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Canadian Country Gifts

Get Free Merchandise - Throw an Email Party! 
What`s in it for you? You get 15% of the total regular priced sales from your party in regular priced merchandise plus you can place an order during your party and get a 10% discount on regular priced merchandise.
What`s in it for your guests? A 10% discount on all regular priced merchandise they order through your party.
If your guests book email parties & tells CanadianCountryGifts and booked through you they`ll thank you with a gift.
See site for full details. What a great deal!
Surprise Packages 
If you`ve ordered $40 @ regular prices you can also order a surprise package. Surprise Packages are filled with goodies at half price or less. They could contain anything from their product line; soap, candles, folkart, gourmet treats, recipe books, mugs, cookie cutters, etc. They may contain seasonal items but never outdated items (like last year`s calendars!!)

Q: I am a Canadian shopper and since DreamKitty is a canadian company, why do they not have prices in Canadian dollars?
A: Currently, operates in only U.S. dollars to make it easier to its international shoppers because they feel U.S. dollars are considered to be a base currency for businesses worldwide.

Free Delivery! 
Same Day delivery if ordered by Noon
(In recipient`s time zone)
100% Guaranteed Quality and Design!
Canadian and American Pricing!

Shipping : 
Orders with Canadian destinations received before 12:00 pm EST can be shipped and delivered the next available day or on your selected delivery date.
Orders with United States destinations received before 3:00 EST can be shipped and delivered the next available day or on your selected delivery date.
Since their flowers are cut fresh and sent from the grower, there are no Sunday or Monday deliveries. Orders are only delivered Tuesday through Saturday.

20% Off When Ordering 2 Or More Magic ItemsMAGIC 
To celebrate their new magic category, buy 2 or more magic items and get 20% off.

Outdoor Decor

Shipping Information 
Orders shipping to Canada will be shipped via Air Parcel with delivery confirmation.

Free Shipping on all orders! is now offering Free Standard Shipping on all orders (excluding NWT, Yukon and Nunavut).

Stacks and Stacks

American Company That Ships To Canada 
Stacks and Stacks quotes all shipping charges on orders to Canada.
You will be charged the actual shipping charge, not the amount shown on our order form.
All prices listed in USD.
$10 Off Purchases Of $75 Or Morecoupon code: DORMBOUND 

Wonderful Buys Canada

President`s Circle 
Being a multiple shopper at their website entitles you a personal membership to the esteemed PRESIDENT`S CIRCLE. As a privileged member, you get free ground shipping within Canada for any of your purchases for the next 12 months. Simply enter your card number where indicated during the checkout process.

Wonderful Buys Canada

Wonderful Buys Canada - Use as a grill or a defroster!
Posted on: 11-06-2004  by: Mel
$19.99 CDN
"Just because summer is coming to an end doesn`t mean you have to give up enjoying delicious grilled food. Nathan`s Grill fits easily over two burners on your stove and you can set the burners for 2 different temperatures. Cook fish on one side and grill your vegetables on the other. Or you can flip the grill over and use it to prepare bacon, eggs and sausages and more! It drains the fat away so you know you`re getting a healthy, great tasting meal. "

MossberryHollow - 18 Days Until Mother`s Day!
Posted on: 4-23-2004  by: Mel

Herbal Hugs - Have you had your Hug today? - Roses
Posted on: 1-29-2004  by: Mel
Half a dozen long stemmed roses in a vase accented with babies breath and greens.
$79.99 CDN

Free delivery and no service charges! - Groovy Cats!
Posted on: 12-19-2003  by: Mel
These furry friends are loyal to the end and totally well trained (of course). These fab kittens are sure to warm the heart of any child who adopts them. Pets are proportionate to the size of Groovy Girl dolls.
$18.99 $14.99 CDN

Dishes, Decor, and More - Ornaments
Posted on: 12-15-2003  by: Mel
Wooden Ornaments
Over 100 adorable wooden ornaments available!
$13.50 USD - The Perfect Gift!
Posted on: 12-09-2003  by: Mel
The Icebox combo features a 9-inch screen that displays the Internet, TV, DVDs, CDs, or even acts as a security monitor. If you have Internet access, you can hook it up to the Icebox unit and access it from your kitchen! The space-conscious Icebox takes up very little room and provides high-quality TV viewing. Watch your favorite DVD movies or listen to music CDs while you work and play. Connect the Icebox to an audio/video camera and it will act as your eyes to any room in the house. A kitchen-proof remote and keyboard is perfect for the family. It`s washable, grease-proof, and shock-proof.
$499.99 $169.99 USD - Special Coffee Table
Posted on: 12-01-2003  by: Mel
"This contemporary coffee table adds an African accent to your decorating scheme. Handmade by artisans in Ghana, this sese wood table`s shape suggests an hourglass in chocolate- and rust-finished wood. Carved faces decorate the base of the table, and geometric trim highlighted with white paint accents every surface. "
$74.99 $36.99 USD - Cosmetic Set
Posted on: 11-26-2003  by: Mel
Includes :
- 3 colors of lip gloss
- 3 colors of nail polish
- 3 colors of glitter powder
- 3 emery boards
- 3 toe separators
$17.00 $15.30 USD - Angel Kitty Collection Case
Posted on: 11-26-2003  by: Mel
Angel Kitty Collection Case      40% Off!
A great collection of items for Angel Kitty lovers. Product Size: 6*8.5*2.25 inches.
$7.25 $4.35 USD - Hutschenreuther 2001 Porcelain Christmas Bell
Posted on: 11-25-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Bell icon 92% Off!!!
With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$40.00 $2.99 USD
icon - Soc-O-Magic
Posted on: 11-21-2003  by: Mel
Just in time for the holidays, the Soc-O-Magic is the ideal gift for that eager magician or wizard on your list. The sock is simply stuffed with goodies. Start with a magic wand, add a thumb tip and instruction book, throw in a Magic Card Deck for good measure, and sprinkle over the whole thing a Cups and Balls set, a Coin Slide, a Fant-a-Stik, and a My Favorite Rope Trick, and - abracadabra! - you`ve got the recipe for enchantment.
$9.65 USD - Calypso Callie
Posted on: 11-19-2003  by: Mel
Calypso Callie Horse      37% Off!
Beautiful bay, Calypso Callie. Features soft fur, shiny hooves and a long, curly mane and tail. Ready to ride, she comes with a stylish saddle and bridle that Groovy Girls can hold on to. Ages 3+.
$39.99 $34.99 USD - Hutschenreuther 2001 Porcelain Christmas Bell
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Bell icon      92% Off!!!
With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$40.00 $2.99 USD
icon - LCD Touch-panel Phone
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
icon With Innovage`s LCD touch-panel phone, you will be able to have many of the functions you need in one stylish unit. Not only does this phone have speaker phone and caller ID capabilities, it also comes with an electronic calculator, auto-dialing, dual line input jacks, and much more!
$39.99 $24.90 USD - Cat In The Hat
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
Half Price for the coolest cat ever! This beautifully crafted Cat In The Hat plush toy will enhance a valuable reading experience for a new generation of children who enjoy Dr. Seuss books. 14” long. Quality made by Manhattan Toy.
$29.99 $14.99 CDN - Groovy Cats
Posted on: 11-12-2003  by: Mel
These furry friends are loyal to the end and totally well trained (of course). These fab kittens are sure to warm the heart of any child who adopts them. Pets are proportionate to the size of Groovy Girl dolls.
$18.99 CDN - For all your sewing needs
Posted on: 11-09-2003  by: Mel
New to`s mission is the commitment to provide only the highest quality of products, at the absolute lowest possible price, and to do so with an unequalled commitment to superior customer service, while establishing a warm, personal community of individuals that share a common interest
Beaded Trim fabric for as little as $10.98 $2.95 USD for 39"

Chenille Tassel Fringes as low as
$14.95 $2.95 USD for 39" - Juice Wizard
Posted on: 11-05-2003  by: Mel
Juice Wizard icon 75% Off!
Cool turquoise/lime green color motif
Family-sized 76-ounce pitcher with cup and ounce marks
Easy-pour spout
Comfortable handle base
Self-reversing reamer for maximum juice extraction
Automatic stirring stick to mix ingredients and ice cubes
Convenient one-button control
Dust cover for storage and strainer lid for serving
2-foot power cord
Recipe booklet with 12 refreshing drink ideas
$39.99 $9.99 USD - Christmas Tales
Posted on: 11-05-2003  by: Mel
"The perfect answer when your child needs quiet time, a soothing voice at bedtime or amusement on a car trip. Recorded by master storyteller Jim Weiss, this multi-award winning one hour tape will have your children listening again and again. Dicken`s beloved story of miserly Scrooge, ghostly visitors and human compassion. The O. Henry and Bret Harte masterpieces make holiday literature year-round favourites on this materful recording. Stories told: A Christmas Carol, The Gift of the Magi and Dick Spindler`s Family Christmas."
$11.99 $9.99 CDN - Black and Decker Steambuster
Posted on: 11-03-2003  by: Mel
icon "Now you can simply steam stains away with the Black and Decker Steambuster! This deep cleaner and vac works great on carpet and upholstery--making it the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. You can even vacuum up wet and dry messes, all with the ease of a handheld."
$125.00 $37.99 USD - Paint Your Own Mug
Posted on: 11-03-2003  by: Mel
The personal touch is best! A high quality and durable stoneware Mug, water-based ceramic paint, natural fiber brush and easy instructions. Simply paint, pop it in your oven for half an hour and it`s done! Great gift idea for all ages. Oppenheim Platinum award.
$12.99 $9.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - Suit Sale
Posted on: 11-02-2003  by: Mel
Suits      EXTRA 10% Off!
Overstock`s selection of men and women`s suits are an additional 10% off!
As low as $33.50!      Save up to 80%!
Sale ends Monday! - TV/DVD/CD/Internet All In One!
With a washable keyboard!

Posted on: 10-31-2003  by: Mel
The Icebox combo features a 9-inch screen that displays the Internet, TV, DVDs, CDs, or even acts as a security monitor. If you have Internet access, you can hook it up to the Icebox unit and access it from your kitchen! The space-conscious Icebox takes up very little room and provides high-quality TV viewing. Watch your favorite DVD movies or listen to music CDs while you work and play. Connect the Icebox to an audio/video camera and it will act as your eyes to any room in the house. A kitchen-proof remote and keyboard is perfect for the family. It`s washable, grease-proof, and shock-proof.
$499.99 $169.99 USD - Try eBay first
Posted on: 10-30-2003  by: Mel is a great way to find inexpensive toys for Christmas shopping!
Moose Yu-Gi-Oh     Sesame Street
Hello Kitty     Mickey Mouse     SpongeBob
Hint: Click "Browse items available to eBay Canada" to see items listed by American sellers that will ship to Canada. - Build a Dinosaur!
Posted on: 10-29-2003  by: Mel
Anatomics: Stegosaurus     25% Off!
Snap together your own 16" long, armor plated Stegosaurus with 164 pieces. Brightly-coloured ball and socket pieces snap together easily to create amazingly realistic and moveable dinosaurs. Kit includes cardboard dinosaur dig insert which can be used for table-top play and display. Anatomics pieces are universal and connect in endless open-ended combinations for amazing play value and a big plus: all Anatomics pieces are compatible with other major brand building block systems.
$39.99 $29.99 CDN - Paint Your Own Boots
Posted on: 10-28-2003  by: Mel
Paint and Go Boots      48% Off!
"These real rubber Rain Boots are quality made in Canada and packed with 6 colours of “Tough as Nails” paints that are guaranteed not to peel or flake. Make them as unique as your child is! Ages 3+."
$34.99 $17.99 USD - Glass Chess Set
Posted on: 10-25-2003  by: Mel
Glass Chess Set      53% Off!
"This beautiful chess set is created with the finest quality glass. Half of the pieces are acid-etched to create an elegant frosted finish, the other half are crystalline clear. The chessboard itself is solid glass, padded on the underside to protect your tabletop. It makes an attractive and practical display piece, and an ideal gift for anyone who loves the fascinating game of chess. The board measures 14 inches square." Available in clear, red, green, black, and blue.
$49.95 $22.99 USD - Jessica McClintock Dress
Posted on: 10-25-2003  by: Mel
Iridescent Taffeta Dress      67% Off!
"The gown of acetate taffeta shimmers with iridescent iris-aqua-blue colors and faceted glass beads at the bodice. Removable straps allow two different looks. The dress features princess seams and an A-line skirt and closes with a back zipper."
$143.00 $46.99 USD - Christmas Tales Tape
Posted on: 10-23-2003  by: Mel
Christmas Tales      16% Off!
"The perfect answer when your child needs quiet time, a soothing voice at bedtime or amusement on a car trip. Recorded by master storyteller Jim Weiss, this multi-award winning one hour tape will have your children listening again and again. Dicken`s beloved story of miserly Scrooge, ghostly visitors and human compassion. The O. Henry and Bret Harte masterpieces make holiday literature year-round favourites on this materful recording. Stories told: A Christmas Carol, The Gift of the Magi and Dick Spindler`s Family Christmas."
$11.99 $9.99 CDN - Scary Sound Effects
Posted on: 10-20-2003  by: Mel
Great for background sounds at a party, a haunted house, or on your porch while you hand out treats to visiting goblins!
Sell out Risk: VERY HIGH

$14.98 $9.59 USD - Paint Your Own Mug
Posted on: 10-20-2003  by: Mel
Paint Your Own Mug     23% Off!
The personal touch is best! A high quality and durable stoneware Mug, water-based ceramic paint, natural fiber brush and easy instructions. Simply paint, pop it in your oven for half an hour and it`s done! Great gift idea for all ages. Oppenheim Platinum award.
$12.99 $9.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160!

