with his pet baby dragon, Norbert.
$54.75 $29.95 USD

Future Shop - Quest Q660 Tower Speakers     Save $100!
Posted on: 6-26-2003  by: Mel
Speakers "Build an affordable home-theatre experience with a much bigger sound than your typical micro size satellite speaker package using the Q660 as your main loudspeakers. Add surrounds a shielded centre and a Quest sub and your Q660 based system will fill your room with sound without emptying your wallet. 5 Years parts & labor warranty guarantees your investment in Quest is a solid one."
$199.99 $99.99 CDN
Free Shipping!
This deal can be found on their front page (on the bottom).
Not available offline! - Green Gables Gardening Gift Baskets 35% Off!
Posted on: 6-11-2003  by: Mel
Gardening Basket The gift basket (also a gardening basket) comes gift wrapped and includes: mini pots, birdhouse, garden gloves, sunflower planter, garden picture frame, Anne of Green Gables DVD, garden poster, Marilla`s garden plan, and gardening tools.
This gardening set is great for gardeners, beginners, and any Anne of Green Gables fans!
$84.95 $55.22 USD.
With your purchase this month, you will get a chance to win Anne of Green Gables notecards - 50% Off - Learn How To Make Music With Your Computer
Posted on: 6-06-2003  by: Mel
Make Music On sale-half price! $17.95 $8.95 CDN
This book will show you how to make music
with your computer and which computer to buy
to be able to create music with great quality.
Good for beginners as well as other musicians
looking for helpful advice to improve their skills.
Click Liquidation Sale on the left. - Gift Service
Posted on: 6-05-2003  by: Mel
Rizzi James - Libby Bear Postershop is now offering a free gift service!
You can choose one of the postcards
shown below and it will be included with the gift
with your personal message in handwriting on it.
Post Cards

Wonderful Buys Canada - has terrific clearances now on.
Posted on: 5-27-2003  by: Chris

  • One simple machine that can sculpt your entire body, for only $19.99USD (details at website)

  • Finding the time to exercise is hard for everyone these days. Save your time and money by exercising just one inexpensive machine! With the Total Tiger you can flatten your mid-section and tone your leg muscles simultaneously. It is the most comprehensive abdominal machine available on the market today. The patented Toning T feature and Hand Gliders makes the Total Tiger the ultimate full body workout exercise machine. Effective and easy to use Simply grab hold of the two Hand Gliders and curl your legs around the Toning T while kneeling. With the Hand Gliders you can move in any direction you`d like, allowing you to isolate specific muscles that you want to work on. You can do leg curls at the same time you`re working on your abdominal muscles with the Toning T. Product Dimensions - 18" x 10.5" (Hand Gliders)29" x 24" Toning T - Royal Leerdam Allure Wine Glasses
    Posted on: 5-24-2003  by: Chris

  • Price: $12.99USD You Save: $17.00USD (56%)

  • Set yourself up for an evening of fine dining and wine. Royal Leerdam`s Allure six-piece wine set brings style and class to your dinning table. This crystal set features six 14.25-oz wine glasses. - Save 75% on Great tools for your BBQ
    Posted on: 5-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Gourmet Traditions BBQ Tool Set with Carry Case

  • This set of extra-large barbeque utensils is made with durable stainless steel and long-wearing hardwood handles with comfortable grip notches.
    Eighteen practical pieces give you everything you need to get the job done. And the handy, easy to clean PVC carrying case is great for storage and simple transport.
    Order your tool set today at our affordable online price!

  • List Price: $99.99 - Price: $24.99
  • - Save up to 50% on Solar Lanterns!!!
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  • Nicholas Cole Teardrop Amber Light Solar Lantern

  • Your choice of many different styles. This one in particular is a charming, easy to use, decorative solar lantern. With an eye-catching acorn shape, they`re made of durable brass with a powder-coated antique copper or pewter finish. This one sells for $32.99 USD. That`s a savings of (39%)! - Deal of the Day!
    Posted on: 5-17-2003  by: Chris

  • Moose Creek Montana Cotton Twill Shorts

  • The Moose Creek Montana twill shorts are the perfect fit for an active lifestyle. Constructed from 8.5oz cotton twill, the shorts feature side Velcro waist pockets, two back and front pockets, and two large button-closure cargo pockets. Choose from a variety of colors including chino, military and wheat.
  • List Price: $38.00

  • Price: $19.99

  • You Save: $18.01 (47%)

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Great Deal
    Posted on: 5-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Total Gym 3000®

  • Total Gym 3000®- endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.

    TotalGym 3000® designed to strengthen and tone, increase muscular strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility, by burning fat and creating muscle in your body. Prepare to look and feel fantastic once you start using the Total Gym 3000® regularly.