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Kitty Witches Salt and Pepper
Posted on: 10-20-2003  by: Mel
Kitty Witches Kitty and Pot Salt and Pepper measures-Kitty: 2.75 inches long x 2 7/8 inches wide x 4.25 inches high, Pot: 2 3/8 inches deep x 3 3/8 inches high. Earthenware. Handwashing using a mild detergent is recommended.
$20.00 $17.00 USD

Dishes, Decor, and More - Richard Simmons Porcelain "Jeffrey"
Posted on: 10-15-2003  by: Mel
Jeffrey      20% Off!
"Measures 4.5 inches high. A traditional porcelain doll. Beloved Babies by Maree Massey. From bouncing newborns to toddlers and school children, our bundles of joy capture the experience of being very, very young. They are remarkably real, down to the tiniest detail of their costumes and accessories. "
$50.00 $40.00 USD - Raccoon Puppet
Posted on: 10-14-2003  by: Mel
Puppet Raccoon      42% Off!
"This familiar character certainly knows his way around -- and into -- the garbage can. All one piece with a lid that pops open when our furry friend wishes to make an appearance, this raccoon puppet will delight young and old. Quality soft sewn construction made to last. Winner of 6 awards."
$34.99 $19.99 CDN - Black and Decker Steambuster
Posted on: 10-14-2003  by: Mel
Handheld Deep Cleaner icon      69% Off!
"Now you can simply steam stains away with the Black and Decker Steambuster! This deep cleaner and vac works great on carpet and upholstery--making it the perfect gift for the pet owner in your life. You can even vacuum up wet and dry messes, all with the ease of a handheld."
$125.00 $37.99 USD - Sure to be a desired Christmas gift
Posted on: 10-12-2003  by: Mel
Get in the Groove with one of the immensely popular 13" dolls. Soft, adorable, floppy, long-legged velour dolls have stitched features, yarn hair and groovy flower-power ‘60s clothes. A perfect fistful for toddlers’ pretend play and older girls’ collecting. Oppenheim Platinum Award winner. Ages 2+. Machine washable.
$14.99 $7.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - Black & Decker Juice Wizard
Posted on: 10-10-2003  by: Mel
Juice Wizard icon 75% Off!
Cool turquoise/lime green color motif
Family-sized 76-ounce pitcher with cup and ounce marks
Easy-pour spout
Comfortable handle base
Self-reversing reamer for maximum juice extraction
Automatic stirring stick to mix ingredients and ice cubes
Convenient one-button control
Dust cover for storage and strainer lid for serving
2-foot power cord
Recipe booklet with 12 refreshing drink ideas
$39.99 $9.99 USD - Chicco Sound & Music Spirograph
Posted on: 10-08-2003  by: Mel
Sound & Music Spirograph      11% Off!
A fun packed and innovative musical toy, featuring a magnetic drawing board and 3 discs with which to create a variety of wonderful patterns, plus 8 pre-recorded melodies played by 4 different instruments. Children learn to co-ordinate the musical melodies and drawing with the spirograph - great for hand-eye coordination and listening skills. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Ages 3+.
$44.99 $39.99 CDN - Cordless Phone-Save $21
Posted on: 10-07-2003  by: Mel
When space is at a premium, a small phone helps reduce the clutter. Perfect for studio apartments and small desktops, the ATT 9320 is a slimline cordless phone that packs plenty of power into its small frame. Operating on the 900MHz band, it delivers clearer connections and a longer range than older 49MHz phones provided.
$39.99 $18.99 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Vanity Stand
Posted on: 10-07-2003  by: Mel
Vanity Stand      47% Off!
This Vanity Stand is made from solid Honey Oak with a glass shelf. The mirror swivels up and down to give you perfect positioning.

$169.00 $89.99 USD - Panda Car
Posted on: 10-07-2003  by: Mel
Panda Car      25% 50% Off!!!
Your little ones will love scooting around on this fully steerable bright red ride-on with rubber wheels and a squeaker horn. Kettler Panda’s ergonomically formed resin body and molded support seat plus silent and smooth-running tires are at an irresistible special price! Optional push bar makes travel easier on the parents. Three year warranty. Ages 12 months +.
$119.99 $89.99 $59.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160!

Dishes, Decor, and More - Lenox Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Votive
Posted on: 10-07-2003  by: Mel
Jack-O-Lantern Votive      30% Off!
New for 2003! A Halloween Jack-O-Lantern votive makes the perfect decoration. Crafted on Lenox fine china. Painted in muted shades of autumn.

$19.00 $13.90 USD - Sell out Risk: HIGH
Posted on: 10-06-2003  by: Mel
22-piece Cutlery Set icon      81% Off!
"The Diamond Cut Ultra 21-piece cutlery set is sure to be a welcome gift for any occasion. And, wouldn`t you love to clean out all of your old, dull knives and start over with this attractive, convenient, and high-quality set! "
$105.00 $18.99 USD
icon - Power up your laptop, car, or cell phone
Posted on: 10-05-2003  by: Mel
Car Starter      50% Off!!
The Coleman® Powermate emergency car starter lets you jump-start your vehicle any time, anywhere and you don`t need someone else to help you! Fully rechargeable. Also use it to power up an 12V device such as cellular phones, laptops and more.
$39.99 $19.99 CDN
Free Shipping!

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Halloween Kitty Promotions Filled Candlecup
Posted on: 10-05-2003  by: Mel
Kitty Filled Candlecup      15% Off!
Halloween Kitty Promotions Filled candlecup measures 4.5 inches high x 5.75 inches long x 4 inches wide. Earthenware.
$15.00 $12.75 USD

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Witch Hazel Tall Candleholder
Posted on: 10-03-2003  by: Mel
Looming under a moonlit sky, this fashion-conscious Halloween witch will charm the devil out of you. Warts and all this "Hazel" will dazzle you. Measures 8.5 inches high.
$25.00 $21.25 USD

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Kitty Witches Musical Figurine
Posted on: 10-01-2003  by: Mel
Kitty Witches Musical Figurine plays the tune "Crackling/Laughing`. It measures 8.25 inches high x 6 inches deep. Made of resin.
$40.00 $34.00 USD - Down Throw
Posted on: 9-30-2003  by: Mel
Covered in ultra-soft, suede-like brushed microfiber, this snug, toasty throw is lightweight and sized for cuddling at a generous 50 x 58 inches. And you can choose from four solid colors (sage, khaki, smoke blue, or burgundy), as well as two plaids (red or navy), backed in coordinating solid colors.
$49.99 $19.99 USD
iconicon - Groovy Girl-Tomiko
Posted on: 9-29-2003  by: Mel
Groovy Girl Tomiko     46% Off!
Get in the Groove with one of the immensely popular 13" dolls. Soft, adorable, floppy, long-legged velour dolls have stitched features, yarn hair and groovy flower-power ‘60s clothes. A perfect fistful for toddlers’ pretend play and older girls’ collecting. Oppenheim Platinum Award winner. Ages 2+. Machine washable.
$14.99 $7.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - 15-Piece Train
Posted on: 9-28-2003  by: Mel
15 Piece Stacking Train      16% Off!
"This 17” brightly-coloured wooden train includes 15 interchangeable pieces. The solidly built engine and freight cars have sturdy pegs for linking the cars and stacking the “cargo” blocks. Great value for a great teaching train."
$23.99 $19.99 CDN - Cordless Cellular Headset
Posted on: 9-27-2003  by: Mel
Free your hands at home, the office, and most importantly, while driving with the ATT cordless/cellular headset. For use with standard cordless or cellular telephones that provide a jack for a 2.5-mm plug, this headset features a noise-canceling microphone which captures natural voice quality while eliminating echoes and filtering room noise. With adjustable size and left/right side operation, this headset is available in several colors.
$14.99 $8.99 USD - Spelling Bee Game
Posted on: 9-27-2003  by: Mel
Spelling Bee Game      25% Off!
Players spin to choose a category, then try to spell the word correctly. Sometimes, the card challenges the player to do something silly, accompanied by theme music and applause. Features real studio sound effects, and show theme music. Levels I, II, and III spelling words in six categories. Helps players develop spelling, dictionary, listening, and presentation skills. Ages 7+.
$39.99 $29.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - Desk Clock
Posted on: 9-26-2003  by: Mel
Picture this `Mini Camera` Desk Clock in your home or office. It`s made of brushed silver-tone metal and features a white face with roman numerals engraved on the `lens`. Buy one for a snap-happy friend.

$45.00 $12.49 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Display Your Photographs
Posted on: 9-25-2003  by: Mel
Ledge Frame Set      34% Off!
This ledge frame set is a beautiful way to display your most treasured pictures! Set includes one ledge, measuring 20”, with one of each of the following size frame: 2x3, 4x6, and 5x7. Available in a white or walnut finish.

$22.99 $14.99 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Cotton Apron Set
Posted on: 9-24-2003  by: Mel
Cotton Apron Set      35% Off!
Made of 100% natural cotton, the Apron Set includes kitchen apron, oven mitt, and potholder. Available in red, yellow, black, and blue.

$19.99 $12.99 USD - Save $60
Posted on: 9-23-2003  by: Mel
Step out in style with the men`s ribbed polo from SDI. This garment-dyed, 100-percent cotton shirt is comfortable and easy to care for. The wine rib-knit polo features a five-button front and a square collar--making it a perfect fit for any wardrobe. It is machine washable and pre-shrunk for convenience.
$72.00 $11.99 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Television Swivel
Posted on: 9-23-2003  by: Mel
TV Swivel - Ash Platform      44% Off!
Beautiful solid ash platform, steel ball bearing mechanics for support of over 250 lbs. 65182 holds a 25" - 30" set. 65162 holds a 19" - 21" set. 65139 & 65148 hold a 13" - 15" set.
Starting at $35.99 $19.99 USD - Cool Labyrinth-Maze Mania
Posted on: 9-23-2003  by: Mel
Maze Mania      28% Off!
Maze Mania plays like a hole of miniature golf! Negotiate a tiny silver ball past spinning flags, through a treacherous tunnel, and up over the topsy turvy steps, through the blind alley and the whirling well on the way to the finish. The countdown timer keeps up the pressure as you try to complete the obstacle course in the correct order to win. Ages 5+.
$34.99 $24.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - Kettcar Targa
Posted on: 9-22-2003  by: Mel
Built with a 3/4" x 39" tubular steel frame, reinforced steering wheel, and 9" sport wheels with long lasting rubber vinyl treads for maximum playability. The comfortable high back seat has 3 adjustable positions for years of fun. Safety features include lever for free wheeling down inclines, rear wheel dual action safety hand brake, large slip resistant pedals, completely enclosed chain guard. 3 year warranty. Ages 4-9.
$199.99 $179.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160!

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Halloween Kitty Promotions Canape Plate
Posted on: 9-22-2003  by: Mel
Halloween Kitty Plate      15% Off!
Halloween Kitty Promotions Canape Plate measures 8.5 inches deep. Earthenware. Handwashing using a mild detergent is recommended. Image showing the great detail on site.
$15.00 $12.75 USD - Speakers
Posted on: 9-20-2003  by: Mel
Amplified Stereo Speakers      50% Off!
Features front access volume controls, stereo headphone jack. Speakers are magnetically shielded to protect against potential data loss or monitor discolouration.
$29.99 $14.99 CDN

Dishes, Decor, and More - Fitz and Floyd Witch Hazel Salt & Pepper Set
Posted on: 9-19-2003  by: Mel
Witch Hazel Salt & Pepper      15% Off!
Looming under a moonlit sky, this fashion-conscious Halloween witch will charm the devil out of you. Warts and all this "Hazel" will dazzle you. Measures 2.5 inches high. Handwashing using a mild detergent is recommended.
$15.00 $12.75 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Ingo Lamps
Posted on: 9-16-2003  by: Mel

These inventive lights are made from brushed steel. They each use one 60W bulb (included with the floor lamp).  
Ingo Table Light Ingo Floor Light
USD - Great Prices on Cool Tricks
Posted on: 9-16-2003  by: Mel
45% Off!
Genie in a Bottle
$3.20 $1.75 USD
27% Off!
Magical Penny To Dime
$2.00 $1.45 USD
30% Off!
Multiplying Rabbits
$1.79 $1.25 USD - Free Shipping Promotion
Posted on: 9-15-2003  by: Mel
Stock up on fun with this durable plastic supermarket set. Nine different food items glide along on the working conveyor belt, as the scanner light flashes and the register beeps. Set includes working produce scale, swivel price display, credit card, shopping basket and "locking" cash drawer that pops open when the transaction is complete.
$53.99 $39.99 CDN
FREE Shipping on all orders over $160! - Cool Laser Lock-Perfect For Gym Lockers!
Posted on: 9-14-2003  by: Mel
lock Finally a 21st century solution to padlocks– Laser Lock! The keyless padlock with key-chain remote is great for school lockers, or any indoor spot where a key or combo lock is inconvenient.
Search for "K46A" from their site
$19.99 CDN - VHS at incredibly low prices!
Posted on: 9-14-2003  by: Mel

VHS Titles HUGELY discounted!
From exercise videos to children`s movies to recent comedies-the list goes on and on!
Over 50 titles available for under $2 USD each! (Starting at $.49!)

Click "DVD & VHS Videos" on the left side of their site to see the selection. - Luxurious down and feather-filled pillow
Posted on: 9-11-2003  by: Mel
Circle of Down Pillow      75% Off!
A cozy layer of soft, insulating down encircles the inner core of supportive feathers in this unique `Circle of Down` pillow. Its pillow-in-a-pillow construction cradles your head with the comfort of down, while a core of small feathers offers resilient and durable support. Both the down and feathers are hypo-allergenic, great even for allergy sufferers.
$120.00 $29.99 USD
iconicon - Talking Photo Frame
Posted on: 9-11-2003  by: Mel
50% Off!     Talking Photo Frame
Record a 10-second message with a treasured photo for a loved one. Makes a great gift for any occasion! (Search for 63-1145 on their site)

$19.99 $9.99 CDN
Free Shipping! - Hello Kitty Plush
Posted on: 9-10-2003  by: Mel
Hello Kitty Ballet Plush      40% Off!
What an adorable Hello Kitty plush! Soft and cuddly in her ballet outfit, she even comes with a free hair scrunchie!
Product Size: 7x4.25x2 inches. Available in blue or white.
$9.50 $5.70 USD
(Ships from within Canada)
(Search for "ballet" from their site) - Sell out Risk: Very High
Posted on: 9-09-2003  by: Mel
Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate amusement park? Well, here`s your chance to find out! RollerCoaster TycoonTM is the first build/management sim that`s as easy-to-use as it is powerful! Everyone, novice and expert alike will enjoy building the parks that dreams are made of. Complete with the most outrageous thrill rides imaginable!
40% Off!     $21.99 $12.99 USD - Madeline Doll
Posted on: 9-07-2003  by: Mel
Madeline      43% Off!
This classic soft-sewn Madeline doll is 15" tall and beautiful. Dressed in her soft fleece coat and red plaid dress underneath, she is ready for hours of imaginative play. Stitched facial features make her safe for smaller hands. Oppenheim Gold award. Ages 3+.
$34.99 $19.99 CDN - Caillou 10" Plush With Stand
Posted on: 9-06-2003  by: Mel
From the hit TV series Caillou: the wide-eyed four-year-old who learns about life one adventure at a time! Go on your own adventure with a 10” collectible figure at a great price. Filled with propylene pellets and polyester fibers, come with stand. Ages 2+. Currently available-Hockey Caillou and Chef Caillou.
$17.99 $9.99 CDN each. - Go Wireless Without Going Broke
Posted on: 9-05-2003  by: Mel
Mouse Enjoy the freedom of a cordless mouse and the precision of an optical eye all-in-one. Luxury at an affordable price!
Item no. 261-9681.
$59.99 $49.99 CDN

Mouse & Keyboard Free your desk from wires with this wireless keyboard and mouse desktop kit. Features dual-channel RD transmission.
Item no. 261-8683.
$99.99 $69.99 CDN

Both have Free Shipping! - Bilingual Doll
Posted on: 9-04-2003  by: Mel
Thanks to these ingenious new dolls called Language Littles, kids everywhere will be quoting phrases learned from their cuddly companions. Each doll will recite a series of "kid friendly" phrases that include greetings, days of the week, family members, favourite hobbies, and school subjects with appropriate accents as well. For Ages 3+.
French Bilingual Doll
$54.99 $29.99 CDN - Tiny Camera at a Tiny Price
Posted on: 9-02-2003  by: Mel
$54.99 CDN
The Thane mini digital camera is one of the smallest, fully functioning digital cameras in the world. It is equipped with 16 MB of ROM making the possibilities and performance of your camera truly fantastic. Because the cost of the camera is a fraction of the price of a regular size digital camera it gives you the opportunity to exprience a digital camera without the large expense.

Wonderful Buys Canada - Challenging workouts that sculpt and tone your whole body
Posted on: 9-01-2003  by: Mel
Upper Body - 35 min.
Standing Legs - 42 min.
Tough Tape 2 - 45 min.
5-Day Abs - 35 min.
Choose from DVD or VHS
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
$63.99 $44.99 CDN
This set of two workouts will tone and strengthen you up with visible results in just 10 workouts. No gym or personal trainer required; all you need is motivation, dedication and consistency. - Save BIG on Kids` Clothing
Posted on: 8-29-2003  by: Mel is a great way to get inexpensive clothing for back to school!
Name brands, some lots of 20+ pieces, some available to "buy now".
Moose Boys` Clothing        Boys` Clothing Lots         Boys` Shoes
Girls` Clothing        Girls` Clothing Lots         Girls` Shoes
Hint: Click "Browse items available to eBay Canada" to see items listed by American sellers that will ship to Canada. - Two Great Editions of One Great Movie!
Posted on: 8-28-2003  by: Mel*FpUE&bids=38611.307482&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.307483&type=2&subid=0
The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (DVD)*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0
Extended Edition; Widescreen;
4-Disc Set

$39.99 $24.49 USD
The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers (DVD)*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0
Collector`s Box; Widescreen;
5-Disc Set With Bookends

$79.92 $54.99 USD
These Titles Are Not Yet Released! They will be available for shipment starting on 11/18/2003. In order to assure you their low price on this pre-order, they will charge your credit card when the order is placed. The items will be shipped on or after 11/18/2003. - Pencil Box With Built-In Calculator
Posted on: 8-27-2003  by: Mel
The perfect tool for back to school!
This cool pencil box has a four-function numerical keyboard calculator built right into the top cover!

$9.99 CDN with Free Shipping!
Search for 651-8207 from their site
Calc Pencil Box - Hello Kitty Lunch Set
Posted on: 8-22-2003  by: Mel
Hello Kitty lunch set.
Easy to clean and to keep clean
Easy to carry with its compact size
Rice tray and the dish tray
Tray are microwavable
Even comes with chopsticks!
$44.99 $39.99 USD
Lunch Set - Walk, jog, but don`t skip!
Posted on: 8-17-2003  by: Mel
Listen to CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or MP3-encoded discs! Has 120-second anti-shock memory for standard CDs and 480-second anti-shock memory for MP3 discs so you can listen to skip-free tunes! E-Bass enhancement system for enriching lows. Features 30-second auto power off to save battery life, headphone and line-out jacks, normal/repeat, one/all, intro/shuffle play modes, 6-digit LCD display, battery charging circuit. Slim 25.5mm design. 12-hour battery life on 2 AA alkaline batteries, sold separately. 3" CD compatible.
$129.99 $89.99 CDN
Look for Item #42-8930 on their site. - Touch-Screen Calculator/Data Organizer
Posted on: 8-16-2003  by: Mel
Calculator Have the coolest calculator in school!
This tiny touch-screen data bank attaches to your keychain, so it`s always with you.
Easy-access to a calculator
Holds up to 90 records–store important phone numbers and reminders.
4-digit password prevents unauthorized access to your stored information.
Touch Panel design for ease of use.

Only $9.99 CDN with free shipping!
Search for 65-793 on their site.

Stacks and Stacks - Powerful Generator and Battery-powered Lights
Posted on: 8-15-2003  by: Mel
Powered by a user friendly, clean running Honda engine that clears the world`s strictest emissions regulations, the new Honda Inverter-Equipped Generator delivers extremely high quality electricity ideal for powering a vast range of home and professional equipment - including the most modern computers and other sensitive electronic devices.
$899.00 USD
Search for Item #9008 at their site.

Cordless Lights Set of 6 push-activated battery-operated lamps. Lamps are approximately 6" in diameter and adhere anywhere - self-adhesive backing included. Use everywhere, from the trunk of your car to a dark closet to a kitchen cabinet! A great deal!
$14.99 USD
Search for Item #20040 at their site.

Stacks and Stacks - Solar-Charged Flashlight/Solar Dynamo Radio
Posted on: 8-15-2003  by: Mel
Flashlight Never be without light again - just leave the Solar Flashlight in a sunny window with the rechargeable batteries installed and it will always be ready for use! When fully charged, the flashlight will work for up to 15 hours.
$36.99 USD
Search for Item #8944 at their site.

Imagine a radio that can be powered 6 ways; a radio that lets you listen to your favorite TV talk shows, sports, or soaps...when you can`t watch them. The Solar Dynamo Radio features AM, FM, SW, and TV bands, with a built-in flashlight and emergency siren that makes it ideal for day-to-day use and great in the case of an emergency.
$36.99 USD
Search for Item #8942 at their site.
Radio - Singalong Cassette Karaoke Recorder-80% Off !
Posted on: 8-11-2003  by: Mel
Get the party pumping with the GPX Singalong Cassette Karaoke Recorder*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0. This party machine features a stereo cassette recorder and twin full-range stereo speakers. The set includes an omni-directional dynamic microphone, and pre-recorded karaoke audio tape.
$49.99 $9.99 USD*FpUE&bids=38611.32722&type=2&subid=0 - Huge Savings on Mice!
Posted on: 8-10-2003  by: Mel*FpUE&bids=38611.927456&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.924678&type=2&subid=0*FpUE&bids=38611.911204&type=2&subid=0
A4 Tech RF USB
Mini Wireless Mouse*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$59.00 $19.95 USD
Logitech Cordless Mouse
with Color Select*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$29.95 $12.99 USD
Logitech Marble
Two-button Optical Mouse*FpUE&bids=38611&type=2&subid=0

$45.00 $14.99 USD - Hello Kitty Microwave Oven
Posted on: 8-09-2003  by: Mel
A Hello Kitty real microwave oven.
Standard features are included.
Product Size: 20.5*15*15 inches.
- 0.6 Cubic Foot, 600 Watt.
- 5 Power Levels.
- Lighted Compartment with turntable.
- Removable glass tray.
- 35 minute timer.

$64.95 $58.46 USD

Stacks and Stacks - Cool Clock For Your Dorm
Posted on: 8-08-2003  by: Mel
Table Clock - Clocky Clocky is a desk clock with multiple personalities. Just reposition its dial, set it in a new pose, and it will turn from playful to relaxed to rebellious.
$39.99 $24.99 USD

Outdoor Decor - Duck Crossing
Posted on: 8-07-2003  by: Mel
Duck This adorable Duck Crossing Garden Sign will look perfect beside any garden or pond. Now discounted due to overstock!
Also available:
Squirrel Crossing, Rabbit Crossing, and Hummingbird signs.

$17.25 $13.80 USD - On Sale Now!
Posted on: 8-04-2003  by: Mel

Labtec USB WebCam

Was: $29.99
Now: $17.99

6-in-1 Card Reader

Was: $31.99
Now: $29.99

Wenger Watch

Was: $81.99
Now: $69.99
These great savings will only last until tomorrow night!

Dishes, Decor, and More - Boehm Porcelain
Posted on: 8-04-2003  by: Mel
Boehm Boehm Enjoy savings of 10% off any piece of Boehm Porcelain. Boehm Boehm - Pair of 3-drawer Lokta Jewelry Boxes (Nepal)
Posted on: 8-04-2003  by: Mel
Boxes Handcrafted in Nepal of Lokta paper, these jewelry boxes add a unique flair to any decor. Each one folds like a cube, and when opened reveals a three-drawer design, perfect for earrings, rings, pendants, or necklaces.
$83.00 $16.99 USD - Garden and BBQ sale!
Posted on: 7-30-2003  by: Mel

Great discounts including:
Hammock Frog Bath BBQ
Oversized Cotton
Rope Hammock

$143.00 $54.99 USD

Frog Birdbath

$112.50 $39.99 USD
BBQ Tool Set
with Carry Case

$99.99 $17.99 USD - Programmable Talking Alarm Clock
Posted on: 7-27-2003  by: Mel
An alarm clock with personality! “Get out of bed… you have a math test today!” Record a message in your own voice that will speak to you when your alarm goes off. Change your recording over and over again. Clap hands or touch the clock to hear it say the time out loud. Features include light-up display, snooze button and FM radio with auto-scan.
$44.95 $34.99 CDN

Search for "K46D" from their site
Clock - Remote Controlled Helicopter-Actually Flies, Untethered!
Posted on: 7-27-2003  by: Mel
Heli A real, un-tethered, free flight, soaring, hovering, blows your mind and knocks your socks off Radio Controlled Helicopter! Featuring an on-board computer chip that manages its flight characteristics. This revolutionary Helicopter has been engineered to make flying easy enough for kids of all ages. The key is a new flight system called "Proportional Control", which uses a basic trigger function to regulate altitude and speed. The durable body construction enables the helicopter to recover from potentially destructive crashes and return to the sky within minutes
$69.95 $49.95 USD - 18 Mixed Roses
Posted on: 7-27-2003  by: Mel
Updated by: Mel on 6:33:23 pm
Roses "With this selection you receive eighteen elegantly wrapped Premium Long Stem Roses (18"-26") in a growers mix of colors with Filler Greens, a personalized card, floral preservative packets and rose care information. Your order is wrapped in decorative cellophane and carefully hand packed on ice in an attractive, fully insulated gift box, and shipped via Overnight Courier."
$64.95 $34.95 USD
Listed under "Feature Item" on the right of their site.
Ships to almost anywhere in the U.S. and in Canada.
Use coupon code vasefree to get a free glass vase with this order!

Now only $29.95 USD! - Guaranteed In Stock At Great Prices!
Posted on: 7-26-2003  by: Mel

cars - Rockit Robot-A great project to work on with your child!
Posted on: 7-23-2003  by: Mel
RocKit Rockit Robot evolves as a spunky little robot that you can build. Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining robot kit. Appropriate for ages 10 and up, RocKit Robot is an intelligent robot with a touch/sound sensor. If it comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise (such as hands clapping), RocKit Robot automatically reverses, then turns left before embarking on a new course.Rockit Robot is lots of fun from the moment it arrives. Requiring only basic hand tools, it contains step-by-step instructions,pre-assembled printed circuit board, condenser microphone,and an easy-to-assemble mechanical drive system. It`s an ideal gift for the educator, hobbyist or budding scientist.
$24.95 $17.95 USD - Safety 1st Eddie Bauer Fold-down Lightweight Stroller
Posted on: 7-23-2003  by: Mel
Stroller Lightweight aluminum body with stylish Euro-thin wheels
Easy one-hand fold allows parent to hold child with one hand and fold stroller with the other
2-position seat recline
Adjustable fabric canopy with window
2-position adjustable footrest for growing child
Dishwasher safe front snack/toy tray
Tray features a cup/juice box holder
Self-standing when folded
Locks engage automatically

$169.99 $79.00 CDN
Search for "Lightweight Stroller" from their site - Great Discounts at Overstock
Posted on: 7-22-2003  by: Mel
Vac Cam Diet
Wet Dry Auto Vaccuum
$29.99 $9.99 USD
Vivicam 2.1 MP Digital Camera
$399.00 $149.90 USD
The South Beach Diet
$24.95 $13.99 USD - Solar-Powered Toy Car
Posted on: 7-22-2003  by: Mel
Solar Car Body Size: 14.5 x 22.5 x 4.5cm
Sleek, powerful, unearthly, and very cool... this futuristic solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy. It features an aerodynamic sports car shell design, a 4-wheel chassis, a powerful 1.4 volt, 350 milliampere solar cell (included) and transparent plastic body that can be painted or left clear to display the car`s inner mechanical construction. The steerable front axle, rear wheel and adjustable (directional/angle) solar panel mount are all independent parts, allowing for separate solar projects.
$45.00 $28.95 USD - Home Styles Entertainment Centre
Posted on: 7-21-2003  by: Mel
Entertainment Centre This 3-piece entertainment centre will keep everything in its place—and will look good doing it!

Unit will hold most TVs up to 32”
Includes 8 shelves, VCR/DVD/audio storage
Constructed of particle board
Colour: Cherry
Measures 185 x 50 x 175 cm H

$249.99 $149.00 CDN
Search for "Home Styles Entertainment Centre" from their site - Winnie the Pooh Bouncer | Over 30% Off!
Posted on: 7-20-2003  by: Mel
Pooh "Your little honey bear will bounce off to dreamland from the gentle vibration and soft music of this bouncer!"

Soothing vibration and lullaby music with volume control
Soft padded toy bar
Toys include soft plush bee, ring rattle and two fun links
Soft, thick seat pad is machine washable
Adjustable strap for maximum safety
Steel frame is designed to bounce with the slightest movement
Suitable for newborns up to 11.3 kg
$79.99 $29.99 CDN
Search for "Character Bouncer" from their site - 5-Disc DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 Player
Posted on: 7-18-2003  by: Mel
DVD Do away with all those cumbersome audio and video components:
this 5-disc DVD player will also play your CDs, CD-R/CD-RWs and MP3s!
5-disc carousel with DVD-Video, CD/Video, CD/MP3 playback
Icon-based on-screen displays make set-up and fine adjustments a snap;
Other great features include 3-D virtual surround sound and picture zoom
ColourStream Component Video Outputs deliver stunningly colourful images
$199.00 $169.00 CDN
Search for "Toshiba" from their page to find this great deal. - Cool Cooler
Posted on: 7-17-2003  by: Mel
This "cool" cooler bag has a built-in AM/FM radio so you can listen to the radio while enjoying a picnic lunch! Features water-resistant speakers so take this cooler to the beach with you! Has an integrated headphone jack. Holds about 6 cans of pop. $49.99 $29.99 CDN
Search for Cooler Radio from their site
Cooler AM/FM - Beautiful Blue CD Player 60% Off!
Posted on: 7-17-2003  by: Mel
CD Player Built-in AM/FM radio with digital tuner
10 preset-station memory
45 second electronic anti-skip memory with LCD indicator
Bass boost control
Programmable memory
One/all track repeat, intro, random functions
Soft touch controls
LCD display
Lightweight stereo headphones included
One year warranty
$99.00 $69.00 $49.00 $39.00 CDN
Search for "Emerson" from their page to find this great deal. - SpinMagic Rotating Hair Brush
Posted on: 7-16-2003  by: Mel
Hair Brush
For perfectly styled and straightened hair—without the fuss!
Cuts styling time in half!
Special safety clutch prevents tangles
Comes with AC adapter
Effortlessly styles and straightens while building body and shine
Suitable for use on all types of hair—long, short, thick or thin!
$15 CDN
Search for "SpinMagic" from their page to find this great deal. - Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Maker
Posted on: 7-08-2003  by: Mel
Enjoy your favourite flavours in less-than 10 minutes.
Includes Berry Liscious and Chipload of Chocolate ice cream flavours Comes with 3 mix-ins: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and Nerds Also includes 4 Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream cups, ice cream scoop and recipe cards Easy-to-assemble

$25 $18.75 CDN
Ice Cream - Sharp Microwave Oven 30% Off!
Posted on: 7-07-2003  by: Mel
Comes with turntable and manual
2 year limited warranty
Great for small spaces
0.7 cubic feet
700-watts of power
Features 6 instant-start keys:
Popcorn Key
Express Defrost
Minute Plus
Child Lock
3 Stage Cooking
Kitchen Timer

$99.99 $80.00 $75.00 $69 CDN
Microwave - Cedar Lounger
Posted on: 7-05-2003  by: Mel
Cedar Lounger
Web-Only Special!   25% Off!!