    Suggested Retail: $1,759.99 - Sale $724.99 - Deal of the Day...Sav 41%
    Posted on: 5-10-2003  by: Chris

  • HP PSC 2110 Print/Scan/Copy Multifunction Device

  • The Hewlett Packard PSC 2110 All-in-One offers a complete home office solution for creative, business, and communication tasks with print, copy, and scan functions. A space-saving machine gives you full functionality for all three tasks in one incredible unit. With the HP name stamped on this all-in-one unit, you know that you can trust it to be of the highest quality! Read all the features it has at
  • List Price: $169.99 USD

  • Price: $99.99 USD

  • You Save: $70.00 USD (41%)

  • - Save on musical instruments...just click on `musical instruments for terrific`s one...
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  • African 8-key Xylophone (Ghana)

  • Make beautiful music with this African xylophone. Handcrafted by artisans of Africa (where it is known as the balaphone). This captivating instrument is made of indigenous woods, twine, and natural gourd. A pair of playing sticks is included.
  • List Price: $149.00 USD

  • Price: $30.99 USD

  • You Save: $118.01 (79%)

  • - Michael Jordan Life-size Stand-Up Save $45.00 (64%)
    Posted on: 5-06-2003  by: Chris

  • List Price:$69.99 Price: $24.99 USD

  • This life-size Michael Jordan stand-up depicts Jordan in his home jersey taking a free throw. It`s manufactured by Upper Deck, so you are assured a collectible of the highest quality. Find this item under `collectibles`. - Price: $23.49 USD Reg. $79.99 SAVINGS - $56.50 (70%)
    Posted on: 5-01-2003  by: Chris

  • Targus DEFCON 1 Notebook Computer Security System

  • Your portable computer needs protection, and this anti-theft system fills the bill! It`s a pocketsize system that`s easy to carry, simple to use, and difficult for thieves to disarm. The Targus DEFCON 1 combines a steel cable with motion-sensor alarm technology. Easily attach it to your carrying case, luggage, or any computer with a security slot lock. Simply choose a three-digit combination, loop the steel cable through your equipment or carrying case, and snap the steel cable back into the DEFCON 1 to activate the alarm system. A flashing alarm light indicates when the system is active, which helps deter theft. DEFCON 1 features a motion sensor for situations where an anchor isn`t available for the steel cable. The sensor can be set to high or low sensitivity. A siren will sound if the cable is severed or your computer is moved. For peace of mind, order your DEFCON 1 security alarm today! - Hurry almost sold out!
    Posted on: 4-30-2003  by: Chris

  • Tiffany-style Vintage Star Torchiere

  • Replete with vintage style, this Tiffany-style torchiere features a beautifully detailed star pattern. Its reproduction design is expertly handcrafted using methods first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. With a 15-inch diameter, the shade includes subtle white stars amidst rich, iridescent tones of deep garnet, green, royal, and amber accented with hints of deep mauve and emerald. Each piece of individually hand-cut stained glass is wrapped in fine copper foil. Note that shade colors will appear darker when not illuminated. Standing a majestic 72 inches tall, the lasting cast-metal base has a subtle twist design and scrolled, carved detail atop its weighted foot. It is finished in an elegant tone of aged golden bronze, operates with a convenient cord-mounted foot switch, and accommodates one bulb up to 60 watts. Invest in this timeless torchiere at their special online price.
  • List Price: $199.00 USD

  • Price: $79.99 USD

  • You Save: $119.01 USD(59%)

  • - Save: $79.10 (53%)
    Posted on: 4-29-2003  by: Chris

  • Creative Labs Nomad IIc 64MB MP3 Player

  • Enjoy your favorite MP3 and WMA digital audio anytime, anywhere with the Nomad IIc compact digital audio player. Voice recording capability, upgradeable technology, and active lifestyle features make it a super buy.
  • List Price: $149.00

  • Price: $69.90 USD

  • - WAS... List Price: $199.99 - NOW...Price: $49.99 - SAVE...$150.00 (75%)
    Posted on: 4-28-2003  by: Chris

  • Hoffritz Signature 8-piece Cutlery Set

  • Hoffritz knives have been known for their quality and craftsmanship since 1930. Set includes:
  • 8-in. chef knife

  • 8-in. slicing knife

  • 8-in. bread knife

  • 5-in. utility knife

  • 3.25-in. parer

  • 8-in. all-purpose shears

  • Sharpener

  • Countertop storage block

  • - Sale Priced only $29.99 USD List Price: $149.99 . You Save $120.00! At 80% OFF This item has Sell out Risk: VERY HIGH - Limited Inventory!
    Posted on: 4-25-2003  by: Chris

  • Slitzer Germany 17-piece Cutlery Set with Case

  • For weekend dabblers or serious kitchen aficionados, this honed set of knives from Slitzer, Germany has everything you need to concoct your culinary creations. Each knife has a full-tang design for strength and the shanks have been fitted with a durable Leymar handle, making them dishwasher safe. Set includes:
  • Two paring knives

  • Carving knife

  • Chef`s knife

  • Boning knife

  • Ham/bread slicer

  • Eight steak knives

  • All-purpose kitchen shears

  • Sharpening steel

  • Plastic carrying case

  • Find under, `Home & Garden`, `Cookware & Cutlery`. - Concert & Music Video DVDs! On sale for a limited time!
    Posted on: 4-22-2003  by: Chris