Inspired by the Adirondack Mountains.
There’s no better way to enjoy a summer sunset!
Easy to assemble.

$99.99 $74.99 CDN
Find under Internet Specials - 8-Piece Mocha Java Set
Posted on: 6-25-2003  by: Mel
Beautiful hand-painted ceramic breakfast set.
Comes with four coffee mugs and four egg cups.
Only available online!

$40 $14 CDN      65% Off!!!
Coffee - Everything for Boaters and more!
Posted on: 6-22-2003  by: Mel
Women`s Shirt Gloves Hat WetSuit Clock
Women`s Skins Shirt
Amara Gloves
$4! USD
Outlet->Inventory Markdown
Cotton Twill Bush Hat
!! USD
Outlet->Inventory Markdown
Barefoot Suit
"Floating words" clock
Gifts->Clocks - Great deals at HBC
Posted on: 6-18-2003  by: Mel
Pasta The Club Bike
5-Piece Hand-painted Pasta Set
$59.99 $29.00 CDN
"The Club" for cars and trucks
$56.99 $25.00 CDN
Royce Union Spinout Tri-Wheel
$129.99 $69.00 CDN - Mini 24-key music tutor keyboard
Posted on: 6-16-2003  by: Mel
keyboard Kids can learn to play music with this fun toy!
This miniature "teacher" helps them learn songs and chords.
It`s a fun way to learn to play!
$14.99 CDN
Search for Tutor Keyboard

The Brick - Beautiful And Practical 5 Piece Dinette
Posted on: 6-16-2003  by: Mel
Space saving design, table can be folded and chairs are stackable
Tempered glass table top with steel legs in chrome finish
Chairs have black Polypropylene plastic back and seat rests, with steel frames in chrome finish
$299.97 $199.97 CDN
Search for CHOPPK5 - Lilac Necklace and Earring Set
Posted on: 6-14-2003  by: Mel
earrings Beautiful Necklace/Earring gift set.
Buy it for someone special or for yourself!

Search for "tincup" at their site to find this deal.
Only 3 sets left! $15.99 $8.00 CDN - Gift Cetificates 7% Off Face Value!
Posted on: 6-12-2003  by: Mel
$10 Gift Certificate   $9.30
$15 Gift Certificate $13.95
$20 Gift Certificate $18.60
$25 Gift Certificate $23.25
$CDN - Magma Original Stove and Gas Barbeque
Posted on: 6-12-2003  by: Mel
Boil, fry, heat, brew, grill, simmer, stew, and bake with this handy stove/barbeque.
The stainless steel, high tech, radiant burner plate system allows you to place your pots and pans directly over the flame.
$199 $149.99 USD - Green Gables Gardening Gift Baskets 35% Off!
Posted on: 6-11-2003  by: Mel
Gardening Basket The gift basket (also a gardening basket) comes gift wrapped and includes: mini pots, birdhouse, garden gloves, sunflower planter, garden picture frame, Anne of Green Gables DVD, garden poster, Marilla`s garden plan, and gardening tools.
This gardening set is great for gardeners, beginners, and any Anne of Green Gables fans!
$84.95 $55.22 USD.
With your purchase this month, you will get a chance to win Anne of Green Gables notecards - Vtech Me Mo Mo 60% Off
Posted on: 6-10-2003  by: Mel

“I learned it from an alien!”
This guy wiggles, shakes, blinks, and talks, while teaching your child! This tutororing toy has 25 learning activities-6 language activities, 10 logic games, 7 math activities and 2 music activities.
Complete with an infrared keyboard and alarm clock.

60% Off! $79.99 $30 CDN
Alien - Great deals!
Posted on: 6-07-2003  by: Mel
Heavy duty phone with a light that flashes
when it rings. Perfect for in workshops.
This TV can play DVDs, CDs, and CD-R/RWs!
TruFlat™ screen reduces glare and reflection. Right Arrow
Workshop Phone Free Shipping On All Orders!! 20 Inch DVD/TV combo
$59.99 $49.99 CDN $649.99 CDN
This portable DVD/CD player can be mounted
on the back of most car, van, and SUV seats.
This radio-controlled stealth plane has a two-way controller with a range of 91 meters (300 feet). Right Arrow
Home Travel Theatre Air-Tech Stealth Plane
$699.99 $599.99 CDN Use the search feature to find these bargains. $129.99 $99.99 CDN - Swiss Army Recruit Watch 60% Off!
Posted on: 6-05-2003  by: Mel
Watch $109.99 CDN $39 CDN
Precision Swiss movement
Solid stainless steel back
Gun metal and black nylon bracelet w/leather trim
Water resistant to 166 feet
Comes gift boxed
3 year limited warranty
"Timeless style and unparalleled craftsmanship"

Wonderful Buys Canada - has terrific clearances now on.
Posted on: 5-27-2003  by: Chris

  • One simple machine that can sculpt your entire body, for only $19.99USD (details at website)

  • Finding the time to exercise is hard for everyone these days. Save your time and money by exercising just one inexpensive machine! With the Total Tiger you can flatten your mid-section and tone your leg muscles simultaneously. It is the most comprehensive abdominal machine available on the market today. The patented Toning T feature and Hand Gliders makes the Total Tiger the ultimate full body workout exercise machine. Effective and easy to use Simply grab hold of the two Hand Gliders and curl your legs around the Toning T while kneeling. With the Hand Gliders you can move in any direction you`d like, allowing you to isolate specific muscles that you want to work on. You can do leg curls at the same time you`re working on your abdominal muscles with the Toning T. Product Dimensions - 18" x 10.5" (Hand Gliders)29" x 24" Toning T - Royal Leerdam Allure Wine Glasses
    Posted on: 5-24-2003  by: Chris

  • Price: $12.99USD You Save: $17.00USD (56%)

  • Set yourself up for an evening of fine dining and wine. Royal Leerdam`s Allure six-piece wine set brings style and class to your dinning table. This crystal set features six 14.25-oz wine glasses. - Find under `Classic Toys - Trains"
    Posted on: 5-24-2003  by: Chris

  • Mini Thomas Rollercoaster - $44.99

  • A rolling bead maze with the ever popular Thomas on a sturdy wooden base! Captivates and stimulates a child’s imagination; enhances sensorimotor skills, shape and colour recognition, eye-hand co-ordination, spatial insight, concentration, counting, social skills..... and more! Sturdy wooden base. The convenient (10.5" x 8.5" x 7") size allows you to take Mini Thomas anywhere! Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner. Ages 2+. - World`s smallest fully functional mini radio controlled boat!
    Posted on: 5-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Mini RC Sea Explorer Boat (27 Mhz)

  • Each mini 3-inch boat uses rechargeable batteries and is yet powerful enough to speed the little puppies along. The dual, rechargeable, nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) battery power source offers up to 15 minutes of fun and only requires 3 minutes of charging.
    * In order to race more than one boat together, the frequency needs to be different for each boat. This boat has a frequency of 27 MHZ.

  • $24.00 - $19.95 On Sale!

  • - Save 75% on Great tools for your BBQ
    Posted on: 5-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Gourmet Traditions BBQ Tool Set with Carry Case

  • This set of extra-large barbeque utensils is made with durable stainless steel and long-wearing hardwood handles with comfortable grip notches.
    Eighteen practical pieces give you everything you need to get the job done. And the handy, easy to clean PVC carrying case is great for storage and simple transport.
    Order your tool set today at our affordable online price!

  • List Price: $99.99 - Price: $24.99
  • MossberryHollow - Find this under Natural Soaps.
    Posted on: 5-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Stink Be Gone Soap - Bar: $4.95

  • A non-scented bar that is excellent at removing odours from the skin. Garlic, fish, onion even gasoline comes off clean with this coffee soap. It is unscented as it erases any attempts to add scent to it. A must by any kitchen sink. Two sizes available: Full Bar is 110g/3.8oz and a Mini Soap is 35g/1.2oz. Base Ingredients: Vegetable Oils (Olive, Coconut, Palm, Canola, Castor), Coffee, Sodium Hydroxide. - Neighbourhood kids will be green with envy when this Grand Prix racer from Germany cruises down the sidewalk!
    Posted on: 5-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Grand Prix - $ 184.99

  • Comfortable high-back seat with 4 easy-to-adjust positions for years of fun. Also features all terrain wheels, rear wheel dual action safety hand brake and lever action for safe freewheeling. Built with a ¾” x 37” tubular steel frame and large slip resistant pedals. Two-year full warranty. Easy seven bolt assembly with tools provided. For children 31”- 45” tall. Ages 4+. - Save up to 50% on Solar Lanterns!!!
    Posted on: 5-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Nicholas Cole Teardrop Amber Light Solar Lantern

  • Your choice of many different styles. This one in particular is a charming, easy to use, decorative solar lantern. With an eye-catching acorn shape, they`re made of durable brass with a powder-coated antique copper or pewter finish. This one sells for $32.99 USD. That`s a savings of (39%)! - It won a Juno!
    Posted on: 5-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Classical Kids Christmas Item Code: M89T Price: $ 12.99

  • `A Classical Kids Christmas` was named Best Childrens Recording at the 2002 Juno Awards (Canada`s Grammy) in St. John`s, Newfoundland. - This Canadian Store markets award-winning toys!
    Posted on: 5-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Award Winners

  • Many of the toys they sell are award winners or soon will be. They are especially proud of their own award-winning building blocks. Check out Wooden Blocks under Classic Toys. - Do NOT click on the banner here, but DO click on it when you get to their website from here.
    Posted on: 5-18-2003  by: Chris

  • For great deals on closeout & discontinued items, check out their Outlet section. Visit often as items change frequently. Here`s are some examples:

  • Wakeboard Binding - was $ 359.00 NOW 199.99 USD

  • Dodge Custom Towing Mirror, `96-`97 Full Size Truck - Was $42.99 NOW $19.99 USD

  • Dock Edge Premium Profiles Are An Exceptional Value In Boat Protection. Was $119.99 NOW $79.99 USD

  • - Deal of the Day!
    Posted on: 5-17-2003  by: Chris

  • Moose Creek Montana Cotton Twill Shorts

  • The Moose Creek Montana twill shorts are the perfect fit for an active lifestyle. Constructed from 8.5oz cotton twill, the shorts feature side Velcro waist pockets, two back and front pockets, and two large button-closure cargo pockets. Choose from a variety of colors including chino, military and wheat.
  • List Price: $38.00

  • Price: $19.99

  • You Save: $18.01 (47%)

  • - Own your own Airship
    Posted on: 5-15-2003  by: Chris

  • Mach III RC Blimp

  • Radio controlled Mach III airship offers an exciting and fun innovating flying experience. This 52" airship is constructed out of metallized nylon.
    The helium balloon is refillable. The Mach III can move forward/backward, up/down and left/right with complete control.
    Multi-function transmitter provides a range of over 300ft.

  • Only $77.95 USD

  • - Get ready for Soccer Season
    Posted on: 5-14-2003  by: Chris

  • Soccer Trainer

  • The hands free Soccer Trainer is sure to be a hit with the kids. The cord stretches to 5 feet, allowing players in training lots of room for legwork practice. The heavy-duty net fits all size balls and the adjustable waist belt is sure to make for a comfortable fit. Full set of instructions included.
  • Price: $ 9.99 CDN

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Great Deal
    Posted on: 5-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Total Gym 3000®

  • Total Gym 3000®- endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.

    TotalGym 3000® designed to strengthen and tone, increase muscular strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility, by burning fat and creating muscle in your body. Prepare to look and feel fantastic once you start using the Total Gym 3000® regularly.

    Suggested Retail: $1,759.99 - Sale $724.99 - Pogo Roo Jr. - $ 44.99
    Posted on: 5-12-2003  by: Chris

    Join the newest craze with the best-made Pogo Stick on the market - engineered with non-slip, hi-tech state-of-the-art materials for safety and durability: DURAGARD spring cover, uniformly coiled high-tension safety spring, one piece injection molded frame, super strength molded handgrips and footpads, heavy duty welded tubular steel jumping pole and urethane cushion floor saver tip. No assembly required. In bright neon colours. Pogo Roo Jr. is for kids 40-80 lbs., ages 6-10; Major fun!
 - debuts Here`s the first deal I`ve found.....check out their website for more great deals today!
    Posted on: 5-11-2003  by: Chris

  • Boomwhackers - Find under `Classic Toys, Active Play`.