    I found approx. 25 DVD`s at reduced prices at this site. From Shania to U2...from Jimi Hendrix to Supertramp. Be sure to click on canadian dollars. - Hurry...Limited Inventory! Sell out Risk: HIGH - You Save: $76.00 (84%) USD.
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  • Blue Glass Chess Set

  • Find this beautiful chess set under Sports, Travel & Toys > Toys, Dolls & Collectibles. This blue glass set is a lovely gift for the chess enthusiast. The pretty chess set comes with frosted glass and clear glass pieces on a glass board that measures 10 inches square.
  • List Price: $89.99 USD

  • Price: $13.99 USD

  • - NOW SHIPS TO CANADA!!! Terrific Deals...even with USD. Click on Worldwide Shipping for details.
    Posted on: 4-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Sateen 600 tc Sheet Set

  • You won`t find a better price anywhere else online! This exceptionally luxurious sheet set offers an incredibly high (600) thread count for a feel that`s smooth and inviting in a sleek, soft, satin-like fabric. Made of highest quality, two-ply 100-percent cotton with a sateen weave, these linens feature impressively longwearing durability. The fitted sheets have a fully elasticized edge and deep, 15-inch pockets. Designed with today`s ample mattresses in mind, they`ll stretch to fit those up to 18 inches thick. Choose from warm ivory or classic white, both available in queen, king, or Cal-king sizes.
  • List Price: $299.99 USD

  • Price: $79.99 YOU SAVE: $220.00 USD(73%)

  • - $13.95 USD - While you`re there, check out other FRIENDS merchandise.
    Posted on: 4-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Friends Logo Black Cappuccino Mug

  • Canadians, bring a piece of the award-winning Friends TV show home with this great 18-ounce mug. Although not sale priced, I`m showing this offer to you so that you can see that offers FRIENDS merchandise for sale. Some have sale prices. Some DO NOT ship to Canada. This particular item does ship to Canada. It is made of high-quality black porcelain. This cappuccino mug proudly features the classic Friends logo on both sides. Now you can feel like you`re at the Central Perk right along with the Friends crew! The mug stands 3.5 inches high and is 4.5 inches in diameter, and is perfect for coffee, tea, soup or any hot beverage. Microwave and dishwasher safe. - Save your your clothes...$ 49.99 CDN.
    Posted on: 4-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Tuxedo Painter

  • The Tuxedo Painting allows you to quickly and easily paint a room without the mess and drip. Set Includes: 1 paint roller; 2 roller sleaves. 1 for smooth surfaces. 1 for rough surfaces; 1 funnel; 1 paint storage container with stay tight lid; 1 paint stirrer; 1 extendable pool to attach to the paint roller; 1 trim roller (for tight spots); 1 Tuxedo painting system guide and tip book ; 2 paint brushes; 1 spin-Klean unit. - Anne of Green Gables Gift Ball 40% OFF
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris

  • Regular Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $21.00 USD

  • They have created a special Anne of Green Gables gift set that are wrapped and ready to give just in time for the holiday season. See website for photos of all Easter Gifts. Included in the Anne & Diana Friendship gift ball:
  • 3-inch Anne of Green Gables Porcelain Doll

  • Mini Anne Hat with Braids Magnet

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Perfect Pasta Pots - As seen on TV.
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris

  • $23.99

  • Perfect Pasta Pots Includes:
  • A 6qt. nonstick pot and drainage cover

  • A 2qt. nonstick pot and drainage cover.

  • The Easy Way To Cook, Drain, And Server Perfect Pasta In One Saucepan! Perfect Pasta Pots have a locking lid that makes cooking pasta easier than ever. They are lightweight, and fit onto any stovetop. You can use Perfect Pasta Pots to create a wide variety of great pasta dishes. Everything from linguini to macaroni to spaghetti can be cooked just right!. Then add the sauce and your pasta is cooked, without the mess! - Remember Ann of Green Gables? Well here`s the website to find your favourite items!
    Posted on: 3-29-2003  by: Chris

  • Home of international award-winning film and television productions that include Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, Anne: The Animated Series and Wind At My Back.

  • At this site you`ll find:
  • DVD`s

  • Videos

  • Music

  • Books

  • Gift Baskets

  • Gifts

  • Posters & Prints

  • Film Memorabillia

  • Gift Certificates

  • - All of these titles are on sale for a limited time at 35% off their regular low price!
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  • Approx. 40 titles to choose from at only $12.98 Cdn. each. Limited time only. C.C.R.; Jimi Hendrix Experience; Peter Gabriel; James Brown and many more.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 75% OFF! 30 day money back guarantee...find this on their american side under `sale`.
    Posted on: 3-24-2003  by: Chris

  • Super Blue Stuff™

  • You have nothing to lose except your pain. That`s what Jack McClung, the founder and president says about Super Blue Stuff™. He says, just give it a try and feel your pain melt away. Super Blue Stuff™ is an all-natural product that is guaranteed to give you results within five minutes. It has a fresh, pleasant scent, unlike similar pain medications. They claim it`s helps these problems and more:
  • Arthritis (osteo, degenerative, rheumatoid.