  • They’re wild! They’re whacky! And the kids pictured here did not want to stop. Boomwhackers are tuned Percussion Tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. They’re easy to play and lots of fun! Whack just about anything and - boom! - you’re making music! Play them together with other instruments! Jam together! Create games! Get whacky! Ages 3+.
    Item Code: M147A Price: $ 29.99 CDN
  • Boomwhackers Music Book

  • For an additional $6.99, get the songbook, `Boomwhackers Music Book`. Playing familiar songs has never been easier! The songs in this book are all colour coded so that the notes colour correspond with the colour of the Boomwhacker tube that plays the note. Each note in the music is also labeled to reinforce the connection. Find this book under Books and Music - Song Sheets. - Deal of the Day...Sav 41%
    Posted on: 5-10-2003  by: Chris

  • HP PSC 2110 Print/Scan/Copy Multifunction Device

  • The Hewlett Packard PSC 2110 All-in-One offers a complete home office solution for creative, business, and communication tasks with print, copy, and scan functions. A space-saving machine gives you full functionality for all three tasks in one incredible unit. With the HP name stamped on this all-in-one unit, you know that you can trust it to be of the highest quality! Read all the features it has at
  • List Price: $169.99 USD

  • Price: $99.99 USD

  • You Save: $70.00 USD (41%)

  • - Shelter To Go® 10` x 10`
    Posted on: 5-09-2003  by: Chris

  • Sale: $109.99 USD Regular: $129.99 USD

  • Shelter To Go® travels easily in its heavy-duty carrying case with wheels. Setup is quick and easy so you can enjoy the shade in no time at all. Treated and coated 210-denier polyester material is water and UV-resistant, fire retardant, and reinforced where fabric meets the frame. The lightweight, powder-coated steel frame adjusts to 4 different height settings. Base: 10` x 10`. Center height: 8`6". Includes 4 metal stakes and carry bag with wheels. - Save on musical instruments...just click on `musical instruments for terrific`s one...
    Posted on: 5-09-2003  by: Chris

  • African 8-key Xylophone (Ghana)

  • Make beautiful music with this African xylophone. Handcrafted by artisans of Africa (where it is known as the balaphone). This captivating instrument is made of indigenous woods, twine, and natural gourd. A pair of playing sticks is included.
  • List Price: $149.00 USD

  • Price: $30.99 USD

  • You Save: $118.01 (79%)

  • - Find under `sale`
    Posted on: 5-09-2003  by: Chris

  • WAS: 39.99. NOW ONLY 29.99!USD

  • Your kitchen will love having these colourful pieces because they are so funky and unique! You can make a complete collection out of all their Afro Ken kitchen items including this one. - Michael Jordan Life-size Stand-Up Save $45.00 (64%)
    Posted on: 5-06-2003  by: Chris

  • List Price:$69.99 Price: $24.99 USD

  • This life-size Michael Jordan stand-up depicts Jordan in his home jersey taking a free throw. It`s manufactured by Upper Deck, so you are assured a collectible of the highest quality. Find this item under `collectibles`. - Do you collect chess sets? Several kinds available at this website under `Toys`.
    Posted on: 5-06-2003  by: Chris

  • Large 14x14 Glass Chess Set with wooden case

  • Package: Retail Condition: Brand New Warranty: 14 days money back guarantee. Size: 14" x 14". King stands 2.3 inches tall. Material: Made With 100% Solid High Quality Glass. Exquisite wooden presentation case with internal tray. 16 pieces frosted glass chess-men & 16 pieces clear chess-men. Add elegance to any of your rooms. All pieces feature a no-scratch felt bottom. This glass chess set sells at giftshops for over $159.99.
  • $109.95

  • $34.99 USD On Sale!

  • - RenEssence™
    Posted on: 5-05-2003  by: Chris

  • Rene Caisse`s Famous Remedy - Find this from their online catalogue, under `Health and Education` - `Medicine Chest`.

  • Rene Caisse`s Famous Remedy. Rene Caisse`s famous tonic remedy prepared according Dr. Gary Glum`s recipe. Rene Caisse was a nurse who treated thousands of people with her special herbal formula. When she died in 1978 only a few people knew her secret recipe, but ten years later, Dr. Glum revealed it in his book, Calling of an Angel. Their blend contains high quality organically grown or wildcrafted herbs mixed exactly to Dr. Glum`s directions. Contains burdock, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and Chinese rhubarb (also known as `Turkey rhubarb`). Full directions included. ( does neither endorse or condone use of this product. It merely places the product on its site for users to judge for themselves whether they would like to go to that site and purchase that item.)
  • N5000 Powder Formula 1kg Net Wt. Cdn$89.00/pkg

  • N5000 Powder Formula 50g Net Wt. Cdn$19.00/pkg

  • - Hello Kitty Toaster Oven On Sale!
    Posted on: 5-05-2003  by: Chris

  • Code: K-SKKT52 Price: $134.99

  • On sale!! (Was $149.99). Now you can finally toast your toasts :-) Toasts will never be the same with this toaster oven. Measures 12*11*11 Inches. It is great for your kitchen. You can even make your own mini pizza and cook whatever needs to be toasted, especially bagels!! Mmmmmm Bagels.. mmmm~~ Great to warm up your food and giving a great crunch! ~crunch~! Made by SANYO Click `On Sale` to find this item. - COCA-COLA® TIFFANY TELEPHONE
    Posted on: 5-04-2003  by: Chris

  • $79.99 Save $10.00

  • Antique-style stained glass desk phone features receiver and ringer high/low volume controls, on/off body lighting switch and flash/redial buttons. Phone lights up when handset is lifted and when it rings. - Price: $23.49 USD Reg. $79.99 SAVINGS - $56.50 (70%)
    Posted on: 5-01-2003  by: Chris

  • Targus DEFCON 1 Notebook Computer Security System

  • Your portable computer needs protection, and this anti-theft system fills the bill! It`s a pocketsize system that`s easy to carry, simple to use, and difficult for thieves to disarm. The Targus DEFCON 1 combines a steel cable with motion-sensor alarm technology. Easily attach it to your carrying case, luggage, or any computer with a security slot lock. Simply choose a three-digit combination, loop the steel cable through your equipment or carrying case, and snap the steel cable back into the DEFCON 1 to activate the alarm system. A flashing alarm light indicates when the system is active, which helps deter theft. DEFCON 1 features a motion sensor for situations where an anchor isn`t available for the steel cable. The sensor can be set to high or low sensitivity. A siren will sound if the cable is severed or your computer is moved. For peace of mind, order your DEFCON 1 security alarm today! - Hurry almost sold out!
    Posted on: 4-30-2003  by: Chris

  • Tiffany-style Vintage Star Torchiere

  • Replete with vintage style, this Tiffany-style torchiere features a beautifully detailed star pattern. Its reproduction design is expertly handcrafted using methods first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. With a 15-inch diameter, the shade includes subtle white stars amidst rich, iridescent tones of deep garnet, green, royal, and amber accented with hints of deep mauve and emerald. Each piece of individually hand-cut stained glass is wrapped in fine copper foil. Note that shade colors will appear darker when not illuminated. Standing a majestic 72 inches tall, the lasting cast-metal base has a subtle twist design and scrolled, carved detail atop its weighted foot. It is finished in an elegant tone of aged golden bronze, operates with a convenient cord-mounted foot switch, and accommodates one bulb up to 60 watts. Invest in this timeless torchiere at their special online price.
  • List Price: $199.00 USD

  • Price: $79.99 USD

  • You Save: $119.01 USD(59%)

  • - 50% OFF Tiffany Glass Table Lamps.
    Posted on: 4-30-2003  by: Chris

  • Make a statement! The stunning colours and styling of this Tiffany lamp will add instant sophistication to any room in your home.

  • 51 cm (20") handmade, floral-pattern Tiffany shade is crafted from 536 pieces of glass; Polyresin base; Handy pull-chain switch; Requires two 60 watt bulbs; Lamp measures 67 cm (26.22") H; Requires some assembly; 1 year warranty.
  • Regular Price: $329.99

  • OUTLET PRICE $165.00 * * Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery.

  • - Save: $79.10 (53%)
    Posted on: 4-29-2003  by: Chris

  • Creative Labs Nomad IIc 64MB MP3 Player

  • Enjoy your favorite MP3 and WMA digital audio anytime, anywhere with the Nomad IIc compact digital audio player. Voice recording capability, upgradeable technology, and active lifestyle features make it a super buy.
  • List Price: $149.00

  • Price: $69.90 USD

  • - More Savings from Radio Shack!
    Posted on: 4-29-2003  by: Chris


  • Fold-up design for easy storage. Has silver accent panels on each ear-cup, in-line volume control, mono/stereo switch, 27mm speaker element, and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. 33-8421
  • Reg. 24.99

  • Sale $12.99 SAVE $12.00

  • - WAS... List Price: $199.99 - NOW...Price: $49.99 - SAVE...$150.00 (75%)
    Posted on: 4-28-2003  by: Chris

  • Hoffritz Signature 8-piece Cutlery Set

  • Hoffritz knives have been known for their quality and craftsmanship since 1930. Set includes:
  • 8-in. chef knife

  • 8-in. slicing knife

  • 8-in. bread knife

  • 5-in. utility knife

  • 3.25-in. parer

  • 8-in. all-purpose shears

  • Sharpener

  • Countertop storage block

  • - Sale Priced only $29.99 USD List Price: $149.99 . You Save $120.00! At 80% OFF This item has Sell out Risk: VERY HIGH - Limited Inventory!
    Posted on: 4-25-2003  by: Chris

  • Slitzer Germany 17-piece Cutlery Set with Case

  • For weekend dabblers or serious kitchen aficionados, this honed set of knives from Slitzer, Germany has everything you need to concoct your culinary creations. Each knife has a full-tang design for strength and the shanks have been fitted with a durable Leymar handle, making them dishwasher safe. Set includes:
  • Two paring knives

  • Carving knife

  • Chef`s knife

  • Boning knife

  • Ham/bread slicer

  • Eight steak knives

  • All-purpose kitchen shears

  • Sharpening steel

  • Plastic carrying case

  • Find under, `Home & Garden`, `Cookware & Cutlery`. - 10 Meter Receiver Kit - On SALE!
    Posted on: 4-25-2003  by: Chris

  • $33.95 - Find it under `Electonics`, `Ameteur Radio`.

  • You get a lot for your money with any one of their dual-conversion FM receivers. In just one evening of building fun, you can be snooping around the band monitoring the local repeater, checking-out new bands, or even eavesdropping in on the local police and businesses. There are no short cuts taken in the design of these units-sensitivity is equal to full size monitor receivers or scanners. Schools, scout troops, clubs and hobbyists use these receivers for teaching, monitoring, and just plain building enjoyment. Any one of these little receivers are ideal for easy chair listening-and with no big clunky box and wiring to aggravate the XYL! All four receivers can be tuned outside of the intended amateur bands. For example the FR-146 two meter receiver will tune any 5 MHz segment from 130 to 180 MHz. Choose your band and enjoy FM repeater and simplex monitoring on a budget! Help a newcomer discover the 220 MHz novice band. Listen-in on exciting 10 Meter international FM action. Rediscover the fascination of 6 Meter sporadic E band openings and uncrowded new FM repeaters. For a professional finished look, their matching case and knob set can’t be beat. Kit includes detailed step-by-step manual of 28 pages that carefully guides you to a finished working radio. Runs on 9V Battery. Optional case size: 5”w x 5 1/4”d x 1 1/2”h. - Hurry...Limited Inventory! Sell out Risk: HIGH - You Save: $76.00 (84%) USD.
    Posted on: 4-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Blue Glass Chess Set

  • Find this beautiful chess set under Sports, Travel & Toys > Toys, Dolls & Collectibles. This blue glass set is a lovely gift for the chess enthusiast. The pretty chess set comes with frosted glass and clear glass pieces on a glass board that measures 10 inches square.
  • List Price: $89.99 USD

  • Price: $13.99 USD

  • - Click on `Buy Online...then `Accessories.
    Posted on: 4-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Journaling Genie Software by EK Success

  • WOW! This is great. Over 20 line patterns. Over 90 Shapes. Over 50 image patterns. This CD also includes five orginal fonts by artist Melody Ross. ONLY $25.99 USD. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING charges will be quoted via email. - NOW SHIPS TO CANADA!!! Terrific Deals...even with USD. Click on Worldwide Shipping for details.
    Posted on: 4-21-2003  by: Chris

  • Sateen 600 tc Sheet Set

  • You won`t find a better price anywhere else online! This exceptionally luxurious sheet set offers an incredibly high (600) thread count for a feel that`s smooth and inviting in a sleek, soft, satin-like fabric. Made of highest quality, two-ply 100-percent cotton with a sateen weave, these linens feature impressively longwearing durability. The fitted sheets have a fully elasticized edge and deep, 15-inch pockets. Designed with today`s ample mattresses in mind, they`ll stretch to fit those up to 18 inches thick. Choose from warm ivory or classic white, both available in queen, king, or Cal-king sizes.
  • List Price: $299.99 USD

  • Price: $79.99 YOU SAVE: $220.00 USD(73%)

  • - Save your your clothes...$ 49.99 CDN.
    Posted on: 4-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Tuxedo Painter

  • The Tuxedo Painting allows you to quickly and easily paint a room without the mess and drip. Set Includes: 1 paint roller; 2 roller sleaves. 1 for smooth surfaces. 1 for rough surfaces; 1 funnel; 1 paint storage container with stay tight lid; 1 paint stirrer; 1 extendable pool to attach to the paint roller; 1 trim roller (for tight spots); 1 Tuxedo painting system guide and tip book ; 2 paint brushes; 1 spin-Klean unit. - Reg. $39.99 Now $29.99 On Sale!
    Posted on: 4-19-2003  by: Chris

  • K`Nex 10th Anniversary Tub - 275 pcs.

  • KX-12028 The K`NEX 10 YEARS OF BUILDING IDEAS Special Edition set is a limited edition building tub with instructions and ideas that’s celebrate the past 10 years of K`NEX! It`s full of creative building fun, with 279 pieces, step-by-step instructions for a variety of models and challenges, and a deluxe silver storage tub for storage. Great for Beginner to Advanced Builders, ages 6-12. - Get the world`s smallest infrared radio-controlled car!
    Posted on: 4-16-2003  by: Chris


  • The world`s smallest infrared radio-controlled car. When you`re not racing, you can use it as a pen! Includes batteries. 601-8223
  • $14.99 Reg. $19.99 Save $5

  • - Magic Heat Packs Totally Hot!!!!! AND on SALE!
    Posted on: 4-12-2003  by: Chris

  • Magic Heat Packs - Small $16.95 $14.95

  • Magic Heat Packs - Large $30.00 $24.95

  • Magic Heat Packs - Extra Large $60.00 $49.95

  • The Incredible Hot Pad is a golden product. It is a truly practical and useful health product, but at the same time it is a first class gadget! Most consumers just can not believe their eyes when they see the liquid crystallizing and becoming hot, at the click of a button! The pad provides instant portable and reusable heat, and is as easy to use as 1-2-3. At the click of a button, this amazing device reaches temperatures of up to 130 degrees F / 54 C. The pad contains a solution of Sodium Acetate (a form of salt) in a sealed plastic bag. Flexing the metal disc in the bag causes a single molecule of the solution to crystallize, starting a chain reaction which causes the entire solution to solidify. This change causes the pad to heat to approximately 130 degrees F / 54 C. The pad stays hot for about 30 minutes, and then gradually cools down. The pad can be re-used thousands of times. To return the solid solution to the liquid state, just place the pad on a cloth in boiling water until all the crystals have disappeared. When cool, the pad is again ready for use. USD prices. - Save $65.00 Reg. 129.99 NOW $64.99!!!
    Posted on: 4-11-2003  by: Chris


  • Dynamic Neodymium element. Lifetime warranty. Ohms: 60, Frequency Response:16-22,000 Hz, 95dB Cord Length: 3m. 331-8111 - send a signal from any audio source to any radio easily, and without wires!
    Posted on: 4-09-2003  by: Chris

  • Digital FM Transmitter CC-FMT

  • Finding the right way to connect your radio, MP3 player, or even a computer, to a stereo system can be time consuming and frustrating. This Digital FM Transmitter lets you send a signal from any audio source to any radio easily, and without wires. Use it to send a satellite radio signal, MP3 audio, and more, to nearby radios around your home or workplace, even in your car. The FM Transmitter is simple to use. Just plug the Transmitter into the headphone jack or line out of any audio device and set the frequency of choice (88-108 MHz). You’re now free to listen to streaming audio from your computer in any room, not just where your computer is. Listen to portable devices without the need for headphones. It has an approximate line-of-sight range of 30`. Walls and metal objects will reduce this range. More specs. at website.
  • $100.00

  • $89.95 On Sale!(USD)

  • - Gear up for 2003!
    Posted on: 4-09-2003  by: Chris

    Hey Canadians, fishing season will soon be upon us. Now is the time to order your lures. They recommend the 100 Series for casting and jigging, and the 200 Series and 300 Series models for trolling. Be sure to click on `Order in Canadian $` for prices. - They carry a large selection of fun electronics and toys!
    Posted on: 4-08-2003  by: Chris

  • Jungle Robot just got featured with Dr. Toy on TechTV`s `Call for Help` tv show!

  • Jungle Robot is an excellent Beginner Series robot. This battery controlled robot kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion. It features a pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware, and mechanical drive system that can be handled by almost anyone from age 10 and up.
  • $25.00 USD

  • $19.95 USD

  • - Reg. 29.99 Sale: $19.99 - Save $10.00
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris


  • Desktop motor-driven rotary light scatters coloured light around the room! Has in-line rotary power switch and reversible globe rotation. Extremely quiet operation. See 8 of their flyer. - Anne of Green Gables Gift Ball 40% OFF
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris

  • Regular Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $21.00 USD

  • They have created a special Anne of Green Gables gift set that are wrapped and ready to give just in time for the holiday season. See website for photos of all Easter Gifts. Included in the Anne & Diana Friendship gift ball:
  • 3-inch Anne of Green Gables Porcelain Doll

  • Mini Anne Hat with Braids Magnet

  • Wonderful Buys Canada - Perfect Pasta Pots - As seen on TV.
    Posted on: 4-07-2003  by: Chris

  • $23.99

  • Perfect Pasta Pots Includes:
  • A 6qt. nonstick pot and drainage cover

  • A 2qt. nonstick pot and drainage cover.

  • The Easy Way To Cook, Drain, And Server Perfect Pasta In One Saucepan! Perfect Pasta Pots have a locking lid that makes cooking pasta easier than ever. They are lightweight, and fit onto any stovetop. You can use Perfect Pasta Pots to create a wide variety of great pasta dishes. Everything from linguini to macaroni to spaghetti can be cooked just right!. Then add the sauce and your pasta is cooked, without the mess! - Excellent Gardener Website for Canadians.
    Posted on: 4-04-2003  by: Chris

  • Welcomes you to go to their website. They show a comprehensive manual on gardening in Canada and more specifically the prairies. Gardening can be a puzzling endeavor, so they have compiled years of first hand information on gardening to help you choose and nurture the right greenery for your space.

  • - Erasers on sale - Click on `Sale` then go to page 2.
    Posted on: 4-03-2003  by: Chris

  • Afro Ken Eraser ON SALE!

  • Erase but have fun! Fun with funky coloured erasers featuring Afro Ken. Size in Inches:1.75*1*.5
  • WAS $1.39! NOW ONLY $1.25

  • - DVD Player - Save $40
    Posted on: 4-03-2003  by: Chris


  • Compatible with DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 discs. Has S-Video output, component video output, coaxial digital output, fluorescent blue colour VFD display and ultra-slim chassis design. 161-1003
  • Reg. $169.99

  • Now $129.99

  • MossberryHollow - Get Berry Bucks two ways!
    Posted on: 4-01-2003  by: Chris

  • Earn money every time you buy. Get 5% back in Berry Bucks.

  • 1. With every purchase you make, 5% of the merchandise total will be converted into Berry Bucks. These can be accumulated and spent on future purchases. With every purchase you will receive a separate statement with the amount of Berry Bucks earned with that purchase and your overall total. For example, if you purchase $35.25 worth of products before taxes and shipping. You will receive $1.76 in Berry Bucks. This can be used against your next purchase or you can save your Bucks and use them later.
    2. Testimonials: Send in your comments and as a thank you, you`ll receive $2 worth of Berry Bucks!

    Henry` - TASCO 10X50 PLATINUM BINOCULAR Save $20.00
    Posted on: 3-31-2003  by: Chris

  • $79.99 CAD

  • Centre focus wheel. Rubberized housing. Includes case and strap. 25 year warranty. - Get a Free Boat Decal With Every Order Over $50
    Posted on: 3-30-2003  by: Chris

  • Clown #64 under Cdn. pricing...

  • 100 Series 2 7/8" $5.99 $4.19

  • 200 Series 3 3/4" $6.49 $4.54

  • 300 Series 4 1/2" $6.99 $4.89

  • - Aero Bed™ (Queen)
    Posted on: 3-30-2003  by: Chris

  • The comfortable, adjustable, extra bed in a minute. It’s perfect for overnight guests, visiting family and friends, vacation homes, dorm rooms, or anywhere else you might need a quick and comfortable bed! Aero Bed™ (Queen) Was $199.99 Now $149.00

  • Some other current deals:
  • Teac DVD Home Theatre System Was $899.99 Now $499.00

  • Grundig eTraveller VII Digital Shortwave Radio Was $129.98 Now $79.00

  • Graco Alante Stroller Was $179.99 Now $99.00

  • - Remember Ann of Green Gables? Well here`s the website to find your favourite items!
    Posted on: 3-29-2003  by: Chris

  • Home of international award-winning film and television productions that include Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, Anne: The Animated Series and Wind At My Back.

  • At this site you`ll find:
  • DVD`s

  • Videos

  • Music

  • Books

  • Gift Baskets

  • Gifts

  • Posters & Prints

  • Film Memorabillia

  • Gift Certificates

  • Henry` - Save: $159.97 CAD. Your Price: $749.99CAD
    Posted on: 3-29-2003  by: Chris

  • CANON ELAN 7 W/EF28-90/COKIN/CR123

  • 35mm autofocus SLR camera. High speed 7-point Wide-Area AF. High speed 4 frame-per-second film advance, 1/4000 sec. top shutter speed . The quietest EOS ever with exclusive Canon Whisper Drive(tm). Advanced features include 11 shooting modes, 13 custom functions, 35-zone evaluative metering, E-TTL flash control, built-in dioptric adjustment and dedicated depth-of-field preview button. See more details at their website. - Digital Camera only $69.99!
    Posted on: 3-28-2003  by: Chris


  • Ultra cool, compact, and lightweight, the SiPix StyleCam Blink II is the go-everywhere digital camera. Wear the StyleCam II on the road, to parties, or when you are just having fun with friends. With the built-in 8MB memory, the Blink II stores up to 300 photos. Included is a tilt base that easily stands on your desktop or attaches to a notebook computer. Features: · It`s a digital camera, Streaming Snapshot™ camera and video conferencing camera all-in-one! · Creates up to 160 seconds of digital video with streaming snapshots · SiPix CamWizard provides one click downloads to view your pictures and video instantly · Includes cool neck strap to wear your StyleCam Blink II anywhere · Value-packed software provides user-friendly tools for photo and video editing · Create up to 160 seconds of digital video · Have a live video conversation with your friends over the Internet! - HOT ZONE SPECIALS NOW ON!
    Posted on: 3-27-2003  by: Chris


  • This self-setting* atomic clock radio adjusts the time automatically for daylight savings time. Features dual alarm, sleep timer, calendar and temperature display (Fahrenheit only) and large backlit LCD display. Wide snooze panel conceals the setting controls. Wake to the radio, buzzer or nature sounds. Has 5 nature sounds for calming relaxation. Includes AC adapter and 3 AAA batteries. *Atomic setting for all Canadian provinces except Newfoundland.
  • Reg. $79.99 Sale $39.99

  • - Reg. $24.99 Sale $12.49 Cdn. HOT ZONE SPECIAL
    Posted on: 3-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Controls up to 4 devices–TV, VCR/DVD, AUX, cable or satellite. Back lit device and power keys makes for easy use in dimly lit conditions. Has menu and guide keys for DVD and satellite. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (sold separately). Features: · Sleep timer allows the TV to shut off at a set time · Last-channel recall · +100 key · Power-on indicator. - 70% OFF Was $651.00 Now $195.00
    Posted on: 3-26-2003  by: Chris

  • Bush Furniture Heritage Pine Collection Desk and Hutch

  • Down home styling! The Heritage Pine collection has a soft, traditional appeal that works to give your decor a warm, inviting feel.
  • Albany pine finish

  • Features a pullout keyboard shelf and two file drawers that hold letter or legal sized files

  • Hutch has a number of open compartments that hold binders, supplies and books

  • 56.5" H x 53.25" W x 23.25" D (143.5 cm x 135.25 cm x 59.1 cm)

  • - Plushes on sale
    Posted on: 3-26-2003  by: Chris

  • Afro Ken Plush ON SALE! Find this and other Plush at their on `Sale`.

  • WAS: 25.99. NOW ONLY 19.49 USD! Bright and adorable Afro Ken plush in orange. Size in Inches:5.5*5.5*4.5 - Give a Herb Garden! Live Herb Garden (12 plants)
    Posted on: 3-24-2003  by: Chris


  • Give the gift of herbs...a herb garden of twelve live herb plants shipped anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A. this spring. It`s a great way to introduce friends and family to really sumptuous eating, featuring fresh herbs from the garden. Included in the Richters collection are many of the favourites: lemon balm, bay laurel, garlic chives, English lavender, lovage, Greek oregano, rosemary, sage, winter savory, French sorrel, French tarragon and English thyme. The recipient of your gift will receive a package of the above twelve live herbs with complete planting instructions and plans for garden layout. A card announcing your gift of herbs will be sent to either you or the recipient, whichever is more convenient to you. Please specify to whom the gift card and the garden are to be sent, and when. They can ship anytime from May to October. Click on canadian currency, then herb catalogue, then Herb Gardens (Collections).

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 75% OFF! 30 day money back guarantee...find this on their american side under `sale`.
    Posted on: 3-24-2003  by: Chris

  • Super Blue Stuff™

  • You have nothing to lose except your pain. That`s what Jack McClung, the founder and president says about Super Blue Stuff™. He says, just give it a try and feel your pain melt away. Super Blue Stuff™ is an all-natural product that is guaranteed to give you results within five minutes. It has a fresh, pleasant scent, unlike similar pain medications. They claim it`s helps these problems and more:
  • Arthritis (osteo, degenerative, rheumatoid.

  • Lower back pain; Sore muscles.

  • Auto accident injuries; Burns & Sunburn.

  • Knee, hip, shoulder, hand pain

  • Sports injuries, strains & sprains.

  • Post surgery pain.

  • Shingles; Ear &Toothaches.

  • Menstrual cramps; Insect stings /Spider bites.

  • Sinus headaches; Asthma; Poison Ivy.

  • Regular Price:$39.99 Now only $9.99 USD - Health `O Meter Strain-Guage Digital Scale
    Posted on: 3-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Was $79.99 now only $ 29.00 *

  • Consistent readings every time. You`ll never have to worry about the accuracy of your scale again with this bright and easy-to-read digital scale. * Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery. - Revolutionary Mattress Topper!
    Posted on: 3-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Advanced visco-elastic foam was originally developed for NASA!

  • Its like a custom made bed that fits you perfectly – without having to replace your existing bed! True Sleeper’s advanced visco-elastic foam was originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts from excessive g-forces during lift off. The same material is used in hospitals, nursing homes, burn units and sleep clinics to make patients more comfortable and help eliminate sleep discomfort. Transforms any bed... Futons; Guest beds; Kids beds; Rollaway beds; RV beds; Pull out beds. Prices from $189.00 - Hello Kitty Organizer ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-21-2003  by: Chris

    WAS 29.99. Gift the gift of organization this holiday. Great organizers featuring Hello Kitty. Product Size: 5.75*4.25*1 inches. Code: K-ME744549 Price: $26.99 - Reg. $12.99 NOW $7.99 - Save $5
    Posted on: 3-20-2003  by: Chris


  • Clips on to your book and illuminates the reading area. With adjustable head. Low light spill-over into the surrounding area, so you won`t disturb others. 61-8926

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 30 day money back guarantee!!
    Posted on: 3-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Steam Buggy 2003

  • Use the Steam Buggy 2003 in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or any room in the house. It removes soap scum from faucets and bathtubs, deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors and even loosens burnt on grease on your stove. Use the power of water and steam instead of harmful detergents to clean your whole house. The environmentally friendly Steam Buggy 2003 cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes everything in your home. $159.99 - Deals Outlet - Sporting Goods ... this one almost half price.
    Posted on: 3-19-2003  by: Chris

    Look better in those favourite jeans! This unique non-impact, fat-burning aerobic machine gives your glutes and thighs a complete conditioning workout, while elevating your heart rate for overall fitness. Regular Price:$299.99 OUTLET PRICE $169.00 * see details at website. - It`s 8 Appliances in One! Best Seller! All for only $ 99.00
    Posted on: 3-17-2003  by: Chris

  • Thunderstick Pro

  • Let Thunder Stick Pro Mixer help you make your own delicious and low calorie Salad Dressings, Mayo and Dips, Gazpacho and Salsas, even Baby Foods! Why struggle with those old, expensive, hard to clean machines in your kitchen? This one:
  • Blender

  • Chopper

  • Mixer

  • Food Processor

  • Meat Grinder

  • Juicer

  • Coffee Grinder

  • Food Mill

  • - MORE than 1/2 OFF!!! Only $49.00*
    Posted on: 3-17-2003  by: Chris

  • 152-Piece Tool Set

  • Find this opportunity to aid in your home repair jobs with this wonderful 152-piece tool set. Instant workshop! Multi-piece kit includes a variety of tools and accessories. For everything from fix-ups to bigger projects. Set includes 1/4" and 3/8" drives, 13 sockets (metric and SAE), spinner handle, universal joint, ratchet handle and extension bars, packed into a hard-shell carrying case. Available for online purchase only. *see website for details. - THE DOG Dalmatian Trio Set Cup, Dish & Spoon ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-17-2003  by: Chris

  • WAS: 22.99. NOW ONLY 17.24!