  • Lower back pain; Sore muscles.

  • Auto accident injuries; Burns & Sunburn.

  • Knee, hip, shoulder, hand pain

  • Sports injuries, strains & sprains.

  • Post surgery pain.

  • Shingles; Ear &Toothaches.

  • Menstrual cramps; Insect stings /Spider bites.

  • Sinus headaches; Asthma; Poison Ivy.

  • Regular Price:$39.99 Now only $9.99 USD - Revolutionary Mattress Topper!
    Posted on: 3-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Advanced visco-elastic foam was originally developed for NASA!

  • Its like a custom made bed that fits you perfectly – without having to replace your existing bed! True Sleeper’s advanced visco-elastic foam was originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts from excessive g-forces during lift off. The same material is used in hospitals, nursing homes, burn units and sleep clinics to make patients more comfortable and help eliminate sleep discomfort. Transforms any bed... Futons; Guest beds; Kids beds; Rollaway beds; RV beds; Pull out beds. Prices from $189.00 - Use Coupon Code `USEVISA` for this deal!
    Posted on: 3-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Save on CD`s & DVD`s

  • The savings described are available at and as outlined on This offer is subject to availability, applicable taxes and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount. Savings are redeemable by online shoppers paying in full with VISA cards issued in Canada, subject to the terms and conditions published on the participating e-tailer`s website. Limit one offer per cardholder per e-tailer. Discount begins at 12:01 A.M. Eastern Time (ET) March 1, 2003 and expires April 30, 2003 at 11:59 P.M. ET. Redemption is the sole responsibility of the participating e-tailer. * Registered trademark of Visa Canada Association. - reg. price:$39.95 USD sale price:$34.95 you save: (13%)
    Posted on: 3-21-2003  by: Chris

  • 14-Inch Tall Tweety Die Cast Metal Gumball Machine

  • This wonderful collectible will brighten up any room in your home or office. Standing a full 14 inches all, the Tweety die cast gumball machine has a heavy-duty metal base and top (including a 3-inch tall metal Tweety figure) and a classic glass globe, and dispenses gumballs, candy, nuts or jelly beans. As a special bonus, the gumball machine comes with 8 ounces of gumballs and accepts all coins! - Scooby-Doo Kids` Sock Top Slippers
    Posted on: 3-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Keep your kids cozy warm wearing these slippers!

  • This adorable, high quality, plush Scooby-Doo toddler slipper will put a smile on any toddler`s face. The bottom is made of a non-slip canvas and the sock at the top of the slipper will keep your toddler warm and cozy. Subject to availability, this slipper comes in sizes S (fits toddler sizes 5/6), M (fits toddler sizes 7/8), L (fits toddler sizes 9/10), XL (fits toddler sizes 11/12). reg. price:$10.95 sale price:$8.95USD - YOU SAVE 18%

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 30 day money back guarantee!!
    Posted on: 3-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Steam Buggy 2003

  • Use the Steam Buggy 2003 in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or any room in the house. It removes soap scum from faucets and bathtubs, deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors and even loosens burnt on grease on your stove. Use the power of water and steam instead of harmful detergents to clean your whole house. The environmentally friendly Steam Buggy 2003 cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes everything in your home. $159.99 - Tweety - Always adorable! reg. price:$15.95 sale price:$11.95 USD
    Posted on: 3-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Tweety with Hearts Adult T-shirt

  • A great gift for someone you love, this shirt features Tweety surrounded by hearts. Perfect for Mother`s Day, or birthdays, this wonderful shirt is available in adult sizes. - Madonna! Bargain Bin prices!
    Posted on: 3-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Bedtime Stories

  • Like A Prayer

  • Like A Virgin [Remaster]

  • True Blue [Remaster]

  • $11.98 each. - It`s 8 Appliances in One! Best Seller! All for only $ 99.00
    Posted on: 3-17-2003  by: Chris

  • Thunderstick Pro

  • Let Thunder Stick Pro Mixer help you make your own delicious and low calorie Salad Dressings, Mayo and Dips, Gazpacho and Salsas, even Baby Foods! Why struggle with those old, expensive, hard to clean machines in your kitchen? This one:
  • Blender

  • Chopper

  • Mixer

  • Food Processor

  • Meat Grinder

  • Juicer

  • Coffee Grinder

  • Food Mill

  • - U2 - Now in the Bargain Bin at My for only $11.98 (cdn)
    Posted on: 3-16-2003  by: Chris

  • U2 "The Best Of 1980-1990"

  • The album begins with the debut`s "I Will Follow" a statement of commitment to pursuing truth and spirituality despite continual and inevitable misgivings. "Desire" mates Bono`s lyrical fervor with a modified Bo Diddley beat to fine effect. New world meets old on the bluesy B.B. King collaboration "When Love Comes to Town." Closing things out, "All I Want is You" shows the moody, reflective side of the band, giving Bono a chance to croon and the rest of the band to exhibit the understated side of their instrumental might. - Pro Shot Floor Restorer - $ 29.95
    Posted on: 3-14-2003  by: Chris

  • New Floors in a bottle!!!