  • Baby cute trio set cup, which actually has multi-functions! They can be used separately, or used as English tea style, or place the plate on top of the cup and the plate will instantly change into a spoon holder! What a smart cup set! Size in Inches:3*3*3.5"

    MossberryHollow - Do you deserve a break? Indulge with these pleasures that are sure to please any woman...
    Posted on: 3-16-2003  by: Chris

  • Escape in a Bath Gift Set

  • When the world is on your case there`s only one thing to do - lock yourself in the bathroom and escape. Escape in a bath that is. This collection is filled with stuff to help make the troubles of the day seem far away. Contains: a Lavender Dreams Herbal Hug(TM) Eye Bag, a Rose Petal Calm Aromatherapy Spray, an Exotic Garden Bath Tea, a bar of Silk Milk soap, a wooden soap dish, a bath puff, and a small box of handmade chocolates. To complete the escape, a romance novel is included. Makes a great gift for anyone who deserves some time to themselves. Each: $54.95 - Someone sick? Send a Get Well Bouquet! - Includes Chicken Soup!
    Posted on: 3-16-2003  by: Chris

  • Chicken Soup Bouquet

  • Warm get-well wishes with this ceramic soup cup filled with red carnations, white and yellow daisies, purple statice and accented with a pack of Instant Chicken Soup Mix.Approx. Size 12"h x 12"w
    FTD A15-CS $59.99 CDN (Approx. $40.34 USD) - Deals outlet > Dining Accessories....Regular Price: $189.99 NOW $116.00*
    Posted on: 3-15-2003  by: Chris

  • Bistro Set

  • Reminiscent of a café along the Riviera. Enjoy your morning espresso on the terrace, seated at this charming European-style bistro set. *see website for details. - Do you collect Dog stuff - How `bout mugs and glassware?
    Posted on: 3-15-2003  by: Chris

  • French Bulldog Mug, and Maltese, Shih Tzu glasses. Prices range from approx. $7.49 - $13.99 ON SALE

  • One is not enough so let’s get a pair of glasses! Shih Tzu and THE DOG slogan printed neatly on the surface of the glass, is suitable for owning it yourself or giving to your close ones as a great gift! Simple design allows everyone to enjoy a cup of drink… Dimension in inches: 6”*4.5”*3." - Pro Shot Floor Restorer - $ 29.95
    Posted on: 3-14-2003  by: Chris

  • New Floors in a bottle!!!

  • Makes OLD floors look new and PROTECT NEW floors from becoming old. There is no build up! And this wonderful product does not contain wax, so there is no yellowing! Pro-Shot is fabulous for all types of floors including vinyl, terrazo, marble, sealed cork, sealed hardwood slate, linoleum and concrete!

    MossberryHollow - Canadians - They`ve changed the look of their website...take a look today!
    Posted on: 3-14-2003  by: Chris

  • Welcome Baby! Gift Basket

  • A gift set of mossBabyTM bath and body products. The set includes a bar of soap, baby powder, massage oil, pillow spray, milk bath powder, Between Changes Barrier Balm, Sore Bum Balm, a soft cotton washcloth and a small toy in a keepsake basket. Choose from the scent collections of: Natural Care, Lavender Lullabye, Sweet Child, Mother`s Love, Gentle Touch or Teddy Bear Care. $79.95 - Can`t make it to the funeral? Show how much you care...
    Posted on: 3-14-2003  by: Chris

  • In Sympathy - All White Beautiful Standing Spray

  • Remember someone special with this beautiful standing spray featured in all white flowers, including snapdragons, daisies, carnations and monte casino.
    $175.99 CDN(Approx. $118.34 USD) - Graco Marquis SL Stroller - Regular Price: $229.99 NOW $ 150.00 *
    Posted on: 3-13-2003  by: Chris

  • Deals Outlet - Baby...

  • You want the best for your baby! This top-of-the-line stroller is designed with comfort in mind. A cushy seat pad and supportive head rests mean that your little one enjoys a comfy ride. Model 785550 Available for online purchase only. - Birthday Celebration? Give your special someone a beautiful boquet!
    Posted on: 3-12-2003  by: Chris

  • Seasonal Cut Flowers in Cello

  • Cut flowers and selected greenery artfully picked and wrapped by their designers for a beautiful presentation. Gauranteed to make that special someone smile. Size of bouquet depends on amount spent. Bouquet shown is representative of 35.99 bouquet. - MashiMaro Handle Cover ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-12-2003  by: Chris

  • WAS $29.99! NOW ONLY $22.49

  • Get a good grip on your driving with a Mashimaro handle cover. Size in Inches:16*16*1.5 - Available for online purchase only.
    Posted on: 3-11-2003  by: Chris

  • Graco Easy Entry Swing

  • So many options! Keep your little one entertained or lull them to sleep with the soothing motion of this durable swing. Regular Price: $99.99 OUTLET PRICE $ 70.00* (* Plus a $1.00 handling fee for Home Delivery) See website for features on this product under `Deals Outlet`. - 25% off
    Posted on: 3-10-2003  by: Chris

  • Oster 2-Slice Chrome Toaster

  • This attractive chrome toaster will add a retro-cool look to any kitchen. 2-slice capacity; Extra wide slots—bagels won’t get stuck! Self-centering bread guides; T-Past Logic technology; Food Select feature. $54.99 * - Is it a Boy or Girl?
    Posted on: 3-10-2003  by: Chris

  • Sweet Dreams Bouquet

  • A new little angel has arrived and this is the perfect welcome with a charming basket that looks just like a bassinett. A colourful mix of flowers along with two stuffed toys for the new arrival. Approx. Size 16"h x 12"w
    FTD A17-SDG $59.99 CDN (Approx. $40.34 USD) - Afro Ken Pouf ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-10-2003  by: Chris

  • WAS: 25.99. NOW ONLY 19.49

  • Comfy poufs featuring Afro Ken in a variety of colors to choose from. Product Size: 13*13*14 inches. - SPRING Flowers! Send a bouquet of 20 tulips!
    Posted on: 3-08-2003  by: Chris

  • Tulip Bouquet 20 Stems

  • Send someone some Spring today with a 20 stem bouquet of tulips. Assorted colours. Find it under `Spring Flowers` at their website.
    $69.99 CDN (Approx. $47.06 USD) - Tare Panda Tableware Set ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-08-2003  by: Chris

  • Great kitchen item on sale

  • WAS $37.5! NOW ONLY $28.13
    You can find other cups and bowls on sale too! - Save $100.00!!! Have this in time for when the snow melts.
    Posted on: 3-07-2003  by: Chris


  • This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores. LCD electronic readout indicates approximate depth of many coin-sized objects. Waterproof search coil, headphone jack and adjustable shaft with arm rest. Controls let you minimize response to items like pull tabs. See details on page 13 of online flyer. Sale ends Mar. 8.
    Reg. 299.99 NOW $199.99 - Hello Kitty Wallet ON SALE! Pg. 3 of their sales.
    Posted on: 3-06-2003  by: Chris

    WAS: 20.99. NOW ONLY 18.89! A cool Tweety and Hello Kitty wallet for lovers of both. Size in Inches:5*4*.25

  • Code: K-WL110833 Price: $18.89

  • - Angel Kitty Coffee Maker ON SALE! WAS: 36.96. NOW ONLY 32.99!
    Posted on: 3-03-2003  by: Chris

    A useful coffeemaker which makes 4 Cups of Coffee. Other features include: Automatic Drip System; Keep Warm Function; Measuring Spoon and Filters Included; Size in Inches:10.75*6. Code: K-EM04232

    Wonderful Buys Canada - This book has 202 pages. It features a black and white photo section. All for only $11.99 Cdn.
    Posted on: 3-01-2003  by: Chris

  • To The Top Canada

  • To The Top-Canada, an inspirational tale of patriotic pride, is a must read for anyone who ever wanted to change the world. The actual diary of a man moved to cash in his lifesavings and endure severe climates to ensure a better world for his children, his fellow man and his fellow Canadians will move you to your very core. Chris Robertson chronicles his own personal journey from Port Pelee where New York State meets Ontario, Canada to Tuktoyaktuk in Canada`s North West Territories on his bicycle. The book is filled with different anecdotes of the people Robertson meets and the places he visits, in an effort to stir Canadian unity. Look for this book under `Miscelleneous`. - Hello Kitty Hand Towel ON SALE!
    Posted on: 3-01-2003  by: Chris

  • WAS: 4.99. NOW ONLY 3.74! USD.

  • It is a *love you Tokyo* handtowel featuring Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. Great to keep in an overnight bag. Size in Inches:8*8 - Code: K-CM362716. - Free Attachment with the purchase of an Aqua Jump or Aqua Deck.
    Posted on: 2-28-2003  by: Chris

  • 15 Ft. - $2199.99

  • 20 Ft. - Sale: $2999.99 Regular:$3999.99

  • 25 Ft. - Sale: $3999.99 Regular:$5499.99

  • Purchase a 15`, 20` or 25` Aqua Jump water trampoline and receive your choice of: Aqua Slide ($600 value), Aqua Launch ($600 value) or Aqua Log ($500 value) absolutely FREE! Purchase an Aqua Deck and receive your choice of a small Aqua Slide ($400 value) or small Aqua Log ($300 value) absolutely FREE! See lots of photos and details at their website. Prices in U.S. dollars. - Hello Kitty Plush (M) ON SALE!
    Posted on: 2-28-2003  by: Chris

  • Code: K-49290 Price: $33.30 USD

  • Q: I am a Canadian shopper and since DreamKitty is a canadian company, why do they not have prices in Canadian dollars?
    A: Currently, operates in only U.S. dollars to make it easier to its international shoppers because they feel U.S. dollars are considered to be a base currency for businesses worldwide. - Digital Camera`s from $1
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

    They are promoting digital camera`s that start from $1. Click on the link on this deal to take you to that area. Good can buy this excellent camera pictured here - Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital Camera 5.0Mgpxl, immediately for US $769.95 if reserve bid not yet met at time of posting this deal.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Free Free Free Ab Sonic ... with purchase of Ab Doer Pro ($99.99 USD)
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

  • The electronic massage fitness belt has a sale value of $19.99 USD. Gel sold separately.

  • Ab Sonic works best with Wavelength Gel. Gel price: $8.99 USD plus shipping and handling. - Summer is in the air. Loaded with great features, this barbeque will help make a successful chef out of just about anyone!
    Posted on: 2-27-2003  by: Chris

    “Hi-Top” lid casting design; 240 square inches of cooking surface; 200 sq. in. cantilever-style warming rack; Porcelain coated primary cooking surface; Stainless steel bar burner; Grill Fear ceramic briquette cooking medium; Features include: heat indicator, front condiment rack, dual heat control, and push button ignition. Colour: black. 2 year warranty. - Yes, they are still making Turntables!!!! And it`s even ON SALE at almost half price!
    Posted on: 2-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Found this on page 20 of their online flyer. If your old turntable is broke, now you can finally play those albums again! Optimus - Belt drive turntable with built-in pre-amp. 331/3 and 45 RPM. Moving magnet cartridge with diamond stylus. 42-2023
    Reg. 149.99 NOW $74.99 Save $75.00
    Sale price in effect to March 8, 2003. - Buy more than one and save on this Best Seller!
    Posted on: 2-26-2003  by: Chris

  • Co-Pilot - Hands-Free Auto Speakerphone

  • Look for this deal under "Variety".
    Co-Pilot is portable, so you can take it with you in any vehicle you drive! There’s no installation, no wiring, no hard set-up. It’s easy as 1-2-3. Place phone into holder, place audio cap over ear piece, then plug it into the cigarette lighter!
    1 Co-Pilot - $45.95
    2 Co-Pilots - $85.90
    3 Co-Pilots - $125.85 - For a Whiter Brighter Smile!
    Posted on: 2-25-2003  by: Chris

  • The Minute Brite System

  • Fast, safe, and effective way to whiten teeth in only 3 minutes. The Active ingredient in Minute Brite`s tooth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide, which has been safely used in teeth whitening for almost 100 years. Read a full description at their website.
    Was $59.85 NOW $39.99

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Acne? Treatment is available through this deal for $$95.99.
    Posted on: 2-25-2003  by: Chris

  • Proactiv® Acne Treatment Kit

  • is an independent single-source e-tailer, bringing you all of the finest As-Seen-On-TV products, and is not affiliated with Guthy-Renker Corporation. Proactiv® is a registered trademark of Guthy-Renker Corporation. If you go to the canadian section of (.ca) you will see this product in canadian dollars. There is a huge description of all that it does on their website. - This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores
    Posted on: 2-24-2003  by: Chris


  • Labtec LT-730 headphones feature comfortable, behind-the-head design, and deliver superior sound. Compatible with virtually all portable stereos, CD players and digital music devices. Has single entry 1.2m (4`) shielded cord for interference-free mobility. 331-2553
    Reg. 19.99 Sale: $9.99 Save $10.00 - Great Herb Books 25% Off! - This one sells for $22.50/ea CDN.
    Posted on: 2-23-2003  by: Chris

  • Supplies are limited. For some items they have only a few remaining in stock. Here is a sample of many in their collection.


  • No matter what side of the border you are on, you will appreciate the sage advice, herb lore, and how to get the most out of using herbs. The Canadian slant covers the differences in how governments approach regulation of herbal products and the practice of herbalism. For instance, Canada has a Drug Identification Number (DIN) system for herbal products which is like a badge of quality for manufacturers committed to high standards. 376pp. - Deal to Good to Refuse!
    Posted on: 2-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Swindle™ 133 Wakeboard w/ Morph Bindings

  • Designed to sit deep in the water, this board`s swallow tail allows it to sit even deeper when on a hard edge thus providing incredible lift as it rides up the wake. Continuous rocker and molded-in fins. 1.75" spine fins. Swindle 133: 52.4" x 16.6". Comes with adjustable Morph bindings.
    Reg. Price -$279.99 Sale:$189.99USD - AbDoer Extreme
    Posted on: 2-22-2003  by: Chris

  • Conceived and developed by fitness expert John Abdo.

  • They claim it`s fun and easy. Anyone can do it anytime, anywhere and you don`t have to get down on the floor. From one seated position on one machine, you can workout your entire midsection and burn calories while you do it.
    $ 149.75
  • $ 99.00

  • - Was $300 ... now $249.99 Cdn
    Posted on: 2-20-2003  by: Chris

  • Smart Trac 2000

  • Fitness trainers all agree that the lunge is by far the best exercise for toning and firming the thigh and butt area! But if not done with proper form, it can put you off balance or even injure your knees! The Smart Trac allows you to do lunges safely with perfect balance and form – all the time – everytime! While giving your thighs and butt the workout they need! Comes with excercise guide; instruction manual and video! - Just because Valentine`s is over...doesn`t mean this teddy can`t find a loving recipient! Maybe a sick friend or relative, or someone you just want to show you appreciate!
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Big Hug Mug Bouquet

  • Look for this one under `Any Occasion`. A plush teddy bear hugs the handle of this ceramic coffee mug filled with red carnations, yellow daisy poms, alstroemeria and white statice. Approx. Size 18"h x 12"w.
    FTD A16-BH $59.99 CDN (Approx. $39.60 USD) - Culinary Award Winner! All without water or oils!
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris

  • FLAVOURWAVE is an evolutionary new way to cook.