  • Makes OLD floors look new and PROTECT NEW floors from becoming old. There is no build up! And this wonderful product does not contain wax, so there is no yellowing! Pro-Shot is fabulous for all types of floors including vinyl, terrazo, marble, sealed cork, sealed hardwood slate, linoleum and concrete! - Got all your Barenaked Ladies Songs? Buy `Gordon` from their Bargain Bin for only $11.98 (cdn)
    Posted on: 3-14-2003  by: Chris

  • Barenaked Ladies "Gordon" Released: 07/15/1992

  • GORDON remains the definitive Barenaked Ladies disc. Many of their best-known songs are here: including "Be My Yoko Ono," a good natured tribute to John Lennon`s often misunderstood wife, a poignant reflection on the mental illness of the Beach Boy legend called "Brian Wilson" and "If I Had A Million dollars," a fun-filled song that still inspires fans to hurl macaroni and cheese at the band every time the song is performed in concert. Although the Ladies have since tried to tone down the humorous content of their music, the band has yet to surpass GORDON`s perfect blend of first-class musicianship, excellent songwriting and limitless wit and charm. - Kool Karaoke Studio
    Posted on: 3-11-2003  by: Chris


  • Regular Price $39.99 AMAZING Introductory Price for Download - $29.99. Choose from over 15,000 songs at less than $2 a song!

    Wonderful Buys Canada - This book has 202 pages. It features a black and white photo section. All for only $11.99 Cdn.
    Posted on: 3-01-2003  by: Chris

  • To The Top Canada

  • To The Top-Canada, an inspirational tale of patriotic pride, is a must read for anyone who ever wanted to change the world. The actual diary of a man moved to cash in his lifesavings and endure severe climates to ensure a better world for his children, his fellow man and his fellow Canadians will move you to your very core. Chris Robertson chronicles his own personal journey from Port Pelee where New York State meets Ontario, Canada to Tuktoyaktuk in Canada`s North West Territories on his bicycle. The book is filled with different anecdotes of the people Robertson meets and the places he visits, in an effort to stir Canadian unity. Look for this book under `Miscelleneous`. - Digital Camera`s from $1
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

    They are promoting digital camera`s that start from $1. Click on the link on this deal to take you to that area. Good can buy this excellent camera pictured here - Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital Camera 5.0Mgpxl, immediately for US $769.95 if reserve bid not yet met at time of posting this deal.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Free Free Free Ab Sonic ... with purchase of Ab Doer Pro ($99.99 USD)
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

  • The electronic massage fitness belt has a sale value of $19.99 USD. Gel sold separately.

  • Ab Sonic works best with Wavelength Gel. Gel price: $8.99 USD plus shipping and handling. - Buy more than one and save on this Best Seller!
    Posted on: 2-26-2003  by: Chris

  • Co-Pilot - Hands-Free Auto Speakerphone

  • Look for this deal under "Variety".
    Co-Pilot is portable, so you can take it with you in any vehicle you drive! There’s no installation, no wiring, no hard set-up. It’s easy as 1-2-3. Place phone into holder, place audio cap over ear piece, then plug it into the cigarette lighter!
    1 Co-Pilot - $45.95
    2 Co-Pilots - $85.90
    3 Co-Pilots - $125.85 - For a Whiter Brighter Smile!
    Posted on: 2-25-2003  by: Chris

  • The Minute Brite System

  • Fast, safe, and effective way to whiten teeth in only 3 minutes. The Active ingredient in Minute Brite`s tooth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide, which has been safely used in teeth whitening for almost 100 years. Read a full description at their website.
    Was $59.85 NOW $39.99 - Great Selection of Harry Potter items on sale now! USD
    Posted on: 2-25-2003  by: Chris
    Click on Sale items to find these and other offers. I saw 14 items there. Here are some:

  • Hogwarts Express Deluxe Train Set - reg. price:$119.95 sale price:$99.95

  • 15 Inch Tall Hagrid Plush Doll - reg. price:$47.95 sale price:$39.95

  • Dumbledore`s Office Lego Set - reg. price:$59.95 sale price:$49.95

  • Hermione Storyteller Figurine - reg. price:$13.95 sale price:$10.95

  • Ron Weasley Storyteller Figurine - reg. price:$13.95 sale price:$10.95

  • Harry Potter Storyteller Figurine - reg. price:$13.95 sale price:$10.95

  • Snitch Chasing Harry Potter Electronic Toy - reg. price:$24.95 sale price:$17.95

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Acne? Treatment is available through this deal for $$95.99.
    Posted on: 2-25-2003  by: Chris

  • Proactiv® Acne Treatment Kit

  • is an independent single-source e-tailer, bringing you all of the finest As-Seen-On-TV products, and is not affiliated with Guthy-Renker Corporation. Proactiv® is a registered trademark of Guthy-Renker Corporation. If you go to the canadian section of (.ca) you will see this product in canadian dollars. There is a huge description of all that it does on their website. - Nifty type Caselogic CD Accessories!
    Posted on: 2-23-2003  by: Chris

  • You`ve got the CDs, now take `em with you! Fabulous CD wallets & cases from Caselogic!

  • As of this posting, they have 26 different CD storage cases to choose from. The one featured here is their "Nylon CD Wallet 208 Disc Capacity" Order #:CDW208. Find these by clicking on the lime green `CASELOGIC` link on the right side of their main page. $49.98 CDN. - Are you into watching `Friends` star, Jennifer Aniston?
    Posted on: 2-23-2003  by: Chris

    She has five posters available through their website. One is even a bit naughty! This one shown is an 8 x 10 inch on Photographic paper. Price... $9.77 CDN. - AbDoer Extreme
    Posted on: 2-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Conceived and developed by fitness expert John Abdo.

  • They claim it`s fun and easy. Anyone can do it anytime, anywhere and you don`t have to get down on the floor. From one seated position on one machine, you can workout your entire midsection and burn calories while you do it.
    $ 149.75
  • $ 99.00

  • - Bell Mobility - Rod Stewart, Justin Timberlake Offer!
    Posted on: 2-21-2003  by: Chris
    For a Limited Time, Bell Mobility Pager customers can get an additional $3 off each of these titles:

  • Justin Timberlake - Justified $15.98

  • Rod Stewart - It Had To Be You: The Great American Songbook * $15.98

  • Just add the CD to your shopping cart, go to the checkout, and enter the promotional code included with your February 2003 Bell Mobility Pager bill into the Gift Certificates section. Either of these CDs in your basket will magically have their low, low sale price drop by an additional $3 each!*
    * Limit 1 of each CD per customer. Offer available to Canadian residents who are Bell Mobility pager customers. Expires March 1, 2003. - Was $300 ... now $249.99 Cdn
    Posted on: 2-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Smart Trac 2000

  • Fitness trainers all agree that the lunge is by far the best exercise for toning and firming the thigh and butt area! But if not done with proper form, it can put you off balance or even injure your knees! The Smart Trac allows you to do lunges safely with perfect balance and form – all the time – everytime! While giving your thighs and butt the workout they need! Comes with excercise guide; instruction manual and video! - Culinary Award Winner! All without water or oils!
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris

  • FLAVOURWAVE is an evolutionary new way to cook.

  • Introducing the Culinary Award winning Flavor Wave Oven, an infrared oven that cooks food evenly from the inside out. It will cook frozen steak, chicken, and any other meat faster than a microwave - without having to thaw out. You will be amazed at how quickly you can cook a great tasting meal. It easily...Broils * Roasts * Air Fries * Air Boils * Grills * Bakes * Barbeques * Steams. Starting at $199.90

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Mini indoor fountain that brings calm and serenity to any environment.
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Cascade Creek Water Fountain

  • The Cascade Creek Water Fountain will bring the outdoors into your living space with the soothing sounds of flowing water and texture of natural rock formations. It features a clear spring, cascading over steps of natural looking river rock and flowing through a bed of shells and pebbles. You can add your own personal touch with natural pebbles, driftwood or greenery along with the pebbles and seashells already provided.
    $95.99 Cdn Same day Shipping.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Edge Master™ Buy at Half Price! Only $9.99 USD
    Posted on: 2-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Edge Master™

  • Want complete control over your next painting project? Want to save literally hours of taping and re-taping trims and window edges only to have the paint drip behind the tape? With the Edge Master™ you can paint around edges and trims with precision. Just load up the roller and flip the guide in place, it`s that easy. You`ll be done your painting project in no time and you`ll have precisely painted mouldings corners too. Look for this item on page two of the U.S.A. clearance pages. - A Complete Gym Workout In The Privacy Of Your Home!
    Posted on: 2-18-2003  by: Chris

  • TotalDoer

  • This total workout machine helps improve both your upper and lower body giving you strong arms and legs, shapely hips and firm buns and thighs. There are 13 different exercises on one piece of workout equipment. Perfect for all fitness levels.
    $ 299.00
    $ 199.00 - Christmas Carols Software - 50% OFF ! Was $79.95...Now $39.95.
    Posted on: 2-17-2003  by: Chris

  • Find this item under Specials > Liquidation Sale >Christmas Carols.