  • Introducing the Culinary Award winning Flavor Wave Oven, an infrared oven that cooks food evenly from the inside out. It will cook frozen steak, chicken, and any other meat faster than a microwave - without having to thaw out. You will be amazed at how quickly you can cook a great tasting meal. It easily...Broils * Roasts * Air Fries * Air Boils * Grills * Bakes * Barbeques * Steams. Starting at $199.90

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Mini indoor fountain that brings calm and serenity to any environment.
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris

  • Cascade Creek Water Fountain

  • The Cascade Creek Water Fountain will bring the outdoors into your living space with the soothing sounds of flowing water and texture of natural rock formations. It features a clear spring, cascading over steps of natural looking river rock and flowing through a bed of shells and pebbles. You can add your own personal touch with natural pebbles, driftwood or greenery along with the pebbles and seashells already provided.
    $95.99 Cdn Same day Shipping. - Zero dollars ( $0 ) after all credits!!!!!!
    Posted on: 2-19-2003  by: Chris


  • Stunning digital video and 100% Dolby Digital audio 5.1 capability for enhancing your home theatre system. Features High Definition TV (HDTV)-ready solution, S-Video output for a sharper image, Caller ID and Instant Pay-Per-View access and a new, robust 4-in-1 infrared remote control. Model 405 offer: $199.99 New Low Purchase Price - $140.00 total programming credits = $59.99 net price installed!* *Upon activation of the Ultimate Choice Plus programming package, a $140 programming credit will be applied to the customer`s account in $35 increments over a 4-month period. This credit is not transferable to other packages and has no cash value on deactivation. Prices exclude applicable taxes. Offer available to new residential customers only. 152-8167 See further details about Star Choice from their website.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Edge Master™ Buy at Half Price! Only $9.99 USD
    Posted on: 2-18-2003  by: Chris

  • Edge Master™

  • Want complete control over your next painting project? Want to save literally hours of taping and re-taping trims and window edges only to have the paint drip behind the tape? With the Edge Master™ you can paint around edges and trims with precision. Just load up the roller and flip the guide in place, it`s that easy. You`ll be done your painting project in no time and you`ll have precisely painted mouldings corners too. Look for this item on page two of the U.S.A. clearance pages. - A Complete Gym Workout In The Privacy Of Your Home!
    Posted on: 2-18-2003  by: Chris

  • TotalDoer

  • This total workout machine helps improve both your upper and lower body giving you strong arms and legs, shapely hips and firm buns and thighs. There are 13 different exercises on one piece of workout equipment. Perfect for all fitness levels.
    $ 299.00
    $ 199.00 - Laura Secord Offer
    Posted on: 2-17-2003  by: Chris


  • Keep in touch with your Valentine on a brand new cordless or wireless phone and receive a gift certificate to purchase some delectable chocolates from Laura Secord. Only one certificate per person per purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See website for other different phones at different prices.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - $71.99 - Help your children experience reading success with their new Phonetic Readers!
    Posted on: 2-14-2003  by: Chris

  • Phonetic Reader

  • Click on the Canadian flag, then on `Toys`. Allows children to read at their grade level or higher. Each set of Phonetic Readers includes: 3 books of short vowels; 3 books of long vowels; 2 books featuring "Copy Ca"t sounds, such as "c," "g," and "ph"; 2 books using "Double Trouble" vowels, such as "oi," "au," and "aw". "Not only are children practicing what they have learned in The Phonics Game, but they are also gaining the confidence that comes from reading their very first books cover-to-cover...all by themselves!". - MAKE YOUR OWN POTPOURRI KIT!
    Posted on: 2-13-2003  by: Chris
    I found this delightful item when I clicked on their online catalogue, then clicked on canadian dollars. Look under Potpourri
    Everything you need to make your own potpourris- herbs, spices, aromatic flowers, oil, and fixative - in a handwoven basket.

  • $24.00 Cdn.

  • - Huge clearance on Boat Covers - many sizes and choices. Save big $$$
    Posted on: 2-13-2003  by: Chris
    Here`s a sample:

  • Cloudburst Euro-Style V-Hull I/O Boat Cover, 20` 6"-21`5" x 102"

  • Fits open and closed bow runabouts and low profile cuddy-style boats with euro-style integrated swim platforms and curved glass windshields. Length includes swim platform. Accommodates bow rails up to 10". Cloudburst silver/gray marine canvas duck is renowned for overall durability, performance, and longevity. This 11-oz. polyester/cotton blend features an exceptionally tight weave for superior strength and reliability. Cloudburst is also treated with a mill applied water repellent and mildew-resistant finish for maximum boat protection. All panels are double-needle stitched with UV rot resistant thread. Hems have shock cords for a secure fit. 3-year warranty.
    Was $229.99 Now $159.99

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Buy the Ronco Food Dehydrator - As seen on T.V.
    Posted on: 2-11-2003  by: Chris
    I found this one on the Canadian side of their site. Just click on the canadian flag. The Ronco Food Dehydrator is the perfect way to serve up healthy, wholesome snacks and dried foods for your family, friends and guests. It can preserve everything from fruits and vegetables to beef jerky! You`re set to send the kids off to school with more variety and more nutrition than any other family. For the health conscious and weight managers, the Ronco Food Dehydrator is a great alternative to the snack food that hangs around your hips after you`ve eaten it. No more fried and fatty snacks - dry and preserve your own and feel great about nibbling during the day.

  • $79.99

  • - This product comes with a rebate coupon for $50 Cdn.
    Posted on: 2-10-2003  by: Chris


  • Make copies without turning your PC on! It`s the all-in-one imaging centre for home or office. Save space and money with the Lexmark X85™, your all-inclusive source for printing, scanning and copying. 48-bit colour scanning picks up trillions of colours. The flatbed scanner is ideal for books, reports and more. Includes PC fax software. 251-2576

    Wonderful Buys Canada - Sonic Earz - Save 20% - Was $24.99...Now $19.99 USD
    Posted on: 2-09-2003  by: Chris
    Personal amplifier for people who have trouble hearing in public places.
    Sonic Earz is the perfect device for anyone who has problems hearing in places such as theatres and sporting events. If you`re constantly asking the person beside you about what`s going on in the movie or what the sports announcer just said, then Sonic Earz is for you! You`ll be doing your friends a favor by getting Sonic Earz! The volume control switch allows you to pick the perfect level of amplification, up to 50 decibels and 60 feet. Sonic Earz is discreet and lightweight so you can wear it anywhere without anyone ever knowing! Find it on the american site, in the Sale section.

    Wonderful Buys Canada - 12 RED ROSES - $49.95 USD
    Posted on: 2-06-2003  by: Chris
    These greenhouse grown roses are shipped direct to the destination of your choice, virtually anywhere in the Continental United States and Canada. Modern technology combined with over 30 years experience has been utilized to produce roses that mature to magnificent full blooms and are among the finest available in North America. With this selection you receive one dozen elegantly wrapped Premium Long Stem Red Roses (22"-26") with Filler Greens, a personalized card, floral preservative packets and rose care information. Your order is wrapped in decorative cellophane and carefully hand packed on ice in an attractive, fully insulated gift box, and shipped via Overnight Courier. - Tax Time - Get your copy of Quick Tax - $39.99
    Posted on: 2-06-2003  by: Chris

  • Quick Tax - Standard

  • The easiest, most accurate way to prepare your tax return. Take advantage of new family-friendly features. Features/benefits: · Let EasyStep™ Interview guide you through your tax return · Get all the approved government forms · Save time, ensure accuracy, and never miss a detail · File online and get your refund faster · Get expert help by using full-motion videos and an enhanced tax centre · Save time and money with personalized tax tips · Plan your financial future with on-screen publications 261-3460 - 1/2 Price!
    Posted on: 2-05-2003  by: Chris

  • Aviva Sports® Jump-N-Spray

  • Up to 4 children can thoroughly enjoy jumping and getting soaked in this inflatable pool. Bottom provides the bounce while sprinkling pole provides the spray. Standard garden hose screws easily on to sprinkler underneath the pool. Made from sturdy 30-gauge PVC and designed to inflate in less than 5 minutes. Quickly drains from pool floor. Repair kit included. 96"W x 24"H x 48"(pole) inflated.
  • Regular: $59.99 Sale: $29.99

  • - Great Clearance Savings NOW ON!
    Posted on: 2-01-2003  by: Chris

  • HI-TEC® Caspian Aqua Shoe

  • The mid-cut surf `n turf design of this shoe makes it an ideal choice for watersports activities that call for additional protection. Key features include durabuck/open mesh upper, neoprene collar and tongue, zipper closure, EVA footbed, strobel construction, and crystal rubber outsole. Whole sizes 7 - 12
    Regular:$59.99 Sale:$14.99 - This product comes with a rebate coupon for $50 Cdn.
    Posted on: 1-30-2003  by: Chris
    Professional-looking prints made easy! Why pay outrageous prices for professional photo prints when you could do it all yourself with this all-in-one print centre! Features 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution for superior picture quality. Prints 11ppm black, 6ppm colour and scans at 600 x 1200 dpi. 251-2575

  • $199.99

  • - Save $100 - For Home or Office
    Posted on: 1-29-2003  by: Chris

    The Tagar T4R171002 will take performance to new levels, at an affordable price. This PC is powered by the Intel® Pentium 4® processor–1.7GHz and features 128MB of PC2100 DDR RAM, 52x CD reader, 40GB hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, up to 32MB shared on-board video, and USB 2.0 with 40x the transfer speed of USB version 1.1. Preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, the Tagar T4R171002 is designed to provide a high level of performance while offering the compatibility and stability you need to run the programs you want. This PC is ideal for students who need the right equipment to make the grade. Intel, the Intel Inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corp. Celeron is a trademark of Intel Corp. 251-1342
    NOTE: This product can be shipped directly to any address, but unfortunately they are unable to allow pickup at Quebec RadioShack stores. - T.V. - Perfect size for the bedroom or den!
    Posted on: 1-28-2003  by: Chris
    PANASONIC CT20G7 20" (50.8CM) TV
    Features stereo sound, parental control, on/off timer and front and rear A/V inputs for ease and speed of connecting video games or camcorders. Artificial Intelligence sound maintains the volume levels you choose even through commercial breaks. Has two-line digital comb filter and 500 lines of resolution for clear, crisp images. Stereo headphone jack. Includes compact remote control. Features: · PanaBlack™ picture tube · MTS/SAP stereo decoder with dbx · 2 sets of A/V jacks (1 front/1 rear) · Includes compact remote control · Game guard system · Trilingual menu · Recall/rapid tune/sleep timer · Closed captioning on mute · Canadian V-Chip program lock-out · 2-Line digital comb filter 161-2007

  • Reg. 359.99 Sale price: $299.99

  • Save $60.00 - PC Gaming - Get the latest!
    Posted on: 1-27-2003  by: Chris
    Just try and hold on to the new WingMan RumblePad. This feature-rich controller packs a throttle, dual analog mini joysticks and realistic vibration into one awesome unit. You get a sliding throttle for precise speed control, two analog sticks for tull 360-degree rotation, plus vibration feedback to let you feel every turn, bump and dip in your games. Requires a PC with USB port. 261-9626 Hurry! - Find this deal on page 16 of their current wkly. flyer.
    $39.99 $Cdn. - Order your seeds for Spring!
    Posted on: 1-26-2003  by: Chris
    FOXGLOVE, GRECIAN (Digitalis lanata)
    SowNatural™ seeds are either certified organic, or grown organically by trusted growers, or collected from the wild. These seeds are from plants that have never seen chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And like all Richters seeds, they are untreated, and they are not hybrids or modified in any way by genetic engineering.
    Click on `Sow No.` to find out all the details on planting and growing any of their seed products.
    $2.50/pkt CDN Item # S2732-001 - For people on the Go!!!
    Posted on: 1-26-2003  by: Chris


  • Play it up on this boombox–you`ll never run out of listening options: tune in the radio, play CDs and your own custom made MP3/CDs too! Top loading CD mechanism provides easy access. The fold-down handle is great for portability and storage–just fold it up and you`re ready to go, fold it down and it`s out of your way. Includes a 14-key wireless remote control. Features: · AM/FM PLL digital tuner · Multi-function LCD display for CD and tuner operation · 4-inch full range stereo speakers · Stereo headphone jack for private listening · Built-in AM antenna and telescopic FM antenna · AC/DC dual power operation · All push button controls including volume · Blue on blue colour cabinet with metal grilles 141-9403
    Reg. 169.99
    $99.94 Save $70.05 - Save $40 on this terrific sale item.
    Posted on: 1-25-2003  by: Chris


  • Features AM/FM tuning, 5 shortwave bands, world clock with 24 time zones, simultaneous display of world clock and home time. Includes earbuds and carrying pouch. 201-8105
    Reg. 79.99 Sale Price - $39.99 CDN$ - Herbal Things for Kitchen, Bath & You!
    Posted on: 1-20-2003  by: Chris
    Richters sells and promotes all you need to know about herbs. They have an online catalogue, links to books which right now are at 25% off while supplies last, a newsletter, Resources for growers, and many other interesting herb related topics. Check out their site for all your herbal needs. - Canadian and American Pricing! FREE Delivery!
    Posted on: 1-20-2003  by: Chris
    Same Day delivery if ordered by Noon (In recipient`s time zone)100% Guaranteed Quality and Design! - 60% off Jet Phone - red or purple
    Posted on: 1-18-2003  by: Chris

    JetPhone. Water Jet Fun Is Only A Phone Call Away. Genuine-looking graphics; Push-button phone; Last number redial; Tone/pulse switchable.
    Regular: $29.99 Sale Price: $9.99 USD - "The World`s Largest Watersports Dealer"
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris

  • Currently running a January clearance!
  • Also click on their Product Catagories, and then go to the bottom and you`ll find a list of bargains to go to. Some are almost 50% off!

  • MossberryHollow - Shop their store for competitive deals.
    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris
    Bath & body, aromatherapy, handmade soap, home care products, baby care, gifts & gift baskets, jewellery, home decor and so much more. Information about natural body care, recipes, ingredients and more make them your resource for finding out what`s going on in the industry. - They have Daily Specials
    Here`s one example:

    Posted on: 1-08-2003  by: Chris

    This cheery basket of bright and fluffy pink, purple, yellow, white and red is a perfect gift for any occasion.
    Price: $34.99

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