  • Enjoy listening to and orchestrating Christmas favorites with this software program for Windows. Includes complete piano Songbook with lyric, Professionally arranged accompaniments. More than 70 fully interactive tutorials - Get your favourite Celebrity Posters at their website.
    Posted on: 2-15-2003  by: Chris

  • Jennifer Lopez - Title: Bed

  • I found 26 posters of JLo just by putting in her name on a query. You can do it too! Look for your favourite celebrity here. They have more than 22,000 posters and prints from ancient to modern times.
  • Size (``): 24.02 x 33.86; Size (cm): 61 x 86.
  • Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
  • Article#: 5000183.
  • Price (CDN$)14.66.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - $71.99 - Help your children experience reading success with their new Phonetic Readers!
    Posted on: 2-14-2003  by: Chris

  • Phonetic Reader

  • Click on the Canadian flag, then on `Toys`. Allows children to read at their grade level or higher. Each set of Phonetic Readers includes: 3 books of short vowels; 3 books of long vowels; 2 books featuring "Copy Ca"t sounds, such as "c," "g," and "ph"; 2 books using "Double Trouble" vowels, such as "oi," "au," and "aw". "Not only are children practicing what they have learned in The Phonics Game, but they are also gaining the confidence that comes from reading their very first books cover-to-cover...all by themselves!". - Scooby-Doo Watch only $24.95 - ships to canada
    Posted on: 2-13-2003  by: Chris
    A perfect gift for all Scooby-Doo fans, this fabulous watch features Scooby-Doo surrounded by five mouth-watering bones.

  • Scooby-Doo Rotating Bones Watch

  • Throw Scooby-Doo a bone with this watch featuring the mumbling mutt himself. With a brushed silvertone case, black leather strap, mirrored dial with printed Scooby-Doo and clear rotating disc with printed bones, this watch is a must-have for Scooby-Doo fans. Fits ages 10 and up. - Canadians - Get DVD Movie rentals sent right to your door!
    Posted on: 2-12-2003  by: Chris

  • Free Trial Period!

  • Sign up for a free 2 week trial membership with Movies For Me! You can cancel at any time, with no obligation.
    This is awsome! They have three easy steps to follow:
  • Build an online list of movies

  • They’ll ship 3 DVDs by Canada Post to arrive in 2-3 days.

  • Return a DVD in their postage-paid mailer, and they`ll send you the next DVD on your list! Terrific for those who don`t have a DVD rental store near you, or their selection may not be what you want.Go to their website for all the details.

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Buy the Ronco Food Dehydrator - As seen on T.V.
    Posted on: 2-11-2003  by: Chris
    I found this one on the Canadian side of their site. Just click on the canadian flag. The Ronco Food Dehydrator is the perfect way to serve up healthy, wholesome snacks and dried foods for your family, friends and guests. It can preserve everything from fruits and vegetables to beef jerky! You`re set to send the kids off to school with more variety and more nutrition than any other family. For the health conscious and weight managers, the Ronco Food Dehydrator is a great alternative to the snack food that hangs around your hips after you`ve eaten it. No more fried and fatty snacks - dry and preserve your own and feel great about nibbling during the day.

  • $79.99

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Sonic Earz - Save 20% - Was $24.99...Now $19.99 USD
    Posted on: 2-09-2003  by: Chris
    Personal amplifier for people who have trouble hearing in public places.
    Sonic Earz is the perfect device for anyone who has problems hearing in places such as theatres and sporting events. If you`re constantly asking the person beside you about what`s going on in the movie or what the sports announcer just said, then Sonic Earz is for you! You`ll be doing your friends a favor by getting Sonic Earz! The volume control switch allows you to pick the perfect level of amplification, up to 50 decibels and 60 feet. Sonic Earz is discreet and lightweight so you can wear it anywhere without anyone ever knowing! Find it on the american site, in the Sale section. - $24.95 USD - Give a gift to your favourite little girl.
    Posted on: 2-07-2003  by: Chris

  • Tweety Flashing Dial Watch with Velcro Strap

  • Take Tweety with you wherever you go with this delightful watch. Featuring a flashing dial with a picture of a very happy Tweety surrounded by butterflies, a pink resin case with printed numerals on inner bezel, a pink nylon strap with bubble hearts and a velcro closure. Fits ages 10 and up.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 12 RED ROSES - $49.95 USD
    Posted on: 2-06-2003  by: Chris
    These greenhouse grown roses are shipped direct to the destination of your choice, virtually anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada. Modern technology combined with over 30 years experience has been utilized to produce roses that mature to magnificent full blooms and are among the finest available in North America. With this selection you receive one dozen elegantly wrapped Premium Long Stem Red Roses (22"-26") with Filler Greens, a personalized card, floral preservative packets and rose care information. Your order is wrapped in decorative cellophane and carefully hand packed on ice in an attractive, fully insulated gift box, and shipped via Overnight Courier. - MIDI Marvels 50% OFF!!! Reg. $34.95 Sale $17.45!
    Posted on: 2-05-2003  by: Chris
    They are discontinuing their MIDI Marvels product line and have priced all their remaining inventory to move. Quantities will soon be depleted at these extremely low prices so don`t hestiatate to place your order today! All MIDI Marvels liquidation sales are final. Please note that these sales of products are final and only while quantities last. These products can only be exchanged in the case where they are defective. - Serious Savings on Volume Discounts!
    Posted on: 2-01-2003  by: Chris
    Planning a big event? Let them help you put together the perfect package at a discount! Whether you`re a corporate events planner, work for a company that is planning a themed party, or are planning a large personal event, they`re ready to help. With a minimum purchase of just 25 items you can qualify for some serious savings. Discounts vary depending on the items selected, so please send an e-mail to with your party`s requirements and they`ll get right back to you! - "Rockit To Number 1 (Board Game)"
    Posted on: 1-31-2003  by: Chris
    Order #:854738000012
    ROCKIT to NUMBER 1 is the premium pop and rock & roll trivia board game that engages and entertains all players no matter how much music trivia they hold in their heads. Experts on popular music from the 60`s right up to today will love the challenge but, with a little strategy and a lucky spin of the Category Record, even a casual listener to Top 40 radio can be the player to ROCKIT to NUMBER 1 and win the game.

  • $39.98

  • - Harry Potter - Buy two and save!
    Posted on: 1-27-2003  by: Chris
    Harry Potter Scarf and Hogwarts Student Hat
    Buy two of their most popular items, and save! Discover the enchanting world of Harry Potter with this wonderful scarf based on the one worn by Harry Potter in both Harry Potter movies, and this Harry Potter Student Hat.
    Not available in stores, this 100% acrylic burgundy and yellow scarf is 62 inches long and 10 inches wide, and has 7-inch tassels on each end. A great replica of the Gryffindor scarf worn by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The scarf has a beautifully embroidered `HP` Harry Potter logo encircled by a golden snitch on one end of the scarf. This black velvet Hogwarts Students Hat is worn by all students at the Hogwart`s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can re-enact scenes from the magical movies with this wonderful set!
    This item ships to U.S. and international destinations.
    reg. price:$49.90 sale price:$44.90
    you save: $5 (10%) - Brooks and Dunn - Greatest Hits, only $11.98 $CDN
    Posted on: 1-25-2003  by: Chris

  • "The Greatest Hits Collection"

  • Released: 09/16/1997 Label: Arista Nashville
    Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn add three new songs to this package and come up winners. 19 songs.
    Find this one along with other terrific deals in their bargain bin. - Warner Bros. ships to Canada!!!
    Great T.V. & Movie items to choose from.

    Posted on: 1-23-2003  by: Chris

  • Tweety and Taz Plush Doll Set

  • Buy the Tweety and Taz plush doll set and save! Everyone will love these soft and cuddly plush Tweety and Taz, made exclusively for Tweety stands 12 inches tall, while Taz measures in at 14 inches. Perfect for Looney Tunes fans of all ages. These top-quality toys make perfect gifts for family, friends...or yourself! Order now before they`re sold out!
    reg. price: $29.98
    sale price:$24.98
    You save: $5 (17%)
    Shipping extra - Classical & Jazz Boxed Sets - Under $25.00 CDN!
    (Free Ringtone with any order over $10.)

    Posted on: 1-23-2003  by: Chris

  • BoxSets

  • 3, 4 or 5 CD Boxsets brought to you by the worlds best Classical & Jazz labels. The perfect gift! Outstanding quality - Outstanding price, all for under $25.00! - Free shipping on all CDs, Tapes, DVDs to customers in Canada and USA.
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    The World Electronic Music Festival in Ontario Canada was a huge success this year. If you couldn`t make it, or if you went and are looking for some of the sets on CD, now is your chance. They`re only $12.99 USD or $16.99 CDN each. - Karaoke Jukebox!
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Teens love this player! Get the whole family into karaoke!


  • NOW ONLY $179.99 USD

  • See website for details. - Amazing variety of items to choose from.
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Excellent site for finding Posters; Prints; ORIGINAL PRINTS range from $250 - $30,000 CDN ; Museum, selling 1000 art gift ideas; and they have over 3,000 Celebrity Posters and fan articles.

  • example: Superstar Jennifer Lopez.
  • - Liquidation Sale now on!
    Free Shipping in North America - by Expresspost in Canada.

    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Click on `Liquidation Sale` and find saving where most are 50% off!
    Choose from:

  • MIDI Disk / Album - with lyrics (shippable)

  • MIDI Disk / Album - without lyrics (shippable)

  • Software

  • Song Books

  • Books

  • Audio CD Disk

  • - Price Drop!
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Go to this page and you will find only SMF MIDI on CDROM that contains the best songs from their category. To play these songs, you will require their software called Kool Karaoke Studio or the Soft Karaoke G2 player available for sale on their website.

  • Over 15,000 songs available
  • See website for details. - World`s Largest Music Catalogue.
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    16 million CDs, LPs, 45s and more from thousands of sellers around the world!
    Be sure to click on the currency converter to see prices in canadian dollars.

    ChartbusterKaraoke - New Essential 450 Pack!
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Order the brand new Essential 450 Volume 3 (30 Disc Set) for only $399.95! Here is a sample of some of the artists and songs included on the discs:

  • Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne

  • Foolish by Ashanti

  • Long Time Gone by Dixie Chicks

  • There You`ll Be by Faith Hill

  • For You by Staind

  • Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne

  • But I Do Love You by LeAnn Rimes

  • Jolene by Dolly Parton

  • Wrong Impression by Natalie Imbruglia

  • Everywhere by Michelle Branch

